You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love (Pagal Nilavu serial) Season 1 Episode 11

You Are Always Mine!

Season 1 Episode 11

RECAP : Jr Revathi consoles Karthik. Blackmailer gets to know from someone that Rethik will travel to Madurai. He starts his game.

Scene 1 :

Revathi Jr : Karthik, I will go home.

Karthik : Stay here and go. It’s late night.

Revathi Jr : Hey, are you upto something?

Karthik : No no, as it’s midnight I didn’t let you go. I am not upto anything, trust me.

Revathi Jr : I’ll sleep here itself, enough? (She laughs)

Karthik smiles at her gesture.

Revathi Jr : I’ll sleep in couch.

Karthik : I’ll sleep in couch. You sleep in bed.

Revathi Jr : No, I’ll sleep in couch.

They have a cute argument.

Karthik finally convinces his lady love to sleep in bed.

Revathi Jr sleeps in bed. Karthik makes her sleep comfortably…he goes and sleeps in couch.

Karthik (mindvoice) : I love you Rev baby.

Karthik’s pet dog Buddy comes and sees them…. He gives a cute expression.

Scene 2 :

Shakthivel and others are frustrated recalling the blackmailer.

Shakthivel : Revathi, did you call Karthik?

Revathi Sr : I had to lie to him. I feel bad for Revathi too.

Azhagar : Don’t know who is the blackmailer. Akka, what did Karthik say?

Revathi Sr : He reacted the same way as Revathi.

Azhagar : Poor Karthik. I think both met.

Shakthivel : He would have told us if he had met Revathi.

Andal sees the phone ringing and picks it up.

Andal : Hello, who’s this?

Blackmailer : It’s me, the mysterious man.

Andal gets angry and gives the phone to Shakthivel with speaker on.

Shakthivel : What do you want from us?

Blackmailer : A really shocking news for you Mr. Shakthivel and Azhagar . Heard that your children are coming here for you.

All get shocked.

Azhagar : Are you trying to fool us? They would have informed us if they are coming. They are responsible.

Blackmailer : Is it? Then why should they surprise you by their arrival? It’s all a plan. Okay, I don’t have time to talk rubbish like you, they will be in danger. I will harm them if they come here. (Ends call)

Shakthivel : What nonsense? I don’t believe that rascal.

Revathi Sr : Maybe he’s true. Karthik’s voice was unusual.

Andal : Yes, Revathi also was sounding unusual. Maybe Rethik met.

Azhagar : No, he’s fooling us. How does he know about the children?

Revathi Sr : Maybe he’s spying.

Shakthivel : Spying isn’t allowed in Canada. It’s an offence.

Andal : Anna, let’s see what will happen.

They worry for ReThik.

Scene 3 :

One day after,

Revathi Jr finishes her packing and calls up Karthik.

Karthik : Hello, did you get ready?
(He is tying his shoelace and talking to Revathi Jr)

Revathi Jr : I’m quick as always. I bet you are wearing your shoes now.

Karthik : Hey, are you watching me from somewhere? Where are you?

Revathi Jr : I’m in my home, just had a guess. I was right.

Karthik : You’re a kedi.

Revathi Jr : But not more than you.

Karthik : Hey!

Revathi smiles.

Karthik : There are four hours left. Let’s go fast.

Revathi Jr : Okay, bye.

Scene 4 :

Rethik at Ravi’s house with Buddy. Raja and Anu also come there.

Karthik : Ravi, as you and Buddy are really very close, please take care of him.

Ravi : No formalities Karthik. I’ll take care of him. Don’t worry, you take care there. Revathi, take care.

They hug. Raja, Anu and Revathi Jr also join them.

Anu : Message me when you reach Chennai.

ReThik : Okay.

Karthik : I miss you Buddy baby! Be obedient.
(He cuddles Buddy)

Revathi Jr : I too miss you my baby! I love you so much!
(Kisses Buddy and cuddles him)

Raja and Anu hold Buddy.

Rethik’s friends bid them goodbye.

They smile.

Scene 5 :
ReThik arrive at airport.

Revathi Jr : This view is great. Let’s take some selfies.

ReThik click selfies. They finish the formalities and wait for the flight arrival.

Karthik : I’m eager to meet my parents.

Revathi Jr : Me too, don’t know what problem they are facing that made them lie to us.

Karthik : Don’t worry, we will sort it.

Revathi Jr : You don’t know what’s the problem, then how will you sort?

Karthik : How much ever huge the problen is, Karthik is there.

Revathi Jr : You are like my uncle, he’s always brave.

Karthik smiles.

Karthik : I have a plan.

(He tells it)

Revathi Jr : Good idea. I’ll do as you say.

Karthik : Good!

Next episode promo – ReThik reach Chennai and inform their friends. Karthik gets into a fight with the blackmailer’s henchmen. Revathi Jr gets injured while trying to save Karthik. Rethik in a hurry as they think they are too late to catch the train. Andal and Revathi Sr fail to call Revathi Jr and Karthik as their phone is switched off. The two mothers sense negative vibes inside them.
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