Yeshu 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaitaan tries to foil Yeshu’s plan to save the animals

Yeshu 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yakub asking Yeshu if he is going out in night. Yeshu says he can hear the sheep and the lamb sound, they both are sad and know that the latter will be sacrificed. He says I have to go. Yakub says I have come here from Misr for you, how can I let you go alone. Aashiya, Manu, James and others tell that they will also come. James says I will protect you all. Yeshu hopes that they can save all the lamps and sheep. James and the younger brother hides, when yakub coms there. He says he has come to search Yeshu. Yeshu goes out in night seeing Mary blowing off the candles. The butcher sharpens the knife. Other butcher comes and asks why is he sharpening the knife now. The butcher tells that Rabbi Guru ji asks them to bring the meat in the morning itself, so they have to cut them in the night itself. A lamb shouts.. The butcher says he will cut this lamb first. Yeshu hears the sound and tells that he will go there. They all come to the place and see the moving basket. They see Manu inside as he gets up. Yeshu says we shall go there as both sheep and the lambs are worried.

Yakub says how we will go there, how to find out where the lambs and sheep are kept. Just then they hear the sound and go there. They see the butchers about to slaughter the lamb. Yeshu asks the lamb to run away. He goes to the sheep and says you are the lamb’s mother, I will save your child. Shaitaan comes on his way scaring Yeshu. Mary senses yeshu needs him. Joseph asks her to give sometime to him. Shaitaan tells yeshu that even his mother is not with him today. Yeshi goes to his friends and cousins and tell them what they shall do. He asks them to hide and wait for his sign. He asks them to go to different direction and hide. Shaitaan thinks to foil Yeshu’s plan. The lamb runs away, the butchers search for it. Yeshu sees the lamb. Shaitaan makes the basket fall down so that they can see the lamb. They tell that they will slaughter it first. Yeshu tells Shaitaan that he will do everything possible thing to save the lamb. Joseph tells Mary that yeshu must be sleeping and if there is any problem then there is solution for every problem. Devdoodh appears to the place where Shaitaan is also there. Shaitaan says the lamb will become the victim of the butcher and will get slaughter. He says if I tell the butcher then he might kill Yeshu. Devdoodh asks until when he will stoop? Shaitaan says my breathe will be stuck until Yeshu is breathing. He makes the pots fall down and the butcher is about to see Yeshu.

Precap: Yeshu and Aashiya hide while the butcher asks them to come out. One of the guy steps on Aashiya’s hand and she feels pain. Neema witnesses Yeshu as the Massiah.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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