Yeh Vaada Raha 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Kartik tries to cheer khushi up, saying that he shall do whatever it takes to keep her happy, but in return of tat, she needs to take care of herself, and then she can come and visit them whenever she likes. survi is overwhelmed to see her and kartik like that. he asks her to be good, and then wishes her goobye, and is about to take the children out, when khushi refers to her father, as DAD. kartik is taken aback, while he turns around. she says that she doesnt need him, and apologises for this behaviour, saying that she hasnt met her father, but out of emotions, she addressed him like that. she says that she shall keep care of herself, and then tells him that he is a nice man. she talks about how survi is affected and jatin, addressing him as father, shall be fine too. jatin is full of pride, and tells him that now its time for him to leave. kartik silently complies, and takes the children away, while survi watchs khushi as she is sad.

Outside, jatin wishes to talk to kartik, who sends the kids out. then he confronts him, while tai and survi join too. jatin asks if this is what he wanted, to break their peace through the childre. tai stands up for tai, and says that she got him here. he says that he wants them all to stay away from his family and house. all are shocked. he says that they are responsible for the state khushi is in today, as they used her for their enemity, and atleast they should have refrained dumping their personal grudges on a child. he says that he doesnt wish to speak, but atleast for khushi, he requests them to leave them on their own. tai asks survi to put a tab on him, as kartik isnt at fault, since he mereley wanted to meet her. jatin says that he doesnt wish to talk further. tai again talks, but kartik cuts her short, saying that he needs to leave straightaway and leaves, while survi watches him apalled. he leaves with tai.

Outside, he asks tai to go along home, as he has some work, on some business deals. she expresses fake concern, while he says that he shall be fine, and asks her not to be bothered, as he shall think about himself now. he goes in while tai is amused at the way the events have taken a turn. Inside, jatin asks how can she be so rash to allow kartik to meet khushi. she says that she has taken a mature decision. she asks him to be polite to him, and not be rash. he asks how can she still care. she says that she cares, but she wants to know how low he can stoop, but he is falling by the day. she says that she doesnt care at all, and that she cares about their friendship, and that she wont let anyone come in between their life. he says that he wont too. just then, kartik comes in overhearing this much. they are enraged and shocked. jatin asks why is he here. kartik says that he has come for professional reasons. he casually sits and talks about the deal that he has struck with jatin’s company, and he cant allow her to reap unnecessary profits. he also tells that they dont have a way out, and smirks at them, and then says that its on them to decie what they wish to do, give him compensation for cancelling the deal, or else they can take take the work further. they are tensed, as he asks them to give an answer right now. he says that he shall feed on something in the meanwhile. they are speechless. he asks the reason and their response, and when they dont comply, he says that he shall take them to the court then. when they dont respond still, he says that she shall need to be prepared for all the questions regarding khushi, and asks her to remember that khushi’s life shouldnt be at stake, as khushi’s love is pure, and he doesnt want to taint it. but jatin speaks up saying that he cancels the deal. all are aghast. kartik taunts them to come to a mutual decision, and then addresses jatin as her husband, and caressing her neck, while she is uncomfortable. he reminds her of the mangalsutra, that he had thrown, and apologises fakely, saying that it was his and on his name, hence he took it off. sheis apalled. he guffaws, while jatin in enraged. he searches around, while insulting and reprimanding her for this kind of infidel behaviour. he holds it upto her, asking her to wear it then. he gives her the necklace, and just as she is about to take, he asks jatin to help her wear it. they are aghast.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Tai finds checking being done on the road, and asks the police of their investigation. he denies checking the car, while she then stops the car at a dhaba, and asks the driver to get the children something to eat. after they leave, she gets the kidnapper out of the dickey. she then tells him the next part of the plan and he complies. he rushes off. she thinks that the game has just started and that she shall play so bad, that they wont be together for the next seven births. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: In an isolated location, jatin pays off the kidnapper, and asks him to get out and keep this thing an entire secret, of the truth about khushi, from kartik. he leaves, oblivious that kartik is listening to all this. when he confronts the kidnapper, he says that khushi is actually his child, and he gets overwhelmed. tai instigates him that survi deliberately kept his daughter away from him, just so he could be tortured. he is apalled, and full of mixed emotions.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. if Kartik is going to believe that Survi was hidden from him for 7 years long. It would be the most ridiculous thing and I’m sure he will. what a stupid nonsense. Why is he still listening to Tai?

  2. Kartik is brainless if he believes that Survi hides the truth from him that Khushi is they he must obviously the kidnapper was going to disclose the secret to Survi and the kidnapper didn’t eve know who the mother was until Taai told him in the previous Episode when they in Survi House. I don’t understand why Kartik is full of hatred, rage towards Survi and he loves her please writers bring a better man for Survi or change Kartik character to be good to his and kill Taai Kamla please***************please

  3. Kartik is a dumbo! Survi should move on and never come back to a dumbo hubby, all he does is physically assaults her by shoving and pushing her around like a door mat?

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