You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 27

You are always mine!

Season 1 Episode 27

RECAP : Raja is happy for ReThik. The family arrives at Shakthivel’s house. Revathi Jr gifts a smartphone to Karthik. He learns the reason behind it.

Scene 1 :

Karthik goes to Azhagar.

Azhagar : Did Revathi give you the gift?

Karthik : Just now Mama. Thank you so much.

He hugs him.

Azhagar : I’m also your father. You have full rights on me. You can ask me anything, I will give you.

Karthik : Love you Mama. First I was upset but when Revathi explained me, I understood.

Azhagar : Revathi is always like this. I’m having you as a son, that’s the biggest gift. Love you.

Everyone smile.

Revathi Jr comes.

Revathi Jr : Your and Karthik’s affection is beyond infinity. It’s too much.

All laugh.

Karthik : Are you jealous? I can see.

Revathi Jr : Who’s jealous?

Azhagar : Revathi, whether you accept it or not, Karthik is also my son.

Revathi Jr : I’m really happy for your strong bonding with Karthik.

Shakthivel : Revathi is also our daughter. After their marriage, we will take very good care of her more than you Azhagar.

Azhagar : Hmmm.

Revathi Jr hugs him.

Revathi Sn and Andal give a pouch to Revathi Jr and Karthik.

They continue their lovely talk.

Scene 2 : (Scene of two houses)

Twenty days later,

All are in their respective homes.

Revathi Jr : I don’t know what’s in this pouch that athai gave me. I totally forgot about it.

Karthik opens the pouch and sees Revathi Jr’s childhood photos. Tamil comes to him.
Tamil : Who’s this?

Karthik : It’s Revathi in her childhood. How cute!

Revathi Jr : Aww, Karthik and Tamil…

They smile and see all the photos.

Karthik calls Revathi Jr.

Revathi Jr : Hello my love!

Karthik : Hi my angel!

Tamil silently laughs and leaves his room to let them talk alone.

Revathi Jr : So, you saw my childhood photos.

Karthik : How do you know?

Revathi Jr : I’m reading your mind. (Jokes)

Karthik : Hey! You were also seeing our photos. I found out by your voice. Don’t joke.

Revathi Jr : Oh man!

Karthik laughs. She smiles.

Karthik : We shall have a bet. I should tell exactly what you are doing. If I lost, I’ll give you anything you want. If you lost, it’s the other way round.

Revathi Jr : Accepted. Right now I’m not seeing any photos. What am I doing?

Karthik : You are speaking to me. Accept your defeat.

Revathi Jr : Haha! Got you! I’m doing manicure.

Karthik : Liar, then how do you speak to me?

Revathi Jr : Fool, I’m talking to you by Bluetooth speaker. Can we only talk by phone? (She’s actually doing this)

Karthik : Oh!

Revathi Jr : You lost, what do you give me in return?

Karthik : What can I give now? I don’t have anything now.

Revathi Jr : Poda. You are the one who kept this bet and I won. So you have to give me something.

Karthik kisses her through phone and says, ‘I love you’.

Revathi Jr (smiles) : Love you too. Can I get this kiss in person?

Karthik : Sure, you’ll get it. I’ll be there at midnight.

Revathi Jr : But how? We will be sleeping at that time.

Karthik : Sleep late for me, I’ll come there and give what you want.

Revathi Jr also kisses and ends call.

They smile recalling their moments and throw their pillows in excitement.

Scene 3 :

Pooja and Revathi Jr at Cafe.

Pooja : I’m so excited for your marriage.

(Revathi Jr had told her that Karthik is her cousin during the 20 days)

Revathi Jr : We will be shifting to Canada permanently. Ten days to go.

Pooja : Sorry di, I can’t be able to come to your engagement.

Revathi Jr : It’s okay. But at least try to come in marriage. It’s a must.

Pooja : I promise. You both are lucky.

Revathi Jr : Thank you di.

Pooja then teases her with Karthik. They have a good time.

Scene 4 :

It’s midnight. Revathi Jr remembers Karthik and smiles.

Revathi Jr : He easily gets defeated by me. Such a stupid.

Azhagar comes to her room.

Azhagar : Hey! Have you still not slept?

Revathi Jr : Appa, yet to sleep. Good night.

Azhagar : I know why aren’t you sleeping. It’s Karthik who’s in your mind now. We will make you engaged with him soon. Good night.

He leaves.

Revathi Jr smiles.

Karthik texts her saying he’s on her backyard.

Revathi Jr : Adappavi! So soon. I hope we won’t get caught.

Later, they are on backyard.

Karthik : See, I came as I promised. That’s why you should trust boys.

Revathi Jr : Hmm, so you mean that girls shouldn’t be trusted?

Karthik : Aiyo, how can I console you?

Revathi Jr : No need. I simply joked.

Karthik : So someone was telling me that she should get my kiss in person. I’m ready baby!

ReThik’s BGM plays.

He gets closer to her. Revathi runs. They play catch and catch.

Karthik catches her and kisses on her cheek. They hold each other and smile.

Revathi Jr also gives him a kiss. They have a lovely eyelock.

ReThik : I love you. (At the exact time)

They laugh.

Revathi Jr : You lost the bet, but you didn’t care. I simply asked a kiss, not anything more than that.

Karthik : Yes, I care about you more than the bet. I hope we stay this much happier after our marriage.

Revathi Jr : Yes we will.

Next episode promo : The family is together. Revathi Jr sings a song. Everyone get mesmerised especially Karthik. Later, Revathi Jr is upset with him.
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