You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 18

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RECAP : Revathi Jr and team rescue Karthik from Amruth. Shakthivel and others hope Karthik handles everything. Karthik consoles Revathi Jr as she accidentally shot Amruth’s hand. John submits proofs against Amruth and arrests him.

Scene 1 :

ReThik rejoice after Amruth’s arrest.

Karthik : I’m very happy!

Revathi Jr : Me too. Let’s go.

Karthik : I’ve parked my car at the mobile repair shop.

Revathi Jr : So Amruth kidnapped you in that location?

Karthik : Yes, I’ll get my car.

ReThik at car.

Revathi Jr treats Karthik’s wounds.

Revathi Jr : Is it paining now?

Karthik : Not at all. My pain is relieved after you made the treatment.

Revathi Jr : Aww, I love you Karthik.

Karthik : I love you too. Can you sing me a song?

Revathi Jr thinks of a romantic song. She sings ‘Neethane’ from Mersal.

Karthik gets mesmerized hearing her beautiful voice.

Karthik : Super! I love your voice. It’s going nicer and nicer.

Revathi Jr : Really?

Karthik : Of course darling! I would hear your voice every chance I get.

They smile.

Karthik gets closer to her. She stops him.

Karthik : Why did you stop me?

Revathi Jr : I told that these all should be after our marriage. Why don’t you understand? Boys these days….

Karthik : Oh I forgot. I just want to be with you always, I’m always impatient.

Revathi Jr : But be patient till the marriage.

Karthik smiles at her.

Karthik : Sure madam.

Revathi Jr kisses his cheek and hugs him.

Revathi Jr : I love you my Romeo.

Karthik : Love you too my Juliet.

They listen to romantic songs in FM. Revathi Jr leans on Karthik’s shoulder.

Karthik : Hey! We have to drive home. Come on.

Revathi Jr : Oh yeah I forgot!

They laugh and Karthik drives his car and
are happy to hear the songs.

Scene 2 :

Karthik comes home after dropping Revathi Jr.

Everyone hugs him and gets happy seeing him back.

Andal : Hi Karthik! Anna told that you were longing to meet me. I was worried for you. How are you da?

Karthik : I’m completely fine aunt. Yeah, it’s been so many years. How are you?

Andal : I’m fine. How did you manage to escape from the blackmailer?

Karthik asks them to gather around and hear the news.

Karthik : Actually, the blackmailer is my enemy in Canada. He’s Amruth. He’s the one who tried to kill my friend.

Everyone get shocked.

Shakthivel : How dare he?

Karthik : He wants to show me down in every aspect. Such a fraud he is!

Azhagar : Yeah. I hope you are safe from him now.

Karthik : Not only me, you are also triple safe!

Revathi Sn : What are you saying?

Karthik : Ma, he finally got captured by the police with solid proofs.

Everyone : Wow!! We are safe! Finally a peaceful life from now on.

Karthik : You have to thank another person responsible for this. He’s John, Amruth’s so called best friend. John has become a good person now.

They hug each other and celebrate this happiness.

Scene 3 :

Revathi Jr thinks of Karthik.

Revathi Jr : Really I’m very lucky to get Karthik. I love him so much. Waiting to marry him.

She gets shy.

Her parents come home.

Andal hugs Revathi Jr.

Andal : The blackmailer is caught! Did you know this?

Revathi Jr gets happy and rushes to her room.

Azhagar : What happened to Revathi?

Andal : Don’t know. She wasn’t this fast before.

Revathi Jr in her room.

Revathi Jr : I’m sorry ma. I had known this news earlier.

Revathi Jr calls Karthik.

Karthik : Haven’t still slept? What are you doing?

Revathi Jr : You know love is like a sleepless soul. That’s why I can’t sleep thinking of you. I’m waiting for our parents’ acceptance.

Karthik : See, you became like me after the car romance.

Revathi Jr : Hello! Not like that, but actually that is the exact truth.

Karthik smiles.

Karthik : Okay, can you do me a favour?

Revathi Jr : I’ll do as many favours you ask. Tell me.

Karthik : Can you kiss me through your phone?

Revathi Jr : What? No I can’t.

Karthik : You told me that you will do as many favours I ask. Please…just a kiss.

Revathi Jr : Is this a favour? Why are you bugging me? I won’t.

Karthik : So it means that you don’t love me.

Revathi Jr : Hey! Why are you saying that? I love you so much.

Karthik : Then give me a kiss.

Revathi Jr : Okay!

She kisses him via her phone.

Karthik : Omg! This kiss had a ever lasting promise.

Revathi Jr : What promise?

Karthik : That is we will be ours always.

Revathi Jr gets shy.

Karthik : Did you get shy now?

Revathi Jr : Shut up Karthik (tells romantically)

They laugh.

Scene 4 :

At morning, Azhagar sees the newspaper. He notices Amruth’s photo on an article.

Azhagar : He is really a thug. Thank God he is arrested.

Revathi Jr : What pa? Did his photo appear?

Azhagar shows her.

Revathi Jr : He has done a big crime.

Azhagar : Yes. God will give punishments to those criminals.

Revathi Jr smiles thinking of Karthik.

Azhagar : What happened Revathi? Why are you smiling?

Revathi Jr : Nothing pa. I got happy hearing this news. That’s why.

Azhagar thinks to talk to Revathi about her marriage as they are having no problems now.

Next episode promo : Shakthivel talks to Karthik about his future. Karthik thinks. Revathi Jr sings to Karthik via phone. Azhagar comes there. She gets shocked.
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