You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 26

RECAP : The family discuss about permanent shift to Canada and ReThik’s engagement. ReThik share a moment. Revathi Jr falls down and Karthik takes care of her.

Scene 1 :

Everyone come and see ReThik.

Tamil : Anna, it seems like you have done a PHD on Revathi Anni.

All laugh.

Karthik : Again! Can’t you be quiet for at least a minute?

Tamil : Accepted bro.

Karthik gets a call from Raja.

Karthik : My friend Raja is calling. We will surprise him.

Everyone agree to him.

Raja : Karthik, how are you bro?

Karthik : We’ve faced a shocking news here.

Raja : What? Are you guys okay? I’ll call you later.

Karthik : Come to Skype video calling. I’ll tell you.

Raja : Okay.

Karthik asks Revathi Jr for her laptop. She gives it.

Scene 2 :

They later talk through Skype in laptop. Raja meets ReThik’s parents and greets them.

Raja : So Karthik, what’s the shocking news that you wanted to share?

Karthik : Dei, my parents fixed my marriage with my cousin. It’s their wish.

Raja gets shocked.

Raja : Bro, didn’t you tell them that you love Revathi?

Karthik : No bro. I’ve come to my Mama’s house to meet her. And I finally agreed to marry her.

Raja : Oh no! You idiot! Why did you accept her? What about Revathi?

Karthik : I’ll tell you the reason later. Talk to her.

He silently calls Revathi. She comes and Raja gets shocked seeing her and falls down.

They all laugh seeing him.

Raja gets up.

Raja : Revathi! So are you his….

Revathi Jr : Yes, I’m his cousin. So how’s our story?

Raja smiles and shouts for them.

Raja : It’s very awesome to see you both are going to get married which is your parents’ wish! Our wish also became true!

ReThik tell the whole scenario to him. (Episode 24, Scene 3)

Raja : You are such a cute family. I feel so happy for you.

He thanks the elders for uniting the love birds.

ReThik’s parents : We didn’t expect that you were also wishing for the same.

Raja : I will tell this news to everyone. Buddy will be so much happy if he meets you all.

Shakthivel : Yeah, I haven’t seen Buddy at all. We must meet.

Raja : Okay, I must head to office. Bye everyone!

They bid goodbye to him.

Karthik : Bro, did boss ask about me?

Raja : No, but he told that you must arrive here within 40 days. Take care.

Karthik : Okay, thank you. Bye! Take care.

They end call.

Karthik : Well, you booked tickets at the right time Mama. Thank you so much.

Azhagar : What’s the need to thank me? You are like my son.

Karthik hugs him.

Scene 3 :

The family arrives at Shakthivel’s home.

Azhagar : It’s been a lot of days since I came here to meet Karthik.

Shakthivel : Come on, we can watch cricket match.

Revathi Sn and Andal talk about them.

Andal : They still haven’t changed.

Revathi Sn : Anyways, it’s happy to see them like this.

Andal : Yeah.

Revathi Jr looks for Karthik and sees him in his room and gets relieved.

She goes to Azhagar and wants to talk to him.

Scene 4 :

After a day, Revathi Jr comes to Karthik’s room and smiles. She gifts something to him.

Karthik : You always look pleasant. Tell me what’s in the box.

Revathi Jr : You see it.

Karthik opens and gets shocked seeing a smartphone inside it.

Karthik : What’s this? An expensive smartphone?

Revathi Jr : Yes. Do you like it?

Karthik : Did you buy this?

Revathi Jr : No, my father bought this for you.

Karthik : I have my mom’s old one. I don’t deserve such costly mobile phones.

Revathi Jr : You deserve all the happiness. It’s yours now.

Karthik : Sorry, I don’t accept this.

Revathi Jr gets shocked.

Revathi Jr : Why? Anything wrong with the product?

Karthik : No. I feel bad that Mama spent money for me. How can I accept such a costly product from him?

Revathi Jr : Why being so formal?

Karthik : Mama has to spend money on his work. I myself would have bought a new phone.

Revathi Jr : Idiot. I think you will accept it after I say something.

Flashback scene –

Revathi Jr sees Azhagar and Shakthivel watching cricket and goes to them.

Revathi Jr : Appa, Mama, I want to talk to you about Karthik.

Azhagar : Tell us da.

Revathi Jr tells the incident where Karthik broke his phone and is using Revathi Sn’s old one for temporary use.

Shakthivel : I remember he told me. Revathi gave him her old phone. Now what da?

Revathi Jr : Mama, he misses his phone.

Azhagar : I will do anything for him. I’ll buy him a new phone. You give that to Karthik.

Shakthivel : But for your expenses?

Azhagar : What expenses mama? I care for Karthik. He’s my son also.

Revathi Jr : Mama, Appa is right.

Shakthivel agrees to Azhagar.

Revathi Sn and Andal hear this ; they also agree.

Flashback ends.

Revathi Jr : This is what happened.

Karthik cries and holds her hand.

Karthik : Revathi, I’m so sorry. I was rude with you. I should thank mama for buying this phone for me. I’ll wholeheartedly accept it. Now, this is my phone.

Revathi Jr smiles and hugs him.

Revathi Jr : Appa will be so happy after you accept it. Go tell this to him.

Karthik : Yeah, I’ll tell him immediately.

He goes. She smiles at him.

Revathi Jr : I’m so happy seeing their bond. I hope that our family always stays united.

Next episode promo : Karthik thanks Azhagar for the gift. Twenty days have passed. ReThik and Tamil see their childhood photos and enjoy.
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