You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 14

RECAP : ReThik reached their respective houses. Their mothers finally revealing the truth. They have a talk on phone.


Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr : I’m sure you will expose the man. I trust you.

Karthik : You can and should trust me. I’m going to be your future hubby.

Revathi Jr blushes.

Karthik : Just tell me, you were feeling shy right now.

Revathi Jr : Are you spying on me? How did you find out?

Karthik : Haha, I know you really well.

Revathi Jr : We just met a month ago. You can’t know a person well within a month.

Karthik : So what? Does that prevent me from knowing your psychology?

Revathi Jr : Don’t act oversmart.

Karthik (mimics) : Okay madam, I was passing information.

They laugh.

Revathi Jr : Okay, if possible, I’ll meet you tomorrow.

Karthik : I’m waiting!

Revathi Jr : Me too. Bye.

Karthik : Bye.

Scene 2 :

Azhagar : I’ll go to meet Akka and Karthik.

Later Shakthivel comes to their house.

Azhagar : How are you bro? Did you get any call from that rascal?

Shakthivel : I’m fine. He didn’t call us for a while. Where’s Revathi?

Azhagar shouts for Revathi Jr.

Azhagar : Bro, I want to meet Karthik and Akka. I’ll go.

Shakthivel : Sure, take care.

Azhagar (exits)

Revathi Jr : Hi uncle! (She hugs Shakthivel)

Shakthivel : You’re still like a kid. It’s been a long time da.

Revathi Jr : You’re also still brave uncle. How are you?

Shakthivel : I’m fine. Don’t worry, your uncle will safeguard you.

They all smile.

Revathi Jr gets a call from her old college friends.

Revathi Jr : Uncle, I’ve an important meeting with friends, I’ll take your leave.

Shakthivel : Ok da, take care.

Revathi Jr (exits)

Andal : Anna, how’s Karthik?

Shakthivel : He’s good. He wished to see you.

Andal (smiles) : He can meet anytime.

They smile.

Scene 3 :

Azhagar meets Karthik at Revathi Sr’s home. They hug happily.

Azhagar : How are you da? We are meeting after a long time.

Karthik : I’m absolutely fine uncle. So good to see you.

Azhagar : I’m here for you. We can spend time. Akka, are you free?

Revathi Sr : I’m free. But there’s a problem. We couldn’t identify the blackmailer’s voice.

Azhagar : I didn’t get any call from him. What does he think of himself?

Karthik gets a call from Revathi Jr.

Karthik : Actually, I have meeting with my friend. Catch you later uncle. Bye mom.

Azhagar : Have a safe and nice time.

Revathi Sr : Bye Karthik.

Karthik exits.

Azhagar : I think he’s in stress.

Revathi Sr : How is Revathi doing? I want to meet her.

Azhagar : She’s still the same Revathi. Didn’t change at all, just like you.

They laugh.

Scene 4 :

Rethik in Karthik’s car.

Revathi Jr : Why so late?

Karthik : My uncle came to meet me.

Revathi Jr : Hey! My uncle also met me. What’s happening?

Karthik : Are we related? No no…. I don’t think so.

Revathi Jr : If we are related, we could have met in childhood. But we didn’t knew each other before.

Karthik : Yeah… We have to figure out what’s happening.

Karthik gets a call from the blackmailer.

Karthik : Hello, who’s this?

Blackmailer (laughs) : Wow Karthik! You had a great escape with your girlfriend. I’m the one who blackmailed your father.

Karthik gets angry and Revathi Jr calms him down.

Revathi Jr : Put the phone on speaker.

Blackmailer : Is that your girlfriend? Let me talk to her.

Revathi Jr : Shut up!

Karthik : I’ll kill you. Don’t talk about her. If you continue to trouble my family, I’ll put you in jail.

Blackmailer : Okay, I know everything about your family. You guys have come here to meet them. I won’t let you be happy.

Karthik : Do what you can, I will never let you win.

Blackmailer : I bet you can’t do this. I’ll keep winning. Get a life you losers!

Karthik gets furious and throws his phone.

Revathi Jr : Hey! You broke your phone.

She gives his phone to him.

Karthik calms himself.

Revathi Jr : Why are you getting back? I’m sure you will win against him.

She hugs Karthik.

Karthik holds Revathi Jr’s hand.

Karthik : Promise that you will always support me.

Revathi Jr : I support and trust you a lot. You have a good heart. You will win by non-violence.

Karthik kisses her hand.

Karthik : I love you. Thank you so much for being with me ?.

Revathi Jr : I love you too. No thanks between us ?.

They smile.

Scene 5 :
The blackmailer at his friend John’s house.

Blackmailer : I won’t leave all of them. Their destruction is in my hands.

He removes his mask and it’s Amruth!

Amruth : Karthik thinks he’s smart. I’ll use his smartness to control him.

John : You can do this. But how did you get out of jail?

Amruth : I told my mother that I’m suffering from emotional trauma. So my mother begged the police to bail me out. The police got fooled and we reached Madurai!

John : Was that a lie you said to your mother?

Amruth : There wasn’t any plan for me to get freed other than this. So I had to lie to her.

John : Oh man! You are so lucky!

They laugh.

Next episode promo : Karthik gets kidnapped by the blackmailer’s (Amruth) goons. Karthik asks the man to leave him. Amruth shows his face to Karthik. Karthik gets shocked seeing him. Amruth calls Shakthivel.
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