Yeh Vaada Raha 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik and survi are tensed, as tai keeps hollering and knocking the door. he is boggled wondering what to do. She herself starts to go towards the wardrobe, while he stands surprised. She gets inside, and smiles back at him, who too smiles back. Then he hides the birthday cake and finally opens the door, while she stands boggled. she starts reprimanding him where has he been. just then, tai’s children ask her what are they doing here, and asks them to come down. He gives an excuse, while tai asks him to take care of himself. the elder daughter asks tai if they can take the food away as kartik wont be eating. Tai agrees. survi is shocked.

One of the sisters ask that she has no clue why is he coming here again and again. They start chatting among themselves while aniket signals the sister where is survi. Then they decide that kartik has left his wardrobe open and they should close it. Survi is shocked. While survi is in the wardrobe, she is scared as she finds her approaching the wardrobe, fear of being exposed. but she is horrified, when the sister intentionally locks the almirah aned then throws the key on the top of the almirah. She smiles evilly. survi inside is petrified and scared. Being claustrophobic she starts suffocating for breath. The siblings move out evilly. They think that they have finally taken their revenge. survi keeps praying to the lord.

Downstairs, tai is again threatened by the manager, who shuts him up. the manager says that she has only 15 more minutes. she wonders what to do now. The arti begins, and she begs for the lord to show her a way. kartik is tensed, while he asks raghu to go and see if survi ate and also give her whatever she needs. The sisters watch amusedly. raghu leaves. Meanwhile, the manager decides that he cant stay in any longer. he is about to go out, but locks himself in, as just then raghu walks past. Raghu enters the room and finds it open, and is scared of survi’s safety. downstairs, the sisters are amused at what drama is about to ensue, when raghu wont find the wardrobe keys and then come to tell kartik who shall panic. Survi meanwhile thinks that she shouldnt call out for help, as it might be tai. Raghu searches the room and then leaves and then comes down and takes kartik aside. raghu tells kartik that survi is not to be seen anywhere. He is shocked and tensed for her. the sisters are evilly all smiles, that now survi shall be suffocating, while they are all worried. Just then, a rat comes near the wardrobe and climbs up the curtains and up on the almirah. It starts sniffing around the top of the almirah and while fidgeting with it, it falls on the ground.

Downstairs, while tai gives everyone the arti, tai asks raghu where is kartik. he gets tensed and says that he doesnt know, as kartik deosnt tell him everything. she asks him to serve arti to everyone, and wonders whats up with kartik. she thinks that he must be in the room but the sisters tell her that he isnt in the room as he went out and she saw him. Tai wonders what work he got suddenly.

Outside, he starts searching around and then asks the security too about it, but they say that no girl has come out of the house. he deduces that this means survi is still in the house. he gets a call from his lawyer who says that he has something very important to talk. kartik shuts him up, saying that he shall talk later. The lawyer senses tension and asks whats the matter. kartik says that survi is missing. the lawyer asks if its due to that manager. kartik asks how can he pose a problem. the lawyer says that his aide found out that alvi, the manager is in his bungalow only. kartik tells him that survi has also disappeared, and they start connecting the dots together. As kartik comes inside, hurriedly, tai comes and asks whats the matter as he looks tensed. he wonders what to tell, as she cant know about survi, and would be tensed if she knows about Alvi, she would take tension unnecessarily. He begins to leave, but she stops him. She says that she needs 25lakhs. he sayss that he shall give her tomorrow. She says that she cant wait tomorrow, and cites it as a donation, and in cash. he asks one of his employees to get tai the cash and leaves. the employee wonders how to arrange the money. kartik rushes out hurriedly and signals raghu to come along. he comes in the room and is boggled to find the wardrobe locked and doesnt find the key. Survi lies unconscious inside the wardrobe. He calls out to her, but she doesnt respond. he wonders if she went out through the window, and wonders why would she do so, as she seemed very happy having talked to srikant. raghu comes just then. In the room, kartik says to raghu that survi is missing and alvi is in the bungalow. raghu is shocked and boggled. kartik says that they have to find out anyhow, and also get survi and not let anyone know about it too. Tai is shocked to hear that he knows that alvi is in the house. she thinks that she has to get rid of alvi anyhow, seemingly upset and worried. she starts knocking on the next door, speaking in hushed tones, for alvi to open up. she overhears raghu and kartik’s plan to check on all the rooms and hall to search for alvi. they rush out, just in time that tai gets inside alvi’s room, while they dont see her. then they decide that noone should know. tai inside starts to thank the lord for being svaed. the manager asks for money. tai asks him to leave. he says that he wont budge till he gets the money. She tells about kartik knowing about him, and asks him to go. he says that he doesnt trust her. She asks him to save their lives first, before they can thrive later on. Tai tells alvi that if by tomorrow she doesnt give him the money, he can expose her to kartik. alvi wonders what to do, while she holds him by the hand and asks him to leave for now. As she turns around, she is shocked to find security tight around the house. downstairs, kartik is meanwhile tensed as to where survi went. the screen freezes on kartik, survi’s and tai’s faces.

Precap: As tai opens kartik’s wardrobe, she is shocked to find an unconscious suri who falls out and then on the floor. Kartik comes in and lets out a scream when he finds survi lying unconscious on the floor. tai eyes him angrily, while he is at a loss of an answer. He spots alvi too and gets enraged, while tai is tensed as to what shall happen.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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