Yeshu 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun decides to kill his own daughter

Yeshu 2nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mary coming to yeshu. Yeshu says why mehr chachi was afraid thinking about her baby. He says you had said that becoming a mother is a blessing of God and says Mehr Chachi shall be happy. Mary tells that the relation is build between mother and the baby before he/she is born. She explains to him and says Mehr is worried regarding the protection of her baby. Yeshu says he feels that Mehr chachi is not unwell, but scared and her fear is truthful. Mary asks him not to worry and says God does good with good people. Yeshu thanks her for giving him birth as her son. He then prays to God to keep his mother and all the mothers of this world happy. Mehr gets labour pains. Leena helps her. Mehr asks her to give baby to her, after he/she is born. Leena asks her not to worry. Arjun prays to God to give him only son. Yeshu prays for the God. Mehr faints after seeing the baby. The lady doing her delivery asks Leena not to worry, as Mehr is fainted just, both mother and daughter are fine. Leena gives the good news to Arjun and Rabbi Guruji. Arjun is shocked and angry. He takes the baby in his hand. Mehr gains consciousness and asks not to give her baby in anyone’s hands.

Yeshu searches for the gift for Mehr and the baby. He finds an angel toy and tells that he will give this to Mehr. Arjun tells Rabbi Guru ji that they shall go to the temple. Leena says Mehr didn’t see the girl properly. Rabbi Guru ji asks her not to interfere. Mary and yeshu come there. Mary asks them to let Mehr see the baby first. The lady comes out and says Mehr’s condition is deteriorating, give baby to her. Rabbi Guru ji says ok. Arjun gives baby to Leena. Leena takes the baby to Mehr. Mehr kisses the baby. Yeshu comes thee and tells that he has brought angel for the baby, it will protect her. Mehr gets happy and tells yeshu that whenever she looks at him, she feels peace and seems like everything will be fine. She witnesses his divinity and smiles. Yeshu keeps hand on the baby’s head and she holds his hand. Rabbi Guru ji asks Arjun to reconsider his decision and tells that it is not easy. Arjun says he is sure to kill her. Rabbi Guru ji says he don’t want to stain his hands with his daughter’s blood and says I can just make sure that there is no drama after words.

Arjun comes to Mehr and makes her drink something to make her unconscious. Mehr gets unconscious. Arjun keeps pillow on her lap and takes baby to kill her. Yeshu gets hurt and tells Mary that they have to go to Mehr, as her daughter is not well. Rabbi Guru ji goes with Arjun. Arjun tells baby that death is in her destiny. He is about to throw the baby. Rabbi Guru ji stops him and asks him to reconsider his decision. He says if you are proved guilty of murdering the baby, then the villagers will pelt stones on you till you die. Mehr gains consciousness and loses her mental balance. She hugs the pillow and asks Leena to move away from her. Arjun tells that he will throw the baby from the cliff so that nobody will go. He says come with me soon. Mehr runs out of the house. Leena runs behind her. Mary and yeshu come there. Leena asks them to stop Mehr. They reach the cliff. Rabbi Guru ji asks Arjun to rethink again and says you are my younger brother, and I love you very much. Arjun says I have thought much, the girl child can’t take my family head. He says if I let her alive today then will repent all life. The baby starts crying. Yeshu feels baby crying and gets pained.

Precap: Yeshu tells Mehr to pray to God and trust him. They all pray. Arjun is about to throw the baby from the cliff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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