yhm: finding something true — prologue

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rohan twisted her wrist as he kept his hand on her mouth, preventing her from screaming in pain but her complexion was ashen. her natural fair skin sunk in tone to something so lifeless. she closed her eyes as the pain was such.

rohan whispering to her ear angrily: next time you serve me chai with so much sugar, I will kill you!

he throws her on the floor and leaves the house locking the door so loudly as she cried.

gauri: bhauya, didi, story.

aastha: oh so our baby gauri wants to listen to a story?

gauri nods happily.

mahir: fine then. so once upon a time there was a princess who lived with a monster. that monster was very mean to the princess.

aastha: but one day three fairies came into her life and gave her many reasons to smile.

mahir: and soon she left that monster because she wanted to give the fairies a happy life and she wanted to be forever happy.

gauri sleepily: princess ki naam kya hai?

aastha and mahir looked at each other knowing they couldn’t tell the truth.

aastha: we don’t know, we only heard of this princess’s story but naam nahi.

gauri: oh okie.

she sleeps as both aashta-mahir kiss her forehead

man: hi I’m adi.

he keeps his hand forward smiling.

lady: hi my name is aliya.

she shakes his hand, slowly keeping a smile on her face.

aastha: when will you leave him mama? he abuses you everyday and you….

mahir completing her sentence: and you bear it silently. how can you live with such a monster?


mahir: father my foot!

who is this lady in all three scenes? who is the princess in mahir and aastha’s story? why is rohan like this? who is adi? who is aliya?

note: this will be updated this weekends as I only got my biology test next. sorry for the wait.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking to see rohan manhandling.guess its aliya.waiting for adi’s entry

  2. Mansi

    Seems interesting prologue!!…Looking forward to read it!!….

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