You and I Chapter 1: First day at a new place!

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Chapter 1: First day at a new place!

Hola Twistinians, I’m back with a new story and I hope you all will like it. 

-Tris’ pov-

“Beatrice it’s your first day at college.” My older brother Caleb said, he is 24 year old, he has dark hair, which he got from our dad, he has got mom’s eyes, to be precise he is a perfect mixture of both, while I’m plain and ugly.
“I know Caleb, but I don’t wanna go to college!” I whined.
“You have to as it’s your choosing ceremony and I know that you’ll choose Erudite or Abnegation.”
“Nope, you are wrong I will be choosing Dauntless.” I said.
“No one’s ever gonna notice you as you are more an introvert than an extrovert.” My brother arrogantly said, so I replied back with anger rising as my brother doesn’t understand me at all and that’s why he is a perfect Erudite: “I’m not an arrogant smart ass like you Caleb and you don’t know me at all.”

“Pftt, you are such a disgrace to our family!” He said whil mom shouted at him saying: “your sister is not a disgrace to our family but you are one.”
“I agree with your mom. Caleb go and apologize to your sis!” Dad calmly said while he answered back. “No, I won’t, because she should be the one apologizing.”
“Naah, Caleb I shouldn’t as you are the one insulting everyone. Opps weren’t you the one, who got Susan Black pregnant while she was 16?” I saracastically said while he was glaring at me.
“Yeah better than having a child with a girl like you, because you are ugly as hell and I still cannot acknowledge the fact that you are my sister.” When mom and dad heard what Caleb said, they stared at Caleb like he is a shit head, who couldn’t control himself and got an innoncent girl pregnant. “Your sister isn’t ugly. She is beautiful the way she is and don’t you dare to insult her again. Because if you do then you aren’t welcome here anymore.” Mom warned him, Caleb gulped his saliva down, looked at me with pure hatred for the last time and left my room. Mom and dad consoled me, after I had wiped my tears, I promised myself that I won’t cry for him anymore, I got dressed, ate my breakfast and left with my family for my choosing ceremony.

As soon as we were at the Hub, I sprinted towards Susan black, who was waiting for me as she isn’t going to high school after what my brother did to her. When she saw him she glared at him just like her parents and older brother Robert, who is choosing today too. “What is he doing here?” Susan asked while her glare was getting even more scarier. “Why should I know that, because I didn’t know that he was coming.” I honestly said. “I came to meet her as I won’t have to meet this ugly cow anymore!” Caleb said with arrogance and out of anger I punched him so hard that his nose crunched and I knew that I broke it. Some people were laughing while some looked at me like I commited a crime.

The choosing ceremony started and Marcus Eaton started saying: “Today is the choosing ceremony of all the ones, who have passed 20 years od their lives. Now they can choose which district, they want to go to study and maybe some of you want to fall in love and will meet their special someone there. And we all are happy that you all can choose your own fate.”
Then Dad said: “We are glad to welcome the new choices that you all will make.”
Someother poeple said something, but I just ignored it as it was so boring. Soon the first person had to come on the stage where that person had say to which district he or she wants to go. Many people went and now it was my turn, when dad called me to the stage, I walked there as I was walking there someone tried to push me and I glared at that person, while he smiled and winked at me, his eyes were a colour, which I couldn’t describe as they were very beautiful. Soon I came out of my trance and said: “Dauntless!” The Dauntless cheered while I went to them, the guy with the beautiful eyes came towards me and said….

Disclaimer: This storyline belongs to me except for the characters.

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  1. Renimarenju

    Nice start dear, I liked it very much……Waiting to see more twists from you crazy girl…..

    1. AMkideewani

      Aww thanks a lot di❤️, you’ll be reading about a lot of twists in the story???

  2. Niyati

    Lovely episode dear …Looking forward to story ….Because u are writing this ,I am sure there are lot of twists . Love u. ??

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot and love ya????

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