You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 25

RECAP : Shakthivel and family arrive at Azhagar’s house. ReThik shocked on seeing each other. Their friends wish them to stay united forever. ReThik finally come to know that they are cousins. ReThik’s overwhelmed talk. Revathi Jr and Tamil’s first meet.

Scene 1 :

Tamil : I love you too. None can suit with my brother except you. Actually I first saw your photo on Anna’s phone gallery.

Revathi Jr : Vaalu! Karthik, when did this happen?

Karthik : I’ve mistakenly kept my phone unlocked. She took it and saw the pictures. She’s a loosu.

Andal : Tamil, I haven’t talked to you. Come here da.

They hug.

Andal : How was your final year?

Tamil : It was too hectic. I had to submit most of the projects.

They continue their talk.

Revathy Jr winks at Karthik. He smiles at her.

Azhagar : Mama (Bro) we need to talk something important.

Shakthivel : Okay, tell me.

Azhagar : I forgot to tell you that I booked tickets for permanently leaving to Canada.

Shakthivel : Thank God you told now. When?

Azhagar : Today’s 9th November. We will be leaving on 9th December. (According to the story, the dates are changed.)

Shakthivel : Fine plan. And there are no hurdles now. (He talks about Amruth)

Azhagar : Bro, Forget about Amruth. Let’s be happy.

Shakthivel : Yeah.

Revathi Sn hears them.

Revathi Sn : So, what’s cooking?

Azhagar : Akka, we were discussing about the permanent shift to Canada.

Revathi Sn : Are we leaving within a month?

Azhagar : Yes ka. This is the happiest news.

Everyone hear them.

Karthik : Mama! This is so much fun! I could meet everyone after a long time. I also didn’t think about this.

Tamil : How can you think of this when you are thinking of Revathi Anni?

Karthik : Chatterbox! Please don’t trouble me.

Shakthivel : She’s true Karthik, and that’s not wrong.

Karthik : Always support your daughter.

They laugh.

Scene 2 :

Revathi Sn : Andal , if you want, you can stay with us for few days.

Andal : Anni, I’m okay with it, but are you?

Revathi Sn : Why should I ask you if I’m not okay? You can come and spend time with us. Else, we need a break.

Andal : No no, we will come.

Revathi Sn : Haha. I know how you will be convinced.

Andal smiles.

Tamil : What a konjals (affection) both of you!

Shakthivel : That’s their bond, Tamil. You didn’t know how much best friends they are just like me and Azhagar. It’s not just about cousin or any relation. It’s about the bond we share.

Tamil smiles.

Azhagar : We will be coming. We should talk about Karthik’s engagement with Revathi.

Shakthivel : Karthik’s horoscope says that this is not a good month for their engagement. It’s true. It tells us we should keep their engagement after 40 days, that is, when we stay at Canada.

They get happy and excited for ReThik’s engagement.

Karthik hears this and smiles. He holds Revathi Jr’s hand and takes her upstairs.

Scene 3 :

ReThik in Revathi Jr’s room.

Karthik : I just heard that our engagement will be on Canada, just 40 days to go. I’m so excited! After we exchange rings…

Revathi Jr gets shy.

Karthik : Just tell me you got shy.

Revathi Jr : Poda loosu.

They laugh.

Karthik : After you came in my life, the happiness got tripled than before. My angel! I always want to be with you anywhere, everywhere.

Revathi Jr : That’s also my wish. After we met, I feel that my life is incomplete without you Karthik.

They hug romantically and say ‘I love you’.

Revathi Jr : Karthik!

Karthik : Yes!

Revathi Jr : When did you realize that you were falling in love with me?

Karthik : When you were shot by a gun and taken to hospital, I finally realized that I’m nothing without you. You are my life Revathi. I promise not to hurt your feelings. If I did, you can leave me.

Revathi Jr closes his mouth.

Revathi Jr : Shut up. What are you talking? I told you many times not to talk rubbish. I know that you can’t and won’t hurt me by any chance.

Karthik : I’m proud of your mature understanding. I’m sorry for the words. I’ll take back.

Revathi Jr : Good. That’s my Karthik. (Pulls his cheek)

They smile.

Scene 4 :

ReThik and family are happily talking.

Revathi Jr narrates the whole story happened in Canada.

Revathi Sn : So it was you who was shot by Amruth.

Azhagar : How dare he does this with my daughter? I’ll see him.

Andal : No, don’t get angry. There’s no point confronting him. Not only is, Karthik is also there for Revathi. He will take care of her always.

Shakthivel : We are so lucky Andal.

Everyone smile. ReThik look at each other.

Revathi Jr : I’ll go and get snacks.

She slips and falls down. Everyone get shocked and come to her. They all try to wake up Revathi.

Karthik : I know why she fell down, she gets so much excited but loses her attention. (Episode 7, Scene 5)

Everyone look at him and wonderr what he’s saying. Karthik lifts Revathi Jr and puts her in the sofa.

Revathi Sn : Okay, let’s go somewhere, Karthik will handle it.

Everyone smile seeing ReThik and go.

Karthik is unable to find a first aid kit. He later searches in his bag and fortunately finds it.

He applies bandage to her foot. Later Revathi Jr wakes up. Karthik gets shocked.
Karthik : Weren’t you unconscious?

Revathi Jr : No, I was just acting to know how would you react.

Karthik : Adipavi! All were so worried for you.

Revathi Jr : Anyways my pain got healed. I feel this had happened before. Thanks Karthik.

Karthik : Hmm.

They recall the moment in episode 7 which is recreated here and smile.

Everyone come and see them.

Next episode promo : Raja gets happy to know that ReThik are cousins and gonna get married. The family arrives at Shakthivel’s house. Revathi Jr gifts something to Karthik. He opens it and gets shocked.
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