Yeh Vaada Raha 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Tai makes an excuse when he asks why did she come to his room, so that she found out that thew door is locked from inside. She says that she came to search for him, as the guests were asking for him. He says that he had told her that he was going out. she gest tensed and asks if he is investigating her. She asks if there’s anyone in his room. She tries to open the door and it opens. tai is shocked, while kartik is boggled where survi went. He finds the wardrobe closed, and understands that survi is inside it. tai says that it wasnt opening before, and then asks him if there’s some thief in the room. she starts searching while he keeps asking her not to, as there’s noone. He says that in the rainy season, it must have gotten jammed. She asks him to get the door done and then goes out, once again puzzled as to how the door didnt open then. She leaves. he goes and gets survi out of the wardrobe asking if she is okay. They are oblivious that aniket has seen them. He then gives her food, but just then they look out to find the door open. They close the door. Aniket stands angrily, remembering the revenge. inside, kartik gives her the birthday cake and wishes her a happy birthday catching her by surprise. he apologises that she shall have to celebrate her birthday in hiding this time, but next year, it shall be grand, and is about to promise, but then decides against it.

Downstairs, while tai is serving guests and being a good host, she gste the manager’s call. she asks him to wait till the money is arranged. He tells her that he is there right now, and that he cant wait for long, and if she doesnt want any trouble, she should give him the money. A butler comes asking for karti, and tai frustratedly asks him to go and search for him.

Aniket comes down and tells this to his sister, and decides to tell this to tai. but she says that they have been hurt badly by kartik, due to this. She says that he has betrayed them badly, and they too shall get him punishment so severely. just then the elder sister comes and asks them whats going on, they dont tell her. She asks one last time, or else she shall tell tai that they are hiding something. just then tai comes suspiciously. She says that she feels something is brewing and is about to happen. They are tensed but say that they were just chatting. She says that she is going to kartik’s room to get him. Aniket immediately stops her saying that he just saw him going out. she gets angry and goes back to the party. They then tell the elder sister about what they were talking about. The elder daughter is shocked to hear what aniket and his sister tell her.

In the room, survi remembers her father severely on her birthday, when he arranges a cake for her. He then says that he has something planned for her when she reuqets him to let her speak to srikant once as she misses him. she eyes kartik. kartik then makes her chat to her father on the webcam, whicjh is highly emotional and overwhelming, as they both assure the otehr that they are fine. Srikant asks her to be safe and happy, and expresses faith in kartik and his promsie. he thanks kartik. then they cancel the videochat. His phone rings and kartik gets to know from his lawyer in Dubai that the person who trapped srikant in theft, has run away from dubai and is here in Mumbai, and that he must definitely have gone to meet the person who helped him to get srikant behind bars. he prays that soon they shall nab them both, and that he has already started the search. kartik thanks him and asks him to keep him updated. he comples. After the call, survi thanks him for getting her to talk to him, and asks how he managed. he says that he knew her, and already arranged it all, for her. she smiles. Then they get to cutting the cake, but just then a kock on the door and tai’s hollering scares them, wondering what to do now. The screen freezes on their and tai’s faces.

Precap: While survi is in the wardrobe, she is scared as she finds aniket and his sister approaching the wardrobe, fear of being exposed. but she is horrified, when the sister intentionalyl locks the almirah aned then throws the key on the top of the almirah. She smiles evilly. survi inside is petrified and scared. Being claustrophobic she starts suffocating for breath. Downstairs, raghu tells kartik that survi is not to be seen anywhere. He is shocked and tensed for her. he starts searching around and then asks the security too about it, ut they say that no girl has come out of the house. he deduces that this means survi is still in the house. Meanwhile, survi is next to unconscious inside the wardrobe.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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