Yeh Vaada Raha 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pratap says parents see dreams for their kids. I couldn’t even make my son a good human. There was some shortcoming in my upbringing but someone else is paying for it. Abeer says please listen dad. Pratap says I won’t listen to you. Kamini says what are you signing? You can’t kick him out of property. Pratap says shut up with your greed. I am talking to my son. You should be punished for your sins abeer but I would give you a chance. If you rectify your mistake then okay otherwise I will sign these papers that say that I am disowning you. And you won’t have this surname of dharamadeekari anymore. If you had rectified your mistakes we won’t have been at this point. You played with a life on an innocent girl and I won’t let her life be ruined. You married her so I am going to bring my daughter in law. Kamini says daughter in law? Pratpa says yes khushi is this house’s daughter in law. I am telling you. After bringing her if you do anything wrong with her I will sign these papers. And you won’t have a father anymore. You can ask orphans how it feels. Abeer says please listen to me. Pratap says I will just see now what you do not listen.

Kartik says I will hit them. Khushi says we can’t shut people up. Khushi says only you matter to me. Their taunts don’t matter to me. Door knocks Kartik says I will hit them now. He has a rod in hand. Khushi says no papa. He opens the door its Pratap.
Abeer says mom I told you release kartik uncle. I did all that to save her and me. I had no other option I had to do all this drama. I don’t want her in my life. She isn’t my type. Kamini says calm down we will find a solution? Abeer says you are the only one responsible for all this. I can’t live without my dad. You started this and you will end this.
Kartik says what are you here for now? Pratpa says I am here to apologize on my son’s behalf. I am a father too I know your pain. You are a girl’s father who is suffering for no mistake. I am here to take my daughter in law to her house. Please let my daughter in law come with me.

Kamini cries in front of abeer. Abeer says what is this mom now. Kamini says I am hurt. An outsider girl came between us. It is sad that you can’t even see this. You are so innocent. You don’t know how clever they are. We made a mistake, it was just an accident. We were paying for damages. You gave her father sleeping pills and you planned to humiliate her. If someone hit my son I was supposed to call police. Did I ask you to kiss her? Did I ask you to marry her? Now you are saying I am responsible for all this? If you wanna punish me then go ahead. My husband left me too, you can leave me. This is my fate. But you know what this is all Khushi’s plan. She pretended all this in front of your dad. So she becomes great in front of him.
Khushi says to Pratap I can’t repeat that mistake. Kartik says she is right I won’t let Khushi go to that abeer’s house. I will never pardon him. Pratap says he broke my trust too. I will even kick him out of my life. I won’t let any compromises on your life Khushi. I thought abeer has rectified your mistake. After divorce Kamini brought abeer this way up that he has no good in him. his sympathy compassion everything has dried. God makes couples. Your name has been attached with Abeer. That’s why he filled your hairline and made your wear mangalsutra. I don’t know how important this is for him. For that sinndur please come home with me. Which is your house as well. Abeer is not that bad as he looks. He will understand. If someone can bring him on right path it’s you. Come with me, please.

Abeer says all I know is that I am not ready to marry and that too Khushi. I can’t relate to this marriage and all that. I better suicide. Kamini says what are you saying. We have to do something. You should run away when you won’t be here what will you dad do? Abeer says no I am not running anywhere. It will be my loss. I can’t live without dad. I can’t do that. This is problem should be faced. We will sort it out but running away isn’t a solution. Khushi says I can’t do this sir. I hope you will understand. Pratap says I think I was being selfish in need to bring my son on right path. I am sorry. Forgive me. He leaves. Khushi gets a call. It’s abeer. Abeer says I want to meet you right now.

Khushi comes to a place to meet abeer. She looks around he is nowhere. Lights turn on. Abeer is there.

Precap-Abeer says accept these gifts and forgive me. And end all this. Just tell my dad you don’t accept this marriage. Khushi slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This is is getting more and more interesting

  2. Abir will not change n thank god for his dad to help khushi n her father

  3. Nice eps.The show get intresting.Love u my dear Jaanu Zain.

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