You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 17

RECAP : Shakthivel breaks out the news to Andal and Azhagar. Their attempt to track him fails. Karthik makes fun of Amruth. Revathi Jr unexpectedly spots Karthik in the forest and urges Ajay to go there. Karthik senses her voice.

Scene 1 :

Karthik sees Amruth and his men sleeping in their tent. He tries to remove the rope tied to him but fails.

Meanwhile, Ajay prefers walking so that none couldn’t find them saving Karthik.
They finally reached the place.

Pooja : Revathi, you go and free Karthik. In case anyone finds you, me and Ajay will protect you.

Revathi Jr : Thanks Pooja. You go and hide.

They go.

Revathi Jr whispers Karthik’s name. Karthik sees her and gets happy and relieved.

Karthik (mindvoice) : Thank god Revathi! You came at the right time. But be careful, Amruth shouldn’t see you.

Revathi Jr smartly removes the rope Karthik was tied into. Karthik gets freed! Karthik and Revathi Jr whisper and talk.

Karthik : I won’t forget this help Revathi. Thank you so much darling!

Revathi Jr : I told no thanks between lovers. Come on, let’s go!

Amruth’s man comes there and gets shocked seeing Karthik freed. He reports it to Amruth. Amruth asks them to punish ReThik.

Later, they gather into a fight with ReThik.
Ajay and Pooja beat Amruth’s men with a steel rod and kill 5 of them.

ReThik kill almost all of them with a log, leaving 2 injured.

After few minutes, Amruth holds Pooja. Ajay gets angry and tries to beat him. Amruth pushes Ajay. Revathi Jr witnesses this and sees Amruth’s gun and takes it.

Revathi Jr : Stay away from her Amruth! Or else I’ll shoot you.

Amruth : Haha! Will you shoot me? Come on, shoot me!

He provokes her.

Revathi Jr’s hand accidentallly falls on the trigger of the gun which shoots Amruth’s palm.

Amruth screams in pain. Everyone get speechless. Revathi Jr gets scared.

Scene 2 :

Shakthivel, Revathi Sr and Azhagar get relieved after going temple.

Azhagar : I believe that Karthik will escape soon.

Shakthivel : I’m too hoping. But there’s no evidence that the blackmailer kidnapped him.

Revathi Sn : There will be evidence if we recorded his voice, or some way.

Andal comes there.

Andal : Hi! Did you find out Karthik?

Azhagar : Not yet Andal. We weren’t able to track him, so we went to temple.

Andal : Good. I pray that he’ll come soon.

They all get a belief that Karthik will face everything and come back soon.

Scene 3 :

Revathi Jr : G…guys, I didn’t want to kill him… I was just…..

Ajay : I know Revathi, you just want to scare Amruth. But you accidentally shot him.

Pooja : You are not that kind of a person. Stop crying, you are innocent. I’ll go and buy water for you.

Ajay and Pooja leave.

Karthik takes Revathi Jr to Amruth’s tent as nobody is inside. He hugs and consoles her.

Karthik : Hey, stop crying. You won’t be caught. Amruth deserves this, he has done a lot of criminal activities.

Revathi Jr : I know he’s wrong. But I’ve done a big crime. I’m so scared Karthik. I feel that nobody is with me this time.

Karthik : Don’t say that you are wrong. We are there for you, especially I’m close with you. I won’t let you face any consequences. You are a true gem. You will always remain with me.

Revathi Jr : Thank you so much Karthik!

Karthik : You yourself told that there should be no formalities between lovers, but you are thanking me.

Revathi Jr : Oh yes, but leave it.

She gets sad.

Karthik : Darling come on! Just smile.

Revathi Jr refuses.

Karthik tickles her. She laughs.

Karthik : Thank god! Finally you laughed! I love you Revathi!

Revathi Jr : I love you too!

Karthik kisses her forehead. They smile.

Ajay and Pooja come and give water to ReThik. They get refreshed.

Pooja : Revathi, looks like Karthik calmed you down.

Ajay : Yeah Pooja, they are made for each other. That’s why both have same wavelength. Karthik, nice meeting you.

Karthik and Ajay hug.

Karthik : Nice meeting you too bro, thanks a lot for saving me.

Ajay : It’s okay. Infact you need to thank Revathi. She saved you.

Karthik sees her and smiles. She winks at him.

Suddenly a group of police come there.

Police : Who shot him? Please tell me.

Amruth’s man survives and asks the police to arrest Revathi Jr as she shot him.

Revathi Jr gets scared. Karthik encourages her to go. He will come with Pooja and Ajay.

Revathi Jr : Sir, I tried to shoot him. I’ll come and explain everything in detail.

She goes to police van.

Scene 4 :

ReThik, Amruth and everyone at police station.

Inspector : Why did you shoot him? Answer us.

Revathi Jr : Sir, Amruth is a known criminal. He has troubled our family a lot. He kidnapped Karthik and also held Pooja, my friend. I just scared him by a gun, and accidentally shot his hand. I didn’t mean to kill him. Trust me, sir.

Amruth : She’s lying.

Inspector : Are you telling stories? Bring proof and tell.

A man enters the station.

Man : Please sir, don’t arrest her. I have proof.

The man is John.

Amruth gets shocked seeing him.

Police : Who are you?

John : I’m John, the witness.

Amruth : Hey! What is this John?

John tells the inspector how Amruth had tried to kill Revathi, blackmailed them, and kidnapped Karthik. He shows the video proof.

Amruth gets angry at John.

John : I know I’ve been Amruth’s friend and supported him. But my change is due to his mother. She had disowned him as he cheated her. She taught me with values and told me not to become like Amruth.

Amruth to John : I’ll never forgive you, you traitor! I’ll forget that I have a friend.

Rethik and their friends are grateful to John.

Police arrests Amruth and his men. The case is finally closed!

Karthik taunts Amruth.

Ajay and Pooja tell ReThik that they are leaving. They all hug happily.

Revathi Jr happily hugs Karthik and kisses his cheek.

Revathi Jr : Finally we won! None can blackmail us!

Karthik smiles at her.

Next episode promo : ReThik at Karthik’s car. Revathi Jr treats his wounds. Shakthivel and others rejoice seeing Karthik back home. They get super happy to know that the blackmailer is arrested.

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