YHM – Love After 10 Years (Chapter 1)

Bhalla House –
In the morning all r up. Kids r ready for school, others ready for their day to day work but out of them Romi seemed in a hurry. He was on the call with his manager.

Romi :- all preps done? I don’t want anything left for the last minute. After all we got this chance after so much hard work.
Manager :- yes sir everything is ready. Even u can come & see by urself.
Romi :- yeah OK I’ll be there in an hour. (he hangs up & starts to have breakfast, he was eating quickly)
Mrs. Bhalla :- Romi, what is this? Eat slowly.
Romi :- I can’t mummyji. Today is the really big day of my life & I don’t wanna be late for it.
Ishita :- what is it Romi?
Mihika :- Akka u won’t believe that singing sensation Rockstar Riya is coming to Delhi for forever & she is gonna give her first interview in India on our channel (Romi runs a news channel called News 24 in partnership with Mihir) & guess what who will be taking her interview?
Ishita :- who?
Mihika :- me. OMG I’m so happy & excited.
Ishita :- yeah I can see that.
Romi :- OK now we r getting late so see u all in evening. Bye.
Mihika :- & yes don’t forget to watch the live interview.
Ishita :- we will.
Pihu :- wow Ishi Maa. U know I’m a big fan of Riya. plz will u take me to meet her plz plz.
Ishita :- OK I will but first school ok. (to Adi) Adi today u pick Pihu from school & bring her to Romi’s office I’ll meet u both there OK.
Adi :- OK Ishi Maa.

After breakfast everyone left for their respective work places. There in News 24 office Ruhi a.k.a. Riya arrived with Kashaf. Everyone greeted her then comes Romi, Mihika & Mihir. Ruhi was shocked to see them there & then she got to know abt them owning the channel. She wanted to call off the interview but it would be unprofessional so she went ahead with the interview. The interview was going on all well, only the last segment was left. There was a break of 10 mins. In the break time Ishita reached there & behind them Adi & Pihu too came. Ruhi was shocked to see them. It was becoming really difficult to control her emotions. The break time was over, Ruhi & Mihika were at their positions & Mihika starts the interview.

Mihika :- so Riya everyone has their secrets whether it is celebrity or a normal person. So do u have any secrets which u wanna tell ur fans.
Ruhi :- yes I do. I wanna confess that my name is not Riya. My real name is Ruhi Ruhi Bhalla (Mihika & all others r shocked to hear this). When I was 10 I was exchanged for my new born sister by my father & step mother. The lady who took me loved me like her own daughter & she is the only one who made me the Rockstar Riya. I know this will be shocking for my fans but this is the truth now it is up to them by which name they wanna call me either Ruhi or Riya. Thnk u so much.

There at the home everyone is elated to know that their Ruhi is alive. On the other hand Ruhi was in the office’s guest room when IshRa, Adi, Pihu, Mihir, Mihika, Romi & the other family members came. IshRa were so happy to see Ruhi they hugged her, carresed her face but Ruhi was standing there still. After a moment she burst out her frustration listening to which everyone was shocked to the core that Mrs. Bhalla fainted & everyone took her to hospital. Ruhi to came there, the doctor told that b’coz of stress Mrs. Bhalla fainted & more stress will be harmful to her.

Raman :- Ruhi beta I know u r angry with us but plz come home not for us but for ur Dadi at least.
Ruhi :- OK I’ll come today evening but I’m not alone, I mean there r people who r really imp for me & I can’t leave them so if there is place in ur home then only I’ll come.
Ishita :- sure u can bring them along with u, all we want is u to come back.
Ruhi :- fine then see u all in the evening.

Mrs. Bhalla was discharged from the hospital. IshRa organized a small party (only family members) in their garden & all r eagerly waiting for their Ruhi to return home.

Precap : Ruhi’s past meet her PRESENT.

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