Yes I Do!! (Intro to characters and first episode)

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hey guys….i am not new to TU..i tried writing a fan fiction before but i couldn’t complete it because of my exams
but now i am back again and i hope you guys like this…i will try update at least three times a week but i will decide if i want to carry on with this ff after the comments

Anika Mehta (from Ishqbaaz)- she is a funny and bubbly girl…the world’s richest man’s daughter…doesnt have any attitude..can do anything for her family and bf Rohan
Rohan Singh (Varun Toorkey)-he is a fun,loving,cool guy…son of a rich man….he is quite similar to anika and can do anything for his gf Anika

My story revolves around these 2 people, how they met, how they fell in love,proposal and much more

Side Characters:
Shivaay Singh Oberoi (nakul mehta)
Tina Sharma (surbhi jyoti)
Avinash Mehta (anika’s dad)
Arnav Singh (rohan’s dad)

so these are all the characters for now…i will introduce more as the story goes on…so here is the first episode

a girl is seen jogging in the park…..she has ear phones on and is listening to music…everyone waves to her and she waves back smiling…first her lips are shown…then her eyes…and finally her face and she is revealed to be none other than Anika..she goes around jogging until she accidentally slips and falls on someone…his face is shown and he is none other than Rohan…they have an eyelock for 5 mins before her name is heard by her so-called bf Shivaay…Rohan and Anika felt sad going away from each other…they didnt know what destiny had in hold for them…Anika jogs back to Shivaay and they go back home in her Bugatti….(Shivaay is poor in my ff and is only with Anika for money…same with tina)

A few days later Anika breaks up with Shivaay as she got to know the real motive of Shivaay….he blackmails her by using a photoshopped video and gets 100,000,000 rs from her…she leaves from the place and cries…on the other hand Tina breaks up with Rohan and said her new bf is much more rich than him and he is 100,000,000 rs and guess who tht is…you are right…none other than Shivaay..what tht idiot Tina didnt know was that Rohan was the first youngest guy to be rich and own 10 businesses….so tht is the end of the two cheap guys…Rohan got a call on his phone after breaking up with was his dad…his dad said tht they are living with his business partner for a few months until their mansion doesnt get finished renovation…his luggage has been delivered there and he will arrive in a week…he said ok and drives towards the house of his dad’s business partner..

A few hours later he arrives and read the name plate “Singh Mansion”….this is where the love story starts
wind starts blowing, curtains start flying..Anika didnt care by now…she was a strong girl…
Rohan and Anika feel as if someone they love is really close to them….Rohan rings the bells and Avinash opens the door … he welcomes Rohan and calls out for Anika…Anika comes down and says yes dad what happened….he says meet Rohan and Rohan meet Anika….Rohan gets flashes of someone called Anika and says have you ever been given a nickname called Moti…she says yes…by my best friend Bandar…he says moti you have forgotten me huh..remember me….Anika goes into flashback and smiles…Rohan and Anika hug…they feel some electricity building up…Avinash says yes you guys are indeed best friends…like me and rohan’s dad….anika take him to your room and he will have to share your bed until the guest room isnt ready..she says ok dad (dw guys she doesnt have any naughty thoughts in her mind)

Rohan and Anika talk for a few hours, have dinner and sleep….A few week passed and Rohan had totally fallen for her…he was ready to propose her but….

Guys i am stopping right here…please tell me if you liked this…good/bad comments are welcome

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    1. Supreet726

      thank you Shuklarashi

  1. Shivika

    Osum….yr fab… soon

    1. Supreet726

      thanks Shivika

  2. nonsense! does your ff even make sense? and what shivaay is a side character in your ff? and who is this varun i never heard of him?and i request u to plz stop this ff and do not post the next part because i hated it to the core and this message is from the depth of my heart and i am not sorry for telling u all this as this the truth and u face the truth and agree that your ff is really bad and i really think to write an ff u need good writing skills but u barely have them so just stop writing

    1. you dont need to read this ff if you think it is bad

    2. Supreet726

      thanks for your comment but to be honest i dont care about what you think about my writing skills and shit…and tbh i think you need to learn english because by your comment it clearly shows tht you dont know how to read english…this episode made sense..and how can you judge an ff by its first epi…if you think it is bad then you have really bad choice…and shivaay is a side character in this ff bc it is MY ff….if you have a problem then please dont read this ff again…thanks

  3. Vincy

    Nice dear

    1. Supreet726

      thanks Vincy

    1. Supreet726

      thank you lilly

  4. Nice….awsm……loved it

    1. Supreet726

      thanks Sneha

  5. it’s awesome….. pls update nxt part soon

  6. Lisaaa

    nice… continue

  7. y shivay at side role
    he should be lead na

  8. don’t u think u should reply

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