Yeh Vaada Raha 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence, Chawl
Khushi says that this is her house and her rules prevail. she says that if he doesnt comply, she can easily tell the officials, that she is unable to handle them. but he gets scared and starts complying to her wishes, resignedly. he picks up the jacket, and places it on the hook, when she is insistent. she also reminds that he shall have to spend time in jail, if he doesnt want to comply to her wishes. he challenges that he shall make her pay for this. she too challenges him to get better or else face the consequences. they both confront each other. she begins to leave. but he pulls her hand and wrenches her around. an awkward eyegaze follows. he pulls her closer, and warns, but she too retorts back and leaves. later, abir watches as khushi feeds kartik who is impatient as a child. she is cautious about every move of abir, while he continues to fight uselessly. they get into a verbal scuffle when he starts pointing out the deficiencies in the luxuries. she starts pointing out the stark differneces between the upper class, and the poor lower class. he terms her jealous, while she says that she is happy, as she is in her home. she silences him, by talking about his father, who didnt bother to come just once to meet him, as he doesnt care for him. he is hurt by that sentiment. kartik says that he has to go to the washroom. he signals her to let abir do it. she complies. he is apalled but complies, since its the court’s directive. he helps him get up, and leaves.

Then abir’s mother arrives, and she is stopped at the doorstep by khushi. she asks her to keep the shoes outside, but she doesnt comply. khushi asks whats the matter. she finds abir’s mother having arranged for luxuries, such as AC, TV and fridge. khushi is shocked as she is taunted by his mother. she asks her to take it back. abir’s mother says that she doesnt have to return when abir leaves, and can keep them. MEanwhile abior comes back with her father. kartik gets unsettled, as abir sees his mother and leaves him abruptly. khushi reprimands him for carelessness. abir’s mother says that she has had a talk with the lawyers. he asks for his father. she makes another excuse. he says that he wishes to talk. but she says that she shall get him to, when she gets through. khushi calls the inspector, to come home straightaway, saying what happened. abir gets scared, and asks her to take it all out, and gets angry too. she leaves resignedly. she then leaves. khusi taunts abir in front of kartik, of being scared of punishment.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Abir’s mother gets a call from someone, who she addresses lovingly, and when he asks about abir, she lies that he is out with friends. she is tensed though. then she gets abir’s call, who asks for a favour. she complies. he expplains her the idea. she is amused and says that it shall be done, and asks him to teach the girl a good lesson.

Scene 3:
Location: Sur Sangeet vidya mandir
As khushi gives teaching to kids, someone in the car stops by hearing her melodious voice. he comes to where she is teaching, and praises her galore for her teaching, and asks where she took her training. she says that she got her talent from her mother. he says that he has returned after six months, and asks her to come to the office for auditions tomorrow. he then leaves. her children clap for her. he talks about giving her a break. she is shocked. as she calls up home, she finds the number switched off.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Abir is busy on the headphones, when kartik hollers for him. he asks for his medicines. abir gets an idea. LAter, he gets a party arranged in the house, with booze, as kartik is fast asleep. the neighbours are outraged, as abir taunts them too. they start reprimanding him to stop all this. he asks them to go and talk to khushi, as she has given them permission. he doesnt want them to wake up kartik too, as he is fast asleep. he asks them to go and forcibly shuts the door on their faces. as he turns around, abir comments that the fun has just started. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As khushi returns home, she finds along with other chawl people, abir having organised a booze party with other guys and girls, and they have unsettled the whole house, including survi’s photo, and also dancing right atop kartik’s bed, who is in deep sleep. she is apalled. she says that she has to make him learn to live in the house, and that shall start by him cleaning this mess. he outright rejects the idea. she calls the inspector. the inspector comes and asks abir what he decided. he gets to cleaning, and accidentally cuts his hand.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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