YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 7

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Hii everyone…. I knw I am very late and irregular but I am really very busy but now onwards I’ll try my best to be regular…. This is a short update but next one will be bigger….

In the morning
Ishu and Jannat are getting ready for college….
Ishu is singing songs which is showing her happiness
Jannat: Today someone’s mood is too good it seems…
Ishu: Nothing like that……. R u ready???? We are getting late…
Jannat(sarcastically): I know very well why we are getting late…..
Ishu rolls hér eyes…
Ishu: Can we please leave we are getting late???
Jannat: Don’t worry he will wait for u…..

Jannat starts teasing Ishu which irritates Ishu…
Ishu: Are u coming or not???
Jannat nods and starts walking…..
In the college, as usual the gang is waiting for ishu….
Ishu and Jannat enter the college and shagun sees them….
Shagun: see they are here….

Vidyut: Come now let’s go…. Class is gonna start in 15 minutes….
Shagun: idiot!!! They are our friends now so we will go with them….
Raman was surprised and very happy that Ishu will walk with them…..Raman was smiling to himself when vidyut shakes him
Vidyut: I know Raman what u r thinking but first let ask her….
Raman nods and starts walking towards Ishu.
Ishu and Jannat were walking towards their class when they here some voice and they turn towards their right and finds shagun calling them…
They smile seeing Shagun and all others … Ishu sees Raman and gives him a smile and Raman follows the actions…..

Raman(thinks): What a smile!!!! I wish this smile of hers never leaves her beautiful face….
Everyone leaves for their classes and Ishu and Shagun being in the same class walk together….
Shagun: So…ishita how is ur hand now?????
Ishu: Its perfectly fine… In fact I don’t even feel that it was injured…
Shagun: Don’t lie I know how much it must be hurting…. I m so sorry for me… Ur hand…
Ishu: Shagun I said na its nothing…and y r u blaming urself….u didn’t do anything…..Now come…

Shagun smiles and they both walk towards their class….
After the class shagun takes ishu to canteen where mihir, vidyut and Raman were waiting for Shagun and were surprised to see Ishu with her and our Raman was on cloud nine….
He thought to start with a friendship and was finding for a way to start a convo…
After sometime Jannat came searching for Ishu and sat with everyone chitchatting….
Raman was still thinking a way to talk to Ishu and suddenly something struck his mind- coffee…
Everyone got up to leave for their classes Raman caught Ishu’s hand out anyone’s notice… Ishu was shocked and skipped a heart beat and was blushing hard…..
Ishu tried to free her hand but Raman tightened his grip

Everyone left without noticing Ishra…
Now only they both were left and Raman left her hand and Ishu had turned fully red….
Raman: U r forgetting something….
Ishu was not able to look at his face but at the same time was confused…
Raman: Arre what are u thinking so much???? Don’t u remember our coffee deal….??????
Ishu remembered but was surprised as she thought Raman was just kidding…but he wasn’t….
Raman: What happen??? U won’t come
He said making cute faces which melted Ishu and she immediately agreed…
Raman was so happy would be an understatement
Raman: Soo…. Tomorrow 6 pm CCD….done?????

Ishu: OK
Raman and Ishu both were on cloud nine that finally something started between them…
They left for their classes…..
After the college,
Everyone again met to bid their byes and all left for their houses but our Raman didn’t forget to wink his eyes and reminding her of the coffee with his eyes….
Ishu blushed seeing Raman but looked down to hide her blush….

In Ishu’s house,

Ishu was busy thinking about her Raman when Jannat disturbed her thoughts…..
Jannat entered the room shouting and typing something on her phone….
Ishu noticed her and was worried for her…
Ishu: Is everything alright Jannat???? These days u r very much into that phone and always frustrated….what happen???? U know u can share with me…..

Jannat: Nothing Ishu… I told u na that boy who says Armaan Malik is better than my Arijit Singh… he is so irritating…I swear the day he comes in front of me I’ll kill him…. Idiot!!!!!
Jannat was shouting and Ishu was really tensed because Jannat never shouted and cursed someone like this….

Sorry guys for short one…..next one will be bigger

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  1. Lovely update missed your ff so much waiting for next part update soon dear

    1. Fangirl

      Thank u so much dear….. I’ll post the next part tonight…. .

  2. loved it superb episode…plz try to be regular dear…i like this ff very much…

  3. superb update…ishra was very cute…

  4. Rashita

    Nice one…wow a new date for ishra is gonna come hmmmm waiting for it… Update soon…

  5. awesome update ishra scene was cute

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