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My Dear readers thanks for warm welcome
maanvi, kumud, prapti sorry friends I skipped ur names in previous update missed u both alot
jasmine, Nivedha, lisa, baby lisa,(yes dear I got ur msg n thanks alot for ur love) ishan, neethu, parichary, thanks dear all
priya n isuri thanks feels awesome to know u liked update

Adi is Ishita’ s son.His dream of getting admission in city’s best engineering college vjti gets fulfilled.Adi hates god as god snatched his father
Aliya is simmi n mihir’s daughter
she is funloving n gets upset on making out that her chachu as got her admitted in Vjti
Mihir is Aliya’s supper cool Dad

Adi is looking at his father’s photo tear eyed
Ishita enters room.
Ishita (with smile but lump in throat)-Abhi see our son has grown so big he is going to college college college our school going lil boy is now…..

Adi hugs Ishita
both have tears in eyes

Adi-Ma can papa really see me
Ishita-yes yes n he is very very proud of u Adi

(ok so friends Ishita’ s late husband n Adi’s father is my lucky charm Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) )

Aliya’s room
Aliya is busy taking out different clothes n trying it out
Aliya-what should I wear tom is first day n first impression is always last n I need to look hottest
Simmi comes
Simmi (Angry tone)-Aliya u r going to college not fashion show have some ………. ..
Mihir enters
Mihir-princess I have got beautiful dress the perfect one for u see
Aliya happily accepts bag n opens it
she is glad to see
mini skirt n sleeveless pink top
She hugs Mihir
Mihir-Remember first impression is last
He winks at Aliya
Simmi-Mihir u should have got something decent
Mihir-oh please she is my daughter please I dnt want her to be a bhenjee like u

simmi leaves teareyed
Aliya smiles

Adi’s room
Adi is busy studing
Ishita comes with milk glass
Ishita-Adi what r u doing is there any interview tom u already got admission
Adi-Yes ma,I got admission maybe tom professors may ask some questions just to check our knowledge n ma I want to give correct ans afterall first impression is last

Ishita caresses his hairs

Morning Time
Adi takes Amma n Ishita’ s blessings
Mihir makes Aliya drink juice
Simmi tries to apply tilak on Aliya’s forehead
Aliya (yells)-No mom please dnt spoil my face please
Aliya n Mihir leave hand in hand
simmi looks on

Adi is parking his bike Aliya’s driver wants to park in same place Driver presses horn
Adi is busy with parking doesn’t move
Aliya-Who is this idiot we will park here wait I will shoo him off
Driver-I will park besides his bike
there is space
Aliya-yoooooooooooo no way
Aliya gets down
Aliya (angry tone)-Hey u
this parking is for cars , u park ur third class two wheeler on road n let my driver park my car here dnt spoil reputation of Vjti’s parking

Adi takes off his hamlet He looks at Aliya
His hair r flying because of wind
Aliya keeps looking at Adi
she is lost
Adi(in kind tone)-two wheeler or car this parking is meant for vjti students u too can park here besides my bike my bike doesn’t mind sharing space with ur car goodbye am getting late for my lec

Aliya is unable to react
she keeps starring
Adi leaves
Aliya starts walking behind Adi

Driver tries to call her but she is lost

Adi enters class
He sits
Aliya sits on opposite seat
she smiles looking at Adi
Adi is busy reading some posters posted on wall of class room

professor enters
All students introduce themselves
Aliya(with arrongance)-Am miss Aliya Bhalla, I want to do engineering as its trendy

everybody laughs
Adi makes faces
Adi’s pov-rich spoilt brat

Adi-Am Aditya Iyer, I want to become engineer because our country to become developed country needs qualified engineers
he goes on n on n on

Aliya looks on impressed
All clap

Aliya’s pov-Aditya woooowww interesting she blushes

Adi is walking in corridors
suddenly some boys surround him
they snatch his bag
Adi-please return my bag
one boy-we will we will but first complete task we assign u
A boy brings Aliya
Another boy-kiss her in front of us
Adi(shocked)-what nonsense Amnot doing it

Another boy-ok then miss ur lec we will not let u go
Adi looks at watch
Aliya is getting euphoric
Adi- I will kiss u all n not her
Aliya’s pov-omg is he gay
Boy-Dnt act smart
Aliya makes innocent face she goes near Adi

Adi is uncomfortable
Aliya (whispers)-Its ok kiss n finish I want to attend lec

Adi keeps his hand on her cheeks n kisses his own hand
All r stunned
Adi (whispers)-I cannot spoil ur face with my third class kiss
He snatches his bag n leaves
Aliya’s pov-I will make u kiss me mr Aditya
Boy-miss give us money as u promised we took risk of ragging someone in Vjti what if he complains

Aliya gives them money
Aliya (with smile)-He willnot complaint He is sweetheart my sweet heart

So how was Adila meeting?

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  1. Lisa

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rushi….baby Lisa loved it..but baby Lisa has a confusion…is this ishra or adilya ff…Puleez tell… Thnk god abhishek was ishita’s hubby… Rushi thnk u for seeing my msg…u don’t know how mushhh…I missed u..about this ff…starting is sooooo interesting…waiting for next oneee

  2. nice continue soon waiting for raman and ruhi entry

  3. Lasya Priya K

    nice…but plz intro raman yaar…mann nahi lagta raman ke bine ishita ka ff

  4. Lasya Priya K

    nd ha plz plz plz update soon

  5. Wow superb dear.introduce Raman soon and ishra

  6. Sorry dear incomplete comment I like to see ishra meeting soon

  7. Amazing!!! Introduce ishra love story soon. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  8. introduce raman fast….missing him…

  9. Kumud

    Interesting next one pls

  10. Tvfan1

    Sorry dear I didn’t know it was about adiya!
    I just read first part!!

    I also write an ff on adiya but this is way better!!

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