Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road, desolate place and Meher’s residence
Ranvir threatens survi that noone cane stop shanti from becoming her wife at any cost, and that now she can either save kartik or shanti, and asls her to act fast, as she doesnt have much time. they both confront each other. she hurriedly takes out her phone, and tries kartik’s number, but doesnt get through. then she looks up to find him having disappeared. she wonders where he went and what should she do now. she rushes ahead to find ranvir going a certain way, and thinks that she is going towards shanti definitely, and by following him, she can come to shanti too, and trusts kartik that he wouldnt let meher do anything to him, but she just needs to ensurfe that ranvir doesnt know that she is following him. meanwhile, Ranvir talks to tai, on the phone, asking whats going on, and tai responds that everything is going as planned, and tody noone can stop meher from consummating her marriage with kartik. then she asks about survi, and he responds that she is right behind her, as he catches her reflection in a giant glass piece kept on the floor. survi is oblivious that he knows. tai is surprised to hear this. she asks if he is leading her to shanti and if she thinks so, it isnt wrong, as she can only save one of the two, and that she has to choose one calamity over the other, and that she trusts kartik that he wont let meher do anything, but this time, he shall fail. he says that survi’s faith shall be shattered. he asks if she remembers whats to be done. she complies. he cancels the call and walks ahead. she follows him, and in her hurry, her heel breaks, and she bends down. when she gets up, she finds him gone. she is boggled.

While meher is about to seal her romance with him, with a lip kiss, as he lies helplessly on the bed, with har atop him, she hears tai screaming. while meher tries to get romantic with kartik, she is startled to hear the screams of tai asking them to come down. she complies and rushes down with kartik, who takes this oppurtunity to distance himself, saying that there might be some problem. he rushes and asks tai whats the matter and why is she shouting, and vents her anger. meher asks her to get lost, without listening to her. tai then blurts out that she has no other option. tai pretends to be distraught and tells that there is a snake in the house, and that it went towards survi’s room, and might just harm the baby. they are shocked, and survi isnt opening the door, and if she gets bit, then the baby shall be hurt too. meher asks if she is sure that she saw the snake. tai insists. they both are tensed. kartik wonders whats she upto now. meher rushes to the room, while kartik is boggled. shr remembers ranvir calling her and asking her to open the door to survi’s room, so that kartik knows how to pay the price when he betrays ranvir’s sister, by seeing how survi isnt there, and meher knows that the survi who she assumes to be resting, is actually not even there, and she understands that kartik is merely playing with her

as meher knocks on the door and tries to get it open, tai asks kartik what shall he do now, as her opening the door, shall make meher understand that he and survi are together. he meanwhile wonders what would happen when she finds that survi isnt inside. they both try and get the door to open. he wonders what to do now, but meher calls him asking him to come, to save the baby. she reprimands survi for her carelessness, and bangs on the door repeatedly, while tai smirks. then much to their surprise, the door finally opens, and survi co nfronts them all, shocking tai and kartik, while meher fumes seeing her. tai is boggled totally. kartik is relieved. he is about to get in, when meher stops her, and asks tai to get in to find the snake. she complies, and asks meher not to step in, as she searches herself. she also tells meher that its an omen to see the snake, before consummation of the marriage, and starts searching. she doesnt find it, and goes outside to see. he tells meher that the snake might still be there, and asks her to tell everyone to get to searching. she complies and leaves. then he asks survi, how did this happen, and if she got to know about shanti. she says that he changed his plan hence she had to return. she remembers how she lost him, and then while searching landed at the same place that she started. she wonders what ranvir did and why, and then realises that this is a part of his plan, as kartik and meher are at home, and she is stuck here, which means the plan is at home. ranvir meanwhile eyes her from a distance, thinking that he outsmarted her, where actually she hides, to be able to see him. she understands that he was right, and that his plan is aimed at the house. he wonders what to do with shanti now. meanwhile tai calls up ranvir to tell how survi came and ruined the entire plan. he is tensed to hear this. she then asks him to direct his next aim at shanti now, since thats the only way to get them out of their hiding. he complies, saying that now they shall get shanti only under their attack. meher meanwhile comes with the guards and butler, and asks them all to get to searching. kartik stands beside meher, and all comply to her orders. meanwhile, kartik steps aside, and signals survi to come aside. as she complies, they make a plan to reacht o shanti, as through ranvir, their plan failed. she tells that she called raghu and srikant, and explained everything, and now ranvir thinks that noone is following him, whereas raghu and srikant actually are following, since ranvir’s plan at the house failed, but now they shall reach to shanti by following ranvir, whose next attack shall be on shanti.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified location and meher’s residence
Ranvir arrives at the place, while raghu and srikant, indiscreetly follow him. he leads them to shanti. as he eyes her, while she is soleeping, srikant and raghu are apalled to see him through the window. they step away so as not to be seen by ranvir. they call up survi, and tell them that they found shanti, as her doubt was right. she lights up. he says that when ranvir leaves, he shall get shanti and go home. she is happy and prays to the lord, while kartik understands that she must be happy, that means shanti has been found.

Later in the night, while they desperately wait for srikant’s confirmatory call, survi prays to the lord, and begs him to set things staright now. kartik comes and stands behind her, tensed himself. he wonders why hasnt srikant called yet. they both eye each other wondering about the call. before she can call, hema comes asking him to come insistently, as meher is calling him in the kitchen. he complies and leaves. she calls and asks srikant whats the matter, as she is waiting. he asks her to come outside, as they both are outside. she asks why they didnt take shanti home, and came here. he asks her to come out first. she complies.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, kartik finds meher working busily in the kitchen, trying to be a perfect wife, saying that tai told her of this ritual. she tells how she is stepping in the kitchen for the first time, and now whn he eats her food, their love shall strengthen. tai too taunts him. he eyes the food, and sees that the whole food is spoilt, and wonders how she shall make him eat this. bindu and hema are amused as they set the dining table for him.

Outside, shanti hurriedly comes out, and then finds them signalling her to come. she ecstatically comes to them and asks them where is shanti, as they were supposed to get hr with them. they do not respond. she asks them to speak up, while they stand tensed and helpless. she is worried. finally srikant tells her that they were confronted by ranvir’s men, as he captured them, having outsmarted them. he taunts and commends his daughter, and asks them to tell her the next time, not to make the same mistake next time, to underestimate her enemy, as she has no clue what he shall do to her and kartik. they are tensed. he narrates to survi that they were made to sit somewhere for 5-6 hours, and then surprisingly let go. raghu says that when they went back, they didnt find shanti there, and he must have definitely taken her somewhere. survi is tensed to hear this. she is stunned as she remembers what ranvir had threatened. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ranvir steps out of the car, buttoning his coat, as he arrives inside the house. kartik is roaming around tensedly, when he turns around to find him coming in, he and survi are shocked. he tells them that his sister might have not been able to consummate her marriage but kartik’s sister definitely did. they are apalled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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