Yeshu 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu frees the animals

Yeshu 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the butchers shouting who is there? Yeshu, Aashiya, James and others hide from their sight. The butcher keeps the lamb and come inside the room. One of them keep their foot on Aashiya’s hand. Aashiya feels pain, but don’t shout. Yeshu feels her pain and keeps hand on her shoulder. Yeshu prays to God asking him to give Aashiya’s pain to him. Soon he feels the pain and Aashiya doesn’t feel pain. Devdoodh looks on. The sheep and the lambs make sound and get restless feeling yeshu in pain. The butchers go outside and think if there is any animal here, who made them restless.

Mary tells Joseph that Yeshu was restless before sleeping. Joseph says go and see with your eyes. The kids come out. Neema asks Aashiya to show her hand and says there was no scratch on your hand. Aashiya says my brother is with me. Yeshu finds the marks on his hand and tells them that they shall free the animals. Devdoodh tells Shaitaan that even the animals felt yeshu’s pain and asks him if he wants to hurt Yeshu. Shaitaan attacks Devdoodh. Devdoodh counter attacks on him.

Yeshu tells the kids that they shall divert the butchers for some time, so that they can free the lambs and sheep. Yakub asks him to free the animals, till he diverts the butchers. Shaitaan tells Devdoodh if even one lamb is slaughter then I will win. Devdoodh says if Yeshu gets successful to free them then you shall let everyone go from here. Shaitaan agrees.

Joseph and Mary come to room and think yeshu is peacefully sleeping. Mary prays to God for yeshu. Yakub and James hold the rope to make the butchers fall down. Yeshu tries to free the animals. The butchers come out. They pull the rope and make them fall down and then beat them. Yakub finds the butchers’ knife and throws near Yeshu. Yeshu cuts the rope with them. Aashiya and Neema beat the butchers with Lathis. The butchers faint. Yakub says you have done good and claps for them. Yeshu takes the lamb in his lap, whose sound was he hearing. Everyone smiles seeing Yeshu successful to free the animals. He brings the lamb and gives to the sheep. Devdoodh tells Shaitaan that Yeshu has won and you have lost. He says yeshu will take the world towards love, humanity etc. Yeshu tells the lamb that it can go anywhere with its mother. He asks it to take care of themselves. He picks the lamb again. Neema witnesses the divine light in Yeshu and imagines him as grown up Massiah, standing with many sheep and lambs around him. Yeshu asks the lamb and sheep to go. They leave. Yakub recalls and tells that the butcher can gain consciousness at anytime. James says if anyone come to know that we are not at home, then?

Mary gets restless. Joseph tells Mary that yeshu is not like me, and tells about his mischief. Mary realizes Yeshu covers his head with the bedsheet. She realizes he is not there. The kids come home. Mary goes to Yeshu’s room and pulls the bedsheet shockingly.

Precap: Yeshu tells Neema that he wants Rabbi Guru ji to make dawat arrangement anyhow. Centurian tells Rabbi Guru ji that if the dawat is not good, then he has to kill him on Samrat’s orders. Leena asks Yeshu to suggest something and save her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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