Yeshu 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rabbi Guruji brings Neema to Yeshu’s house

Yeshu 22nd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mukhiyan telling Senapati about Yeshu and tells that boy was different from other children. Senapati says every parents think like that. Mukhiyan tells that Yeshu had made her dead son alive. Senapati asks what are you saying? She calls Jeevan and tells that Yeshu had made him alive. Senapati asks can you tell more about him. Manu thanks Yeshu for returning his baba to him. He bends down infront of him and says I prayed infront of God and you fulfilled my prayers. Yeshu says I didn’t do anything, it all happened due to God. Toyseller tells yeshu that he wants to give him something and gives two coins. Yeshu refuses to take, but takes it when the toy seller insists. Yeshu asks can I keep one and gift other coin to someone. Toyseller says yes. Yeshu tells Elder brother that Chacha ji promised to give you a coin and says take your coin. He gifts the coin to him and thanks him for his love. Elder brother gets happy. Yakub says today’s utsav is looking dull without sangeet. They all dance.

Rabbi Guru ji asks his wife to check outside. She peeps out and tells that the voice is coming from toyseller’s house. Rabbi Guru ji says if the toy seller has killed yeshu and says we shall go there. Toyseller dances with Yeshu and others. Rabbi Guru ji comes there and gets shocked seeing everyone happily dancing and Yeshu alive. He asks them to stop dancing and comes to the toy seller and slaps him hard. Toy seller falls down. Rabbi Guru ji asks if you will do the seva of God like this and asks him to meet him in his house. Toy seller cries. Yeshu comes to Toyseller and says Maa says that if we walk on the right path then he will solve all your problems. He gives his hand to toy seller. Toy seller witnesses the divine light in Yeshu and says you said right, I felt as if God is with me.

Toy seller comes to Rabgi Guru ji. Rabbi Guru ji scolds him for dancing with Yeshu. He asks where did your loyalty go towards God and says you lied to me and God also. Toy seller says I had gone to throw him out of the village, but he told me something which surprised me. He says God has given me two hands, using which I will make toys for kids and will do God’s devotion. He says Yeshu is not bad, as God himself has sent him on earth. He says he is still devoted to him and goes. Rabbi Guru ji fumes.

Senapati recalls Mukhiyan telling him that when everyone went to Yeshu’s house after Jeevan’s death. Yeshu came out and spoke to Jeevan something, and then he started breathing. He asks Jeevan if he remembers what he said. Jeevan says no, I am thankful to Yeshu, but scared and surprised too. Senapati asks where did they go? Mukhiyan says they had gone to old house in Nazareth.

Rabbi Guru ji’s wife asking him to stop drinking and meet the people in the sabha. Rabbi Guru ji pushes his wife and throws his glass. His daughter comes there and picks the class. Rabbi Guru ji says she has come, says my daughter is problem of my life. His daughter tells that she thought that she is blind, but the villagers are more blind than her. He says he don’t want to see her and she can’t see him. He says God has punished me by giving me a blind daughter and says if Yeshu is not punished then God will be upset. The girl tells that she is the result of his sin and tells that if his God can make him fine. Yeshu hears her. She says if villagers come to know then they will question you. Guru ji pushes her and says now it is yeshu’s turn.

He says I will take you out and knows what to do. He asks his daughter Nima to come and takes her out. The kids think what to buy with the coins. Maria gets worried and asks why Yeshu interfered in toyseller’s life. Mary says Toyseller and Manu has become a family now and says I am sure that even Rabbi Guru ji will accept us. Maria asks when? Yeshu hears them. Joseph comes to Yeshu. Toy seller asks Rabbi Guru ji to calm down. Rabbi Guru ji says I will decide. Joseph says we never wanted your birthday to end like this, kids are happy, but the elders are tensed. He asks if he is fine. Yeshu says he is watching everyone silently. Joseph asks what is going on in your mind? Yeshu says I am happy for the happy people and sad for the sad people and worried for the one who is coming. Joseph asks whom? Guru ji brings his daughter outside Yeshu’s house and asks him to come out. Villagers are also there. Yeshu, Joseph and Mary come out with others.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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