Yeshu 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu decision shocks the villagers

Yeshu 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mary telling Yeshu that we always think that we can change the happenings, but whatever happens is due to God’s wish. She says it is very difficult for us to take this decision, but you can go, asks him to learn and work for the welfare of the people for what he has come. Yeshu says I will go from here, but before that, I need to do the arrangements. Rabbi Guru ji is sitting in his house. Yeshu walks towards him. Rabbi Guru ji says I was blind not to identify the God, I was fool to test the God. He says Neema saw everything, though she was blind and I couldn’t see you though I could see. yeshu tells that your old wish is going to complete and tells that he is leaving from here, and will work for the humanity. He asks for his permission. Rabbi Guru ji tells that he can’t let him go and hugs him. yeshu says I know that you are changed and will protect the village and the villagers with love, care and sympathy. Rabbi Guru ji cries and says you can’t go leaving us. Yeshu walks out smilingly. Neema hears and cries. She thinks I can’t let yeshu go, I have to stop him. She runs behind him. She comes to Yakub and tells that Yeshu is leaving us and going somewhere. Yakub is shocked. Neema then tells Leena and the villagers. Everyone panics. Yakub comes to Manu and toyseller’s house and tells that yeshu is going. Manu asks where? Yakub says he didn’t know. They all come to yeshu. Yeshu asks why they are silent. Aashiya asks if anyone leaves his sister? Manu asks him to say that this is a lie. Yeshu says this is truth, I have to leave. James and the younger brother asks him not to go. Yakub asks how can we separate? Yeshu says I have to go. Neema says if you had to go then why you talked about care, love and sympathy. Yeshu says so that you can learn them and can give the same thing to others. Aashiya asks where are you going? She hugs him. yeshu says think that I am going to school, if I walk myself in the way of God then can do something for the people. Aashiya asks him to take her. Yeshu says the school will be me, I have to learn and understands many things. He promises that he will return.

He says he can’t go until the people agree to let him go. James comes to Maria and tells that Yeshu is leaving and asks her to stop him. He says if Yeshu was not there, then I wouldn’t have been alive. Maria thinks she has always troubled Yeshu. Yeshu comes to her and says I came to apologize to you for all my mistakes. Maria asks what are you saying? She says everyone says that you are special, but I am still doubtful and until I am doubtful I can’t let you go. Yeshu says I will remove all your doubt. Maria asks him to give her such a gift before leaving that she wants to get since long time. Yeshu hugs her. Maria cries. Yeshu says you are special and you want gift for bade bhaiyya. He says you always wished good for Bade bhaiyya and not for yourself. Maria cries and hugs him. Yeshu tells that Bade Bhaiyya will do a thing that your names will be remembered for years. He says even your name will be remembered for doing big works. James apologizes to Yeshu. Yeshu says I have no hard feelings in my heart for you. He hugs him and the younger brother. He sees Neema crying and goes out.

Manu opens the box and thinks he has to stop Yeshu. Toyseller asks what are you searching? Manu says something using which I can stop Yeshu. He says if I harm myself then Yeshu will not go. Toyseller says we shall go and talk to Yeshu. Manu looks at the knife and runs towards it. He says yeshu will not go leaving his friend. He is about to stab himself, when yeshu comes and holds his hand. He says if you harm yourself then I will be pained. Manu asks him not to come. Yeshu promises that he will come. Rabbi Guru ji meets the villagers, who asks him if yeshu is leaving. Rabbi Guru ji says yes and says I am guilty of you all. The villagers forgive him and tell that they have love, care and sympathy for him. Yeshu comes there. Everyone sits infront of him. Yeshu asks them not to get sad and says I will return. Aashiya says you have to return, I don’t know why am I smiling now, may be I was right and you was wrong. She says I used to say that my yeshu Bhaiyya is special, but you never accepted it. Yeshu hugs her. Aashiya asks him to return fast. Mary asks Joseph to say what to do, as she can’t accept this fact. Yeshu looks at Mary.

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