Yeh Vaada Raha 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kartik comes to survi, and she hurriedly asks him where s shanti and what did she say. when he narrates everything, she is disappointed,but says that she saw shanti not being able to look at them in the eye, which means that she hasnt changed, and doesnt like the fact what she is doing to them. he asks why is she doing it then, as he narrates how he was unable to believe at what she was suggesting. she tries to calm him down. he is berserk.

Meanwhile, outside meher is boggled, trying to search for kartik. tai tells her that she should go to survi’s room, as he is there. she is boggled. tai says that old relations dont die down that hard. meher asks her to stop it, if she is playing a prank. tai vehemently tells her that she did go to survi’s room. meher gets frustrated and asks whats the matter. tai says that she doesnt have a clue. she then paces towards survi’s room. oblivious to this, kartik and shanti wonder what to do now. she says that she cant trust shanti alone with meher for an instant now, after they both leave. she says that they cant let meher know that their marriage is a farce and they are trapped from all ends, and wonder what to do. just then, meher comes and asks why is he here. he says that he just came to inform survi that she needs to see a doctor. meher eyes them doubtfully. meher meanwhile, says that she fully trusts him, buit not her. she says that she shall herself find survi another husband if she needs one, but she should get a life of her own. Meher asks her to stay away from him. then she says that so much has happened, and hence she doesnt what to believe now, and that he should prove his love to her right now. they are tensed and boggled. she says that he should kiss her, and extends her hand. he has no option, but to comply, while survi, unable to bear it, looks away, while he clenches his fists in anger. survi is distraught as then she talks to him about kissing her on her shoulder, to which too he resignedly complies, while meher is amused. he stealthily wipes a tear away from his eyes. she then asks him to comply on the cheek, and he does, while survi looks away disgusted. finally, she asks him to seal the deal by kissing her on the lips. survi is aghast as she hears this, while kartik is stunned as to what to do. he leans in for that too, while but she stops him. meher says that this is for when they shall be alone, as she doesnt want anyone to curse their love. she takes him by the hand, and takes her out, while survi collapses on the floor, completely distraught. she remembers all the atrocities that meher put him and her through since the marriage. thinking about the lord, she hurriedly rushes out determined, and finds shanti working in the kitchen. ranvir hollers for tea, and shanti rushes to get it. tai finds survi standing. tai asks survi whats she doing here and asks her to get lost. she complies. survi rushes to the temple, and says that ever since she has been young, she has heard that honesty and truth always pays off, and when a door closes, he opens another door, then why are things like this with them, and how can all doors be closed, and the deadline is for 24 hours too, and today he shall have to answer whether he sides with the truth or lies, and if he favours the truth, then why is there darkness all around, and begs him to show her a ray of hope. suddenly, a shattering noise alarms her.

In the room, ranvir finds shanti having broken the tea tray, and shards of cup pieces lying all around. he rudely asks her to clear it all, as he is the one who did it. she is petrified but complies, and accidentally cuts her finger. she says that she did exactly what he had told her, and begs him not to do anything to survi bhabhi. he grabs her up, and asks how many more mistakes she shall make. he cups her hand with the hankey, and says that survi was but isnt anymore her bhabhi, and now its meher. he shows her the phone and then he asks if she remembers Rahul Awasthi, and she is petrified. he asks her to clear it up soon, and then leaves. Survi sees this from behind the door, and is shocked. she turns around, and thinks that her doubt is right, as shanti is trapped, and is helpless to do what she has to, and that shanti hasnt changed. she wonders who is rahul, and whats the mystery and she has to find out anyhow.

In their room, Meher asks how long he would be in the bathroom, as he is waiting. he is digusted with her pestering nature, and wonders what to do. He comes out pretending to be having a heavy stomachache. she asks if he is okay. he says that he has pains. she asks if he ate anything wrong, and decides to call the doctor. he is scared and says that there must be some acidity, and it shall go in time. she complies, and makes him lie down on the bed, and lies beside him, while stuffing the toys away. she asks him to wake her up if there is any problem. he smirks at having successfully passed off the night.

In her room, survi wonders who is rahul, and why does it scare shanti so much, and that there’s something that connects shanti to them. she decides to call kartik, but then thinks that meher shall know. she eyes the clock and thinks that she onyl has 24 hours, to unravel the rahul mystery, and whats his connection to shanti that makes her so helpless, and whats her secret, and decides to hurry. she goes outside. Tai and bindu watch her boggled, as they find survi coming out of her room, clutching at her stomach at experiencing pangs of pain. tai is amused, while survi climbs up the stairs, with great difficulty being in her condition, and finally slips, as they wait to see what happens. she says that she has to get to ranvir’s room, so that she can check his phone, and find out the truth abour rahul. in his room, kartik instinctively wakes up the minute survi’s feet slips. he wonders why is he so restless, and anxious suddenly. The screen freezes on survi and kartik’s tensed faces.

Precap: Survi stealthily goes inside ranvir’s room, and then takes his phone. Meanwhile, outside, tai asks bindu and hema to scream loudly about a thief. bindu and hema are boggled, while Tai says that they need to alert him, and needs to scream as that would wake up ranvir. finally he wakes up, while survi hides behind the wall. he gets up and looks around, while she desperately prays to god that she isnt seen.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Shanti and mehar is the 2 most widest b*t*h as to kamla that show how bad people are lucky she should have end up on the street begging that brother of me har is like a woman u people need to stay home because share cap nothing good

  2. I could definitely do without all these solving of these puzzles in all these serials so you know what instead of taxing my brains with all these mind games going on in all these serials I have a book of crossword puzzles so I will resort to that at least my time will be well spent and in the process I will gain a lot of knowledge so bye bye z tv serials until something interesting comes up

  3. I foresee the story like this: in the further episodes all tables will be turned on tai (who plays the sweet camouflaged snake) gradually by everyone as she was the one who had harrased Kartik n Survi long time back and it was her idea to Maher and Ranvir about Shanti’s marriage trap to gain Kartik.

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