Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kartik is being taken away from the room, while tai progresses towards survi’s room to apologise. he wonders how to stop tai from going into

survi’s house, as their plan shall be exposed them. he finally asks tai to stop right at the minute she is about to enter in, saying that she cant

go inside. meher is boggled, while tai wonders what she upto now. he says that he doesnt trust tai around survi and shall never let her near survi.

meher is tensed. he says that tai shall be a bad influence on the child, and survi is already careless, and hence it shall pose risk for the baby.

he tells meher that survi is resting, which is very good for the baby, and tai shouldnt disturb her. meher complies to his wish and understands his

problem, and asks tai not to go in. then he says that he feels tired and is going to rest. after he leaves, tai hints to meher about how this is an

indirect invitation, by him to her, that she should grab, and consummate her marriage, since there is noone here to disturb her. meher shys away

but likes the idea. tai continues to instill her to make full use. meher rushes to get champagne and icecream, to get in the mood. tai thinks that

she is an idiot, after meher again starts liking tai.

In the room, kartik is incredibly tensed for survi, and is about to place a call, when he is shocked to find meher coming down in lacy lingerie,

with champagne and icecream and wonders whats her plan now. she seduvtively smiles at him, insinuating whats their plan. when he hears, he is

aghast and stunned into silence. he has no option but to play along, as she tries to get romantic and intimate with him. he continues to try and

move away, while she keeps clinging on. then she realises that he is refraining himself away from her and starts getting angry. she asks why does

he stay here, as she has started to doubt him, whether he has a vicious plan or conspiracy. he gets tensed and wonders how to get out of this

situation now. she is tensed too, while he keeps eyeing his phone for survi’s call. she takes it and throws it, breaking it. he is angry as to how

he shall contact survi now. kartik lashes out at her, and then composes himself, while she keeps asking him whats keeping him away from her, up

close. he then tries to speak up about the way he imagined their wedding night, but she doesnt like his painting of a romantic picture, and tells

that its merely a waste of time, and then pushes him down on the bed, and gets atop him. kartik is begging to the lord to save him, while she is

fully inebriated and gets on seducing him, as she caresses his face and tries her romantic moves on him, and he finds every oppurtunity to get


Scene 2:
Location: On the road, desolate place
Survi follows ranvir in her auto, and is boggled to find him getting down his car at a place, and then hiring a cab. she too gets down and hires a

cab, boggled why he did so. following him, she too arrives at an old warehouse. she finds ranvir getting ahead and goes onto follow him. but she

loses his sight, when her heel breaks. as she gets up, she doesnt find him anywhere. she is boggled, as she wonders where he went, and then

suddenly, she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder, and turns around to find herself confronting ranvir, who taunts her if she truly thought that

she was playing him, as it was the vice versa all this time around, and that actually he manipulatred her into getting him here, so that she could

be away from the house. survi is tensed. he asks her if she actually thught he was no naive so as to play into their stupid plan. he says that he

he saw that she was listening to them, and hence created this plan. he says that right now with her being here, meher is alone with kartik in the

house,. to finish off what they started. she is tensed. he makes her arrive to the conclusion that he is getting it done by tai’s help. survi is

distraught. Ranvir tells survi that his sister, must be in the arms of her ex-husband, to consummate her marriage, right now. she is tensed. he

says that today his sister and kartik’s sister shall both start a new chapter in their marital life. then he asks her to have had thought more

clearly, howcome their plan was going all too smooth for a picture perfect plan. he reminds her of her five minutes drama, and says that he gives

her one hour, in which he shall not show any trailor, but full picture and either kartik shall become meher’s or he shall become shanti’s. he says

that either of the sisters shall have their wedding night today. survi is apalled. he says that today noone shall stop him from making shanti his

wife in every possible manner. she is apalled, as he rants on and says that now the choice is hers, either she saves kartik or shanti. he taunts

that she doesnt even have her lord to help her out, and hence has to take her own decision. she is stunned. he snaps her out of her shock, and asks

her to get to it, since she has limited time. she wonders where is she stuck and how to get out of it. The screen freezes on her, kartik and

meher’s tensed face.

Precap: Ranvir talks to tai, on the phone, and asks her to open the door to survi’s room, so that kartik knows how to pay the price when he betrays

ranvir’s sister, by seeing how survi isnt there. while meher tries to get romantic with kartik, she is startled to hear the screams of tai asking

them to come down. she complies and rushes down with kartik. tai pretends to be distraught and tells that there is a snake in the house, and that

it went towards survi’s room, and might just harm the baby. they are shocked. as meher knocks on the door and tries to get it open, tai asks kartik

what shall he do now. he meanwhile wonders what would happen when she finds that survi isnt inside.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Wat is tai trying to do

  2. grossiest thing ever to see that psycho villain shamelessly drooling over Kartik and hovering around him. (i’m gonna throw everything up). that female isn’t in love. she’s just desperately in need of a man. so, get her one and leave Kartik alone!
    i watched this show for the main leads and what is this crap! they should be ending this current nonsense soonest. what a disgusting thing to see a brother and a sister committing shameful things together shamelessly!
    writer of the show already let that stupid and nonsense wedding with psycho perv happened (without showing a little respect to the relationship of Kartik and Survi they built up so strong since the very beginning and to the audiences of the show), and now?!!! not gonna tolerate anything worse. they need to come back to their senses to set everything right like before.

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