Hiii lovely ppl
Thanks dear lisa, baby lisa, kumud, isuri, prapti, jyoti, priya, ishan, tvfan1 (hi thanks please let me know name of ur ff I wd love to read it)
Radhikaji, varsini, kv, guru am missing u all alot I hope u r reading this ff
Dear frnds I know u all enjoy ishra ffs more
but am sorry as of now this is purely a adila ff
but surprise may come 😉

am sorry I will mostly update on alternate days n am not able to put up proper Montage
Montage is auto generated
my ff doesn’t have ruhi, n shagun as of now
currently key characters r Ishita, amma, adi, aliya, ashok, mihir, simmi
I will keep adding characters

I hope u guys wd support me
I promise I will not disappoint ishra fans

Recap-Adi’s aim is to study hard in vjti n make career while Aliya wants to attract boys
Adi’s late father was Abhishek
Aliya n Adi meet at college for first time
Aliya is attracted towards Adi n Adi tries to ignore her considering her to be rich spoilt brat

Ishita enters a office with a small box
she enters cabin

Ishita-Good morning sir, My adi has got admission in Vjti I have got some sweets for u
Boss(in sarcastic tone)-Thats good Ishita congratulations but how would u afford fees, books I mean u r single mother, n only earning person in ur family

Ishita makes helpless face
Ishita-Actually Ashok Sir I wanted some……
(Her boss is our fav villain Ashok khanna)
Ashok-u want my help ohhhh
right na
He gets up n goes around Ishita
Ishita seems uncomfortable
Ashok-I know u willnot accept short cut way so work hard as always y dnt u do overtime I would increase ur salary by 10000

Ishita nods
She is about to leave
Ashok-btw one night just one night could get u 1lac
Ishita leaves room
Tears get filled in her eyes
She looks at Abhishek’ s photo on her table tear eyed

Ishita enters house tired n exhausted
Adi goes to her
Adi-Ma what happened u came late n appear tired
Ishita(faking smile)-How was ur day?

In Adi’s mind scene of kissing flashbackes he is embarrassed
Adi-Good u tell me did u have extra wrk
Ishita-Adi I have taken up overtime
Adi (Angry tone)-ma y y yy y
ma that Ashok is disgusting person infact u should not wrk with him n u r wrking overtime this is all happening because of me
I will leave vjti n join job
Ishita-shut up Adi dare say such things this is ur age to study n beta dnt worry Ashok cannot do anything my bappa is with me
Beta u know Ashok is very influential if I leave this job he will ensure that I dnt get job else where n beta he is like a dog he keeps barking I ignore

Adi leaves in anger

Aliya is smiling she remembers Adi
she opens laptop n tries to search something
Aliya (pov)-So Mr Aditya is not on fb he is too studious but hot

She blushes
Phela Nasha phela kumaar naya pyaar hain plays in bg

At college
Aliya notices the parking empty
She asks driver not to park
she looks out for Adi’s bike n Ask driver to park right next to his bike

In class
Aliya sits next to Adi
He gets up n goes n sits with some other boy
A boy comes n sits next to Aliya
Boy-Hi beautiful
He flirts with Aliya but she is busy looking at Adi
Aliya’s pov-What should I do to impress him??

Prof is taking lec
Prof-Somebody explain newton’s law of gravity
Aliya quickly opens bk she
reads whatever goes up comes down
Aliya raises her hand to ans
Aliya-Sir whoever goes up comes down like for ex when somebody dies his rebirth takes place

All laugh
Aliya is embarrassed
Adi’s pov-Disgusting
Prof-u think am fool miss Aliya u r wasting our precious time get out

Aliya leaves

Aliya tries to talk to boy with whom Adi was sitting
Aliya-please please tell me na what all aditya was talking to u please help me

Boy smiles n agrees
Boy-Give me sometime
Lecs r shown

Prof-Tom students should show their talent in cultural prog
It could be dancing singing acting anything

Adi’s new friend meets Aliya
Friend-His favourite actress is sunny leone, He likes belly dances alot

Aliya (with spark in eyes )-Thanks dude my wrk is done

Cultural prog starts
A student does classical dance
Its Adi’s turn
He sings
”Tujhe sab hain pta meri ma”
Fb of Ishita n adi r shown
He gets tear eyed all clap

Aliya comes on stage she is wearing very short dress
Laila mein laila plays
she dances
she is doing seducive dance n looking at Adi continuously
she takes out her belt n throws it
Adi leaves
Boys whistle
boy-jaan sirf belt hi kyu nikali
Aliya stops dancing
she gets hurt n leaves

  1. nice update but i love ishra alot

  2. Nice dear but I agree with jyoti

  3. Lisa

    Hmmm…this adily ff…but I love ishra more …plz try to make it both ishra nd adilya…if I say honestly baby Lisa loves only ishra…still baby Lisa will read nd comment just for u rushiii….love uuuu???

  4. this is the first ff am reading and commenting with out ishra….i really love your ffs…but am unabale to enjoy and comment for this one…actually ishra is the only reason for me to come this page….

  5. Tvfan1

    Rlly amazing Dear!!
    Love adiya!!

    Aliya loves him Ohhhh, do hope Adi realises it soon!!

    PS my ffs called love is forever

    But the thing is I have already started season 2. I’m glad if u read it Becoz still u would understand it!

  6. Kumud

    Awesome but y don’t she be a dentist instead of working with ashok

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