YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 5

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Hii everyone…. Hope u all like the part…..

Raman vidyut mihir and shagun waiting for ishu. Time passes but ishu doesn’t come.
Vidyut: I think she will not come today….its OK we will thank her tomorrow now come let’s go
Mihir:Vidyut is right… I think we should leave now…
Raman: No Shagun we will go now they are right… You meet her tomorrow..
Shagun agrees.
Raman (thinks): She didn’t come it means she is not OK…how will I know??? I just wish she is fine…
Shagun sees Jannat and thinks to talk to her….
Shagun(excited): Guys… See Jannat…
Vidyut(teasingly): shagun why are u so eager to see jannat…u are very small…

At first shagun didn’t get what he was saying but later she understood…
Shagun: U are such a fool… I am talking about Ishita’s friend Jannat….
Raman: He knows it Shagun….and u vidyut it was a very bad joke…
Shagun: forget it…. I was telling let’s ask  her about ishita…what say guys?????
Mihir: Yups let’s ask her she is always with her only…
Vidyut: But directly going and asking her….is it okay?????
Shagun: I am going u want to come then come or else leave… 
Shagun moves towards Jannat and the boys follow her…
Jannat was busy in her phone when Shagun comes to her.
Shagun: Hii Jannat
Jannat sees shagun and is confused to why she was calling her but not to act rude so she replied her..
Shagun: I know u must be thinking why so suddenly I am talking to u….. Actually I wanted to ask about Ishita…how is she…???yesterday I was not in state of speaking but I want to thank her she saved me…I didn’t got any injury but she burnt her hand and I am really guilty for that….
Jannat: Why are u guilty???? U didn’t do that purposely.  And ishu she is fine I only said to take rest for today u don’t worry….
Shagun: Jannat actually I was thinking….hmmmm…leave it….tell her to take care byee…
Raman, mihir and vidyut were confused why shagun didn’t complete what she was saying…but jannat understood what she wanted to say
Jannat: its OK shagun if u want to meet her, u can… Come our house is not that far…
Shagun was surprised and was wondering how jannat got what she wanted to say…
Shagun: Really can I meet her….thank u so much…
Jannat: No need to thanx.. We can meet our friends anytime….right????
Shagun: but…will it be OK with ishita???
Jannat: Yes infact she’ll be happy to see u….come…
Shagun: Jannat… Can they come with us???
She points towards the boys who were listening to their talks for last 20 minutes… They also wanted to thank ishu so they agreed to meet ishu
Jannat: yup it’s a absolutely OK…. Come now…
And here Raman was on cloud nine as he was gonna meet HER….

In Ishu’s room, she was busy talking with someone on the phone…She was so busy that sh didn’t notice Jannat standing along with other 4… It was only after 10 minutes she turned towards where they were standing and was hell shocked…

She kept the phone and came towards them with a embarrassing look.
Jannat: See Ishu who is here to see u…
Ishu: Hii Shagun… How are u now????
Shagun: I am fine but how at u????
Ishu: As u can see fit and fine….
All this time ishu didn’t notice Raman but Raman was admiring her from the time he entered the room and was smiling seeing her….
Raman(thinks): She is so cute yaar….. I wish I could pull her cheeks right now… The way she was talking on phone…the way she got shocked seeing us…the way she smiles…..wait a sec didn’t she notice u Raman???? She is not even looking at me….
He makes a sad face and stands there hoping she will see him…

Here, vidyut and mihir were thanking her for saving their sister.
Ishu: Arre no need of thanx…Friends do help each other..right???? And this burn….its nothing guys…

She asked them to sit and was going to bring some snacks when she saw HIM and was surprised…..
He saw her and she saw him and they had an eyelock….

I really hope u like this part…..
Thanx for reading….

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  1. Beautiful update

  2. Zaira Siddiqui

    When are you going to post next? Jaldi karna! Can’t wait 🙁 ! And you need to improve onething. Actually our Ishita is not so careless? But in your ff she stays lost in her thoughts. Make her a little attentive please 😉

  3. lovely update…enjoy a lot…

  4. Superb dear update next part soon

  5. Kumud

    Lovely ff

  6. Rashita

    Awesome episode….loved it new new friendship forming wow….
    Raman admiring ishu…..awwwww loved all their convo….
    Waiting gor the next one…

  7. awesome

  8. Amazing story. Love it.

    Waiting for next update.

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