Yehi Hai Ishq ~Season 2 (Episode 5)

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Hey…angry?? sorry for posting nearly after an year….I won’t justify much..I have 2 reasons..A- My tellyupdates password was lost and I wasn’t even receiving the resetting password link.

B- I failed in chemistry in my first class test and was about to fail in mathematics as well…health issues are just..irritating and depressing.I wish I didn’t get that HLA-B27 gene from my great grand Maa..I know that’s rude but ..I have seen tears in my parents eyes..because I can never be treated…

Coming out of all still not possible but..I can’t stop writing…I can’t stop reading your comments…that literally makes me happy.

I used to read all of yours comments on my old posts whenever I missed writing due to lack of time.Thank you for being so lovely!?



Yehi Hai Ishq (season2)


Kunj was extremely happy of what all had happened in the recent past….his marriage getting fixed with Twinkle, the love of his life ,how in just sometime he was the king of happiness. He loved the way how bebe made twinkle wear the ring and told what that ring meant. Its his roka today..and there he is getting ready in his peach kurta with work of same color on it with pyjamas. He chose to be simple that day but knew well enough that he looked amazing…the color complimented his fair complexion.

he was sitting n the sofa observing all his family members and close friends’ excitement and joy…his guy friends teased him when he was just lost in the beauty that walked towards him..his twinkle dressed in a gorgeous peach and pink chiffon saree …her hair left open to tease the air with its sweet smell and her diamond dangle earrings peeking out their shine from behind the curtain of her hair…..but that wasn’t the reason why  kunj was mesmerised..he was stunned because she carried a beautiful smile and her cheeks told that she was blushing a bit and what made him happier that HE WAS THE REASON BEHIND HER HAPPY GLOW.

twinkle sat beside him….”kya baat hay ….badi achi lag rhi ho (wow!…you look lovely today)…” he murmured.

“i always do kunj sarna….tum bhi theek hi lag rahe ho (you are also looking nice by the way)…” said twinkle in her as always twinkle tashan.

“meri tareef!!!!!! …thank you so much..but but..there’s something wrong …your face..”

“what happened??…”…she said touching her face in worry.

“…your face………”

“what??…say it fasttttt”

“ are…blushing???…..”…twinkle checked her face and then turned to him narrowing her eyes..she realized that he was trying to tease her….”kyu blush kr rhi ho??…hmm?hmm?” he nudged her before bebe came to perform the rituals…

Twinkle hid her laugh and kunj’s side lip stretched .

next scene-

after the roka ceremony..Sarna’s were back to there home…Twinkle was taking her jewellery off  in her room..she still had that smile on her face ,when she heard some steps…she turned but thought it be her hallucination and went to her cupboard to get her night suit to change.

She held the door to shut…….”AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa”…she shouted.

yeah!…I know its short…I am sorry..

will post asap..working on the next one.

do comment.


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  1. Welcome back.. missed you and your ff ..plz continue and take care of your health..
    Try to post soon

    1. Jiya_Ani

      thanks a lot dear…I have started the next one hopefully will post by night..i would try making it longer

  2. Vibhu

    Hey Hey Jiya!??
    It’s so good to see you back.
    This story used to be my favourite then. ?
    It’s great that you have thought to rewrite it.
    I’m so happy! ?
    But yaarr, that’s this medical condition???????
    I just hope whatever it is, it gets cured asap.
    Please get well soon.
    Take care of yourself ?

    1. Jiya_Ani

      awwww…thank u so much dear, i can never be cured but avoid that its useless to talk about it…i will post asap although the story is close to its end. It would have ended with season 1 but i got many requests to continue so now both the seasons would tell in different ways what love is…as my title says..’yehi hai ishq’.

      hope to hear from u again…thanks again ..I am glad it was your favorite as well. 🙂

      1. Jiya_Ani

        aah! my grammar ..I could never get cured

  3. Shalu02

    Wow amazing episode dear and welcome back this story is my favourite and I always missing it well take care yourself and post soon

    1. Jiya_Ani

      thanks a lotttttttt dear. yeah I will post asap.

  4. Hey jiya …
    Finally u r back again …
    Amazing…its gud u r going to complete this ff..
    Hope u get well with this medical issue…
    Post next soon

    1. Jiya_Ani

      thanks dear..yah a few more episodes and this one would be done.

  5. Superb amazing Episode twinj scene is too good and yah welcome back

  6. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

  7. Welcome back dear Episode is too good post soon

  8. Trivisha Choudhary

    Awesome Episode dear please post soon

  9. Nice Episode dear and welcome back plz plz post regular and take care yourself

  10. Amazing Episode dear ? Twinj scene is fabulous post soon

  11. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing episode dear post soon

  12. SSK

    Hey, the episode was really good and would love to read the story further 🙂

    1. Jiya_Ani

      thanks a lot….next will be up soon hopefully. 🙂

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