You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 12

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You Are Always Mine!

Season 1 Episode 12

RECAP : ReThik at airport, Karthik tells the plan to Revathi Jr and she agrees.


Scene 1 :

It’s time for departure, and Rethik board the flight.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, do you like flight or train?

Karthik : Obviously both, according to season.

Revathi Jr : We have equal wavelength. I also prefer both.

Karthik pulls Revathi Jr’s cheeks.

Karthik : You maybe matured in taking decisions, but none can be more cute and childish than you.

Revathi Jr : Karthik can I go to window seat?

Karthik : Okay, go.

Revathi Jr : Thank you. I love you Karthik.

Karthik : I love you too Revathi.

They smile…

Scene 2 :

Azhagar gets a call from senior lawyer.

Azhagar : Akka, I have to go home. I have much work. Files are in my home.

Revathi Sr : Hey eat and go.

Azhagar : I’ll eat in food court, bye Akka, take care. I informed bro-in-law.

Revathi Sr : Bye da, take care.

Andal : I’ll also go home Anni (sis-in-law). If Revathi comes home….

Shakthivel : Andal, tell Azhagar not to ask Revathi about Karthik. They may not come, blackmailer is fooling us. Even if Revathi calls you, don’t ask anything.

Revathi Sr : I feel that they met, so they may come. We won’t ask anything.

Andal : Anni, I also feel the same. They know that they are cousins.

Shakthivel : Whatever it may be, don’t ask anything.

Scene 3 :

Rethik reach Chennai.

Revathi Jr : My god! Chennai is so hot.

Karthik : Yeah, so hot than expected.

Some men follow them.

They hit Karthik.

Revathi Jr is in tears and asks them to leave Karthik.

Karthik picks a fight with them.

Revathi Jr gets injured in her forehead in the process of saving Karthik.

Karthik : Revathi! Wait I’m coming.

He beats up the henchmen. Police comes and takes them away.

Karthik treats Revathi Jr’s wound.

Revathi Jr : I’m okay.

Karthik : Just keep quiet, let me treat your wound.

He applies bandage to Revathi Jr’s forehead.

Revathi Jr gets healed.

Karthik : Did anything happen to you?

Karthik : Nothing.

Revathi Jr : Hey Karthik! The train!!!!

Karthik : Oh yes!! Run!! Only 1 hour to go!!!

They run as fast as they can.

Scene 4 :

Azhagar and Andal at their home

Andal : What if Revathi comes here?

Azhagar : Don’t believe that idiot, he’s playing a game.

Azhagar : If Revathi calls, we won’t ask anything, she might not have met Karthik.

Andal : How come you are saying this?

Azhagar : If you don’t believe me, then don’t talk. Just see what will happen.

Andal : My heart says that Revathi Jr is near us.

Azhagar gets frustrated and goes to his room.

Andal calls Revathi Jr but her phone is switched off.

She senses that something wrong happened to her daughter.

The same argument happens between Revathi Sr and Shakthivel.

Revathi Sr tries to call Karthik but fails as his phone is switched off. She feels something happened to him.

Scene 5 :

Revathi Jr and Karthik board the train. It’s a two seated AC chair car.

Karthik : We arrived safely, don’t tell anyone about the fight. Just say that you fell somewhere.

Revathi Jr : Okay. You also won’t tell.

Karthik : Karthik promise, I also won’t tell.

They smile.

Karthik : We also won’t tell about our love matter. That will be a big problem. And we won’t tell that we met.

Revathi Jr : Done.

Revathi Jr sleeps in Karthik’s shoulder.

Karthik holds her and he also sleeps.

After 7 hours, Karthik wakes up Revathi Jr and asks if she wants tea.

Revathi Jr : No! Why did you wake me from this peaceful sleep?

Karthik : Oh, you think that sleeping in train is peaceful?

Revathi Jr : Stupid! I told that sleeping in your arms is peaceful.

Karthik : I also feel that sleeping with you is like heaven.

Karthik gives a romantic look to Revathi Jr.
Revathi Jr smiles at him.

Next episode promo : 

Revathi Jr reaches her house. Andal gets super happy and hugs her. Azhagar gets shocked seeing Revathi Jr. and realises Andal was right. Karthik reaches his house and Revathi Sr hugs him in happiness. Shakthivel also has Azhagar’s realisation.


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