Yeh Vaada Raha 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi comes to Abeer’s place. She says Mr. Abeer come out. Abeer says that’s khushi. Kamini says you stay here I will look into in. Kamini says what are you here for? Khushi starts breaking stuff. Kamini says stop it what are you doing. Abeer comes downstairs. Khushi shoves Kamini. Kamini says abeer she hit me. Her brother hit you and now she is hitting me. They are both mental. Khushi break’s photo Pratap. Abeer says what are you doing Khushi. Kamini says she is so stupid. Khushi says just like this decor you ruined my life. Kamini says what are you saying stupid? Khushi says I am stupid because I have conscience. For you rich people anything is okay. There is one thing for sure abeer I have never seen anyone more disgusting than you. Kamini says how dare you. Khushi says I haven’t hit you by now if you don’t keep your mouth shut I wouldn’t know. I will speak and he will listen. Abeer you are disgusting. If you had a little shame you would never see your face in mirror. You don’t car e about anything. You like playing and ruining lives. First you ruined my life and now my dad. Abeer says but mom I.. Khushi says talk to me. Why you ruined my life. You came into my life. You hit my dad with your car. You tried proving me wrong in court. I just wanted to punish you so you become a better human. You gave my papa sleeping pills, your friends broke my mother’s photo. Now you are angry because I broke your dad’s photo with you? Do you know how I felt? I only have a photo in name of mom. You ruined my career and passion. I stayed quite but you followed me. You lied in that village on my behalf. Why? What right do you have? If I had told your dad my dad won’t have been in lock up. What would your dad feel. You stooped me low in my dad’s eyes. Abeer says mom I told you.. Khushi says talk to me. Can’t you answer yourself. I beg you.. He says no. Khushi says this is not my papa’s mistake. Don’t drag him in this. I won’t ever come in front of you but please spare my papa. Pratap omes in and says hello. They are all dazed. Pratap says on release Kartik right now. I don’t wanna make any case. Thank you. Khushi says thank you sir. He says no beta it’s okay. You go home your papa must have been released. Khushi says thanks and leaves.
Pratap looks at the broken photo. Kamini says actually. Pratap slaps her.

Kartik says to Khushi did you apologize that abeer? Khushi says we won’t take his name ever again. A man says Khushi what are you doing here? You should be at your husband’s house. We all know. Your baraati’s are here. The people from village and thakur are there. Khushi says you people here? Thakur says Khushi forgive us we wanted to give your stuff back. You left it in the village. We thought there would be happiness here. Kartik says who is he? Khushi says he is the thakur of that village. People taunt at Khushi. They say she married in secret. Thakur says Khushi pardon us we made a mistake. Because of us your life is ruined. They leave. People says to Kartik give us sweets. Kartik tries to hit them. Khushi takes him in the house.

Pratap says you have never seen my anger before. Your mother kept provoking I kept quite. Because whatever happened was between us but today you have ruined an innocent girl’s life. I can’t see her suffer. That is why I slapped this woman. Your reality came in front of me. I am ashamed to call you my son. My son can’t do this. Abeer says don’t say that dad. Pratap says only Kamini’s son can do that. Kamini says how dare you. Pratap says shut up. He leaves.

Scene 2
Khushi and Kartik come to their house. Kartik says don’t worry we will leave Mumbai. Khushi gets a call from a woman. She says I am from a newspaper we heard that you and Abeer married? Is that truth? She hangs up. Her phone keeps ringing. Then someone calls Kartik. Khushi says no papa don’t pick up.
Abeer is worried. Kartik says Khushi I will fix everything. Door knocks. Kartik opens the door. Its all the people from chawl. Kartik says you are all here? A woman says what did you do khushi? Another says she must have done it for money. A man says we all have families. Kartik says what do you mean? A woman says this wont happen here. It is better that you both leave this chawl.

Abeer says to kamini i told you to end this. Now see what happened. Dad knows everything. Kamini says don’t hyper, everything is okay. Abeer says nothing is okay. Just leave me alone.

Precap-Pratap says you should be punished abeer rectify your mistake or I will disown you. He goes to Khushi’s house and says I am here to take my daughter in law to her house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank you Atiba for the update.After TEI you came here. Thanks a lot. After Zain’s entry I start to watch YVR. Nice eps.Don’t be Yuvraj Abeer.I didn’t like to see u old Yuvie.Be hero.Love u a lot.

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