Yeshu 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu meets a distressed pregnant lady Mehr

Yeshu 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yeshu telling Magan that he has won and now he can tell his son that he is the winner of the competition. Magan thanks yeshu. Yeshu says this has happened due to God’s blessings. Magan’s son comes there. Yeshu asks him to talk to his son. Magan comes to his son. His son tells that he has suffered loss in his business and you are running a small shop. Just then the host of the competition comes there and gives 10 gold coins to Magan. His son gets happy and thinks if he gets the gold coins then his loss will cover up. He asks Magan to come home. Magan tells that he always thought that there is a price for everything, but few things are priceless and that’s his self esteem. He tells that he will not come with him, as he was irritated with him sometime before and now wanting to take me to your house. He says I am not angry with you, as I might be responsible for your behavior. He gives him 10 gold coins and asks him to cover his loss, but I will not come with you. He says today a small boy taught him a lesson and says when you understand this, then we might meet someday. Yeshu gears someone’s plea and gets restless. He gets concerned for Aashiya and Mary. He asks them to hold hand and walk on the stairs.

A couple is seen riding in the cart. The pregnant lady prays for her baby. They come to Rabbi Guru ji’s house. Rabbi Guru ji tells Leena that Arjun is his cousin. Arjun’s wife Mehr hugs Leena and is worried. Leena goes to make food arrangements. Mehr prays to God to protect her baby. Yeshu gets up from sleep and asks Mary to come to Neema’s house with him. Mary says it is early morning. Yeshu says I need to go there. Devdoodh thinks for what God is preparing him. Rabbi Guru ji tells Arjun that he understood seeing Mehr being a vaid and asks since when you started giving her medicine to make her drowsy. Arjun says since she came to know, she started troubling me. He says I have seen what is your condition, as you got a daughter. He then tells that you should have kill Neema when she was born. Rabbi Guru ji says I will help you, but when you talk to elders, you shall be careful with what you are saying. Rabbi Guru ji asks where is Mehr and your mother. Neema says they went out. Mehr prays to God and feels scared. Yeshu comes there with Mary. Mehr opens her eyes and sees Yeshu. She sees a divine light. Yeshu keeps hand on her tummy. Mehr smiles and says my child is feeling protected with your touch and asks him to protect her child. Rabbi Guru ji and Arjun come there. Rabbi Guru ji thinks Yeshu shouldn’t have meet Mehr. Arjun says I will handle and apologizes to Mary and yeshu, cooks up a fake story and takes Mehr from there. Mehr continues to pray to Yeshu to protect her baby. Rabbi Guru ji asks Mary to go and says they don’t need their help. Mary offers her help. Rabbi Guru ji says Mehr shall not meet any stranger. Later he asks Arjun to keep Mehr away from Yeshu. Arjun asks who is he? Rabbi Guru ji says that boy has troubled me a lot. He says villagers are foolish and gives credit to Yeshu for every miracle of the village. Arjun says I shall keep Mehr away from him. He goes to see Mehr. Rabbi Guru ji gets angry on Yeshu.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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