Yeh Vaada Raha 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Amerkot Haveli
The celebrations begin, and people start coming, whom gayatri and Rana sahib, welcome. Survi, dressed in traditional attire as in the pic, comes in the party, posing as Survashri, ranaji’s youngest sister. Rana ji starts reminiscening her childhood moments. a sibling banter ensues, after which gayatri and survi are formally introduced, while they wish each other all the happiness in the world. Survi gives gayatri the Heirloom Pearl, as a gift, for her to preserve it, while gayatri is overwhelmed at such love. Rana ji is asked to find a suitable groom for her, who keeps her in all the luxuries. he agrees. Survi gets tensed and leaves. rana says that survi doesnt seem happy. gayatri taunts that royal people dont get happy at weddings. A marital arguement ensues, thats watched by someone from the royal family in the background. Raajmata is scared and cautious of the one eyed person, who shall ruin them and this party.

As gaytari and survi adorn the puja thali, both wish each other for the choicest blessings in the world. survi is tensed to again hear the mention of her wedding. she leaves. The sister, villain, comes and mixes something in the puja thali, after they both leave, so as to ruin gayatri and ranaji’s marital life, to avenge for her brother. Gayatri comes back, after she leaves, and takes the puja thali, and with rajmata, goes to the party.

Gayatru is about to do the tilak from the adulterated sindoor, when ranaji stops her, saying, that he wants her to adorn the soil of amerkot as the tilak, so that he swears to always protect the soil of this country. She happily complies, while the villainous girl stands defeated, but says that she wont admit defeat, as it would be their last night today.

Later, gayatri finds survi suicidal, trying to slit her wrists off, with a knife, and stops her in time, asking whats she doing. survi says that noone understands her pain, as she is suffocating with every breath. she says that where her happiness lies, that person thinks of her as a child, and blurts that her heart beats for kartik, and maybe he is no prince, and a mere ordinary man, but he is the prince of her dreams, and goes on praising him galore, and how her brothers are dead bent on getting her married to a prince, by heritage. she says that she cant live by going away from kartik. Gayatri gets emotional and says that this is normal, as the game of love is dangerous, and asks her to have hope. Survi is emboldened to dream on, by her reassurance. gaytari talks about her whirlwind change of lifestyle, where in the hatred of her husband changed into love. survi says that she doesnt have that strength. gayatri takes her along to solve her problems. After they leave, some men coming to search for survi find her absent from there, and wonder if she isnt upto some more nonsense.

in the room, gayatri talks to survi, saying that this might be their first meet, as bhabhi-nanad, but she is more of a friend, and says that she shall strengthen their bond. she then gives the idol of the goddess, saying that she has always been with her, but today she needs it more, and assures that the goddess shall definitely show her the way, to what she wants in life. they both go out.

Downstairs, the brothers confront her asking where was she as they were searching her for her meeting with a suitor prince. ranaji, gayatri and survi are tensed. Survi denies, enraging them. gayatri says that its their right to look after survi, but its her life too, and her wish should be taken into account. They cite her as immature, and hence they decide for her. ranaji intervenes and sides with gayatri, as they both smile at each other, while they beg for a chance to let survi decide who she wants in her life. Just then, drum beats start rolling and they all rush from there. the villain doesnt find her brother anywhere, and doesnt like the growing proximity between gayatri and ranaji.

In the hall, all enjoy the performance of the dance team, after which gayatri takes the stage. Gayatri dances with ranaji, and survi too dances with them, wherein kartik too joins her with a mask on his face, while she is surprised to see him. An emotional and romantic eyelock follows, as she recognises him.

Later, the same men who were searching for survi, comment on the balcony, that someone kidnapped survi. Ranaji, on the ground floor, hears this, and is shocked. he says that it isnt possible, and decide to search with them. Gayatri tells ranaji that she knows where survi is, but he cant tell anyone. they leave.

meanwhile, kartik takes her from there, while she is scared of her brothers’ ire. He is least daunted by their scare, and survi asks if their story shall finish like that. he says that it shall be a new beginning. She asks what if they get caught. he asks her to try atleast. She is reassured, and then they are about to run away, when they are confronted by ranaji, who holds kartik responsible for kidnapping survi. Gayatri stops him, and says that kartik hasnt kidnapped survi, but they both love each other. he is shocked to hear this. Ranaji says that love isnt scared, and that they should in fact face the brothers. He says that he is like her elder brother, and that he shall talk, but escapism isnt a way ou. gayatri asks them to look at their fear in their eyes, and asks him not to take them to the brothers. kartik begs with folded hands, for him to be taken, but not survi, as they would do atrocities on survi. he says that even if he dies, its okay, but survi shall be okay and safe, and he shall be assured. Later, the same men who were searching for survi, comment on the balcony, that survi ran away with some commoner, insulting and disgracing their royal family, and that their throats should be sliced wherever they are. Ranaji and others are taken aback. gayatri asks him to see the truth. after much deliberation, ranaji finally relents in. kartik enters the buggy, with ranaji’s clothes, and all assume that its ranaji leaving, and hence survi’s brother follow the other buggy.

Scene 2:
Location: In the carriage, on the road
Survi’s brother stops the buggy, and he is shocked to find ranaji inside, and then understand that the one they missed, was the one carrying kartik and survi. they swear to not spare them. Ranaji tries to make him understand that they should realise survi and her true love and accept it. but he is asked to stay out of it, and be silent on this matter. Ranaji smiles and thinks that people who love cant be silent, and by the time, they catch them, they shall be each other’s forever.

In the buggy, kartik and survi hug each other. but the driver is the villainous sister, who assumes that its ranaji and gayatri inside. She leaves the reins, and then falls off, while the buggy starts going unbalanced. Kartik is shocked to see that the doors are locked. survi says that they are now bound for eternity, even if they didnt get married. Kartik looks and finds that the carriage is heading towards a cliff, and says to survi, that its a cliff ahead, and if their love doesnt materialise in this life, then it shall in the next, thats a promise. survi eyes him lovingly. The villanous sister thinks that she killes ranaji and gayatri, both. The buggy finally falls off the cliff, as kartik and survi clutch at each other’s hands, at their fatal fall.

Scene 3:
Location: PRESENT TIME, Amerkot haveli
Raajmata tells survi and kartik, that bodies may die, but not souls, and hence they have been born again, to be together in this life, as per their promise. She says that this relation isnt today’s but from eternity, and they are soulmates meant to be together. she then gives survi the idol of goddess, that once gayatri gave her, and today she is doing the same. survi accepts it, while going emotional, as she remembers gayatri’s words. rajmata says that history shouldnt be repeated through births and then leaves.He asks if she still doubts their relation at all still. He reiterates what Raajmata said, and apologises again, saying that he got late in realising his love, and begs to be forgiven. she is tensed as she remembers gayatri’s friendship with her and she is apalled, as he eyes her, with tears streaming down his cheeks. he walks away from there. The screen freezes on his sad face.

Precap: Survi tells kartik that she gave him much pain and troubles, but not anymore and hence she should go away from here. She begins walking, as she hears kartik’s scream, and turns around, shocked to find kartik at the rooftop of a high building.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. samaira tanya

    I liked it!!!!!!

  2. Is that all for today’s episode ? I expected some more, but if it is rana shahebs party Then what about the ranaji’s grand new year celebration ? Where Princess Shuvosri(Survi) will dance? Is this mahasangram episode will contue tomorrow also?

  3. but i dnt like the concept of mahasangamam ……both stories dnt match in any way…and I hope no one from royal family claims survi as his lover…..

    1. A shaaaaaassaa………….

  4. It’s really interesting such a good episode

  5. It’s so confusing man.. how can a commoner become a princess.. LoL..!!

  6. What a story ? make me emotional ? that means in past life survi
    & karthik suffered a lot,they died in early age,And even now they have so many problems & Difficulties.

  7. josphine muthoni

    this nyc update…u mean survi is from a royal family?i dont understand someone clarify please

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    Awsome episode…
    Aaj tk aisa combination nhi dekha jo histroy me join kr k dikhaya hai…
    Gaytri danced so well…
    But maine promos me dekha hai k Kartik apne bhai ka rishta layega Survi k liye??? Kartik very bad, jb ab tmko apna pyr realise hua hai or tm usko sbke samne confess b krne wale ho kal k episode me to fir aisa kyu kr rehe ho??? Don’t do this… itne yrs baad to tmko pyr mila h waps usse mat khone do..

  9. Mishu, She was a princess in her past life

  10. I dnt understand how can survi go to amerkot…etretr belongs to the time before independence na!? How can they there?? Confusing….can someone explain

  11. Survi a princess n kartik finally fall in love with survi how nice

  12. It was amazing…they did it very good…Karthick was much appalled to know the past….It was amazing when he asked her did she still doubt their relation…wow….and pls can u anyone tell me what’s the promo shown in zee tv now? with Karthick,Survi and Aniket…I cant undrstnd Hindi…so pls anyone tell me about that? what Karthick says to survi?

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Razi in promos they are showing that on 31 dec and 1 jan they will show that Survi saying she and Kartik being together but Kartik brings his brother’s Aniket wedding propsal for survi…

    2. thank u shraddha….but I hate that promo….Aniket hates Survi aftr finding the truth…he will only torture her…I dnt thnk Karthick wont let her go so easily….

  13. Don’t like, this these shows are years apart. Madness.

  14. me 2 Razi nd Latoya… i dnt lyk thiz mahasagamm… …. boring concept… but paracap sUppprb… nd intrsting

  15. What is this kartik,after proposing surbhi in front of all, he is going to get aniket’s marriage proposal for her? Just don’t like the promo at all. Want to see kartik and surbhi together without any more drama plz.

    1. You ar right preeti

  16. yeh vaada raha

    Dimpy.. ……. Survi was a princess in her past life.. ………..Kartick was a common person who was not accepted by princess survashree’s (survi ‘s) brothers and they had an early death.. …………. So they took punarjanam and now again they are yet to b united

  17. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Oops just saw the update 😛 wow surthik scenes so cute, but survi was princess and karthik a common person and reincrenation seriously?????? This rageshwari attacked Raga n killed surthik in past life :O no wonder why karthik treated survi like a princess initially 😛

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