YHM Yeh pyaar Na Hoga Kam episode 6

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Hii lovely ppl
isuri, jyoti, maanvi, sowmy (missed u alot dear glad to read ur comment), ishan, parichary, lisa, kumud, radhikaji thanks alot
jasmine dear am missing u

my dear readers today ur all questions will be answered
I hope u will enjoy

Recap-Aliya has changed her behavior she bonds well with simmi
everybody at college is shocked
Aliya studies sincerely
3 n 1/2 years have passed Adi confronts Aliya about change
Aliya confesses her love for him
On farewell Adi proposes Aliya

2 Years Latter
A beautiful house is shown
Some decorations are going on
Ishita is supervising it.
Amma comes
Amma-Ishu help me which sari should I wear today
(she shows two saris)
Ishita-Amma both are good wear any
Amma-Ile I want to look best today after all its my Adi’s engagement
Ishita-Yes amma yes
Amma-where is dulha

Ishita-Amma I stopped him but he has gone to office, he said he will return in two hrs n look its already 12
Amma-our bachaa is so hardworking with all his efforts he has purchased such a beautiful house n most imp he made u leave that idiot Ashok’ s office
Ishita-Amma, please lets not talk about Ashok today
Amma- yah right ishu have u met Aliya’s father??
Ishita-No Amma from past one year he is in Canada with his brother for some business
y Amma
Amma-Nothing ishu just asked
Amma looks worried

Amma’s pov-I just hope these Bhalla’s having nothing to do with those Bhalla’s I dnt want ishu’s past to come in front of her

She prays

Adi is driving car
He gets call
Its Aliya
Aliya-jaan today we r getting engaged I hope u remember I hope u left office
Adi-Ofcourse my sweet heart on way home, Did u start getting ready because we r getting engaged today, u take so much time to get ready, I cannot wait
Aliya-Awww I too cannot wait I wanna become Mrs iyer soon
Adi-I love u
Aliya-I love u to the moon n back achaa let me get ready I need to look best today
Adi-Aliya u r Best n perfect for me u look queen my queen everyday

Aliya blushes
Adi remembers their past
their first meet, his hatred towards her, her confession

Simmi comes to Aliya she is stunned by her beauty
Simmi gets tear eyed
Aliya hugs her
Aliya-mom today is not day to shed tears mom am getting engaged r nt u happy
Simmi-Ofcourse am happy very happy n u r getting engaged to such a wonderful boy who actually gave me my daughter, who changed u, Adi is perfect I am so blessed that u got him

Aliya nods
Aliya-mom I hope dad n chachu r coming n I hope they will reach on time
Simmi-Yes beta u dnt wry

Guest start coming in Ishita’ s house
Ishita welcomes everybody
Simmi enters with Aliya
(Aliya is looking gorgeous in Orange lenga)
ishu, aur amma ne Aliya ki Nazar utari
Adi looks Admiringly at Aliya
Aliya [email protected] him

Ishita goes to get Arti plate
Mihir enters with another dapper looking gentleman
Adi touches Mihir’s feet, Mihir hugs him
Amma is shell shocked
Ishita comes with arti plate she is dumbstruck plate is about to fall
amma holds it
Amma (whispers)-Ishu take care control urself He is Aliya’s Chachu
Mihir’s pov-Ishita bhabhi? ?? ?
Aliya-Adi meet my dearest Raman Chachu

Adi touches his feet, But Raman is looking at Ishita n Ishita is looking at him
(So friends happy? Our star Raman the dapper gentleman who entered with Mihir is finally here sorry kept u all waiting long, so Raman is Aliya’s Chachu the same influential Chachu who got her admission done in Vjti )

Amma-ishu do arti
Ishita does Adi n Aliya’s Arti
while Mihir n Raman keep looking at her

Adi n Aliya exchange rings
They seek blessings of elders
Ishita distributes sweets
She gives to Mihir, Raman looks on he leaves
Aliya-Chachu, Chachu wait
Raman-sorry Aliya I have urgent wrk
Ishita looks on tear eyed

Raman enters a room
It is full of Ishita’ s photographs
Raman (yells)-This cannot happen I didn’t want to see u ishu, 30 years have passed n I saw u again u have son u have family u have everything n u ruined my life I hate u hate u hate u

He tears her one photo picks up pieces n hugs it n cries n cries
y ishu y ishu y u did this to me?

Ishita enters her room
she opens a drawer n takes out a dairy
On First page
ISHRA is written
second page has Raman’s pic
N from third page story of ishra begins…………….

So they had past but what Mihir addressed her Bhabhi
what u all think
n how was Raman’s entry? now tell me is this ff of ishra or not

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  1. Radhikaji

    Loved it…..ishra has a past. …wonderful. ..

  2. Nivedha

    Wowwww Raman is back… Cuteeeeeeeee entry…

  3. Amazing entry of raman .I am a silent reader, commenting on any story for the first time.very nice story KEEP IT UP and best of luck!

  4. Amazing just loved it all your stories have something out of the world!!!

  5. Awesome dear superb entry of Raman
    I liked it so much love you rushi dear

  6. Tvfan1

    Sorry for not commenting dear
    It was amazing!!
    Previous chapter was awesome!!

    Ishra soon?
    Eagerly waiting

  7. Awesome didn’t even thought of such entry of raman… U rock dear…

  8. Kumud

    Oh no I guess they were married before and had to separate because of some misunderstanding and she was pregnant with adi then she didn’t bother to tell raman at all BTW nice episode

  9. wow raman’s entry… i didn’t expect it today…and ishra have a past…they lives seperatly 30 years…upcoming going to be more interesting…eagerly waiting for next update…

  10. wow raman’s entry… i didn’t expect it today…and ishra have a past…they lives seperatly 30 years…upcoming going to be more interesting…eagerly waiting for next update…

  11. OH god… Adi is Raman’s son not Mani. Mani raised Adi as his son in Raman’s absent.
    Why did Raman and Ishita separated? Amma is so funny but concerned that Ishu’s past will come back in Ishu life but shocking to the core that Raman and Mihir arrive for Aylia and Adi engagement. Raman still love Ishu and so is Ishu loves Raman so badly.

    Wanna to know what happened of why Ishra are separated?

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