Yeh Vaada Raha 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police Station
Srikant expresses his desire to speak to kartik once before he leaves. The police asks if he has gone mad, as kartik is enraged and would kill him when he sees him. Srikant says that he isnt concerned for that, but knows that kartik, being known to him since chldhood, isnt a bad boy, just in bad situation at a bad time, and influenced by wrong people, and that if taken on the right path, he shall flourish as a nice citizen. She is worried. the police finally relents in, when he insists, and takes him to the lockup area. Inside the lockup, when kartik sees srikant, he gets angry and starts to swear at srikant asking him to go away, or else he shall die today in his hands. Sruikant tries to calm him down again speaking that bhao was simply unfortunate in the scenario and what happened had to happen one day or the other, given bhao’s line of work. Survi continues to plead to kartik that srikant isnt wrong. kartik gets angry and asks her to shut up, as srikant did wrong, by betraying bhao, as he has flashes of what happened that got bhao killed. he threatens srikant to come inside the lockup, and then he shall settle scores with him, and take bhao’s revenge. The police is tensed and survi asks him not to, as kartik shall kill him. but he calms them all down, saying that he knwos kartik and he shall never do that. He enters inside the lockup, while survi is worried. Kartik eyes him angrily as he steps in. Srikant asks him to do whatever he wants to, as he is standing before him. Srikant is asked why bhao was mudered. Kartik pins srikant against the wall, and gags him and tries to kill him by suffocating his breath. Surrvi begs kartik to leave and let go of srikant. But kartik has rage in his eyes, and continues on. Srikant tells him to go and kill him, but he would end everything, he himself, his life, their family’s life too shall be ruined. srikant tells kartik that he has to decide that if he wants to ruin his life, then he should kill him, but if he wants to savour his life, he should leave him right now. Kartik is haunted by his grieving tai, and then finally lets go and turns away. srikant gasps for breath and then tells him that if he is on the road to evil, life would leave midway, exactly which happened to bhao, and tells him that they need to embark on a long journey of the good and righteous. He blesses kartik and asks him to think on it. he comes out of the cell, and turns back to look at him, while kartik continues to look away. Srikant takes survi’s hand and moves out, while survi stands tensed and worried.

Later, the inspctor asks the constable to open the lockup. he complies. they get kartik and the others out, and ask him not to be worried and bothered. The inspector sends the other people off, and then stops kartik saying that their boss wants to talk. he says to kartik that he can go scot free. kartik asks why the favour. he says that its due to srikant, who did a lot for them, and just asked his bail in return, and hence they are letting him go charge free. he gives him a bunch of papers, which are srikant’s house papers, and tells him that srikant left everything to him. he tells kartik that every person gets a chance, and it depends on how the person avails it. He asks kartik to now decide if he wants to start on the good path that srikant has initiated, and hopes that he forgives srikant one day. he leaves. Kartik eyes the papers and then finds the house keys too, and gets overwhelmed.

Scene 2:
Location: Mumbai chawl
While the security guards the area, there is grief in Bhao’s family. Kartik enters and all are tensed and sad. lata is tensed. The girls rush to kartik and ask him to compose tai and aniket as all have become stunned into silence. He assures them and calms them down. he turns to tai, and says that he knows whats done cant be undone, and that he cant replace bhao’s place, but would handle everything. lata is shocked, as kartik says that bhao was everything to him. as tai lies grief stricken, kartik comes and takes her hand, and says that from now on, his life is theirs, and that before his own self or the well being of his family, he shall put their needs first, and before lata, she shall be above her, and before his own sister, shanti, he shall place her children above and thats a promise. She eyes him tensedly, and then kisses him on the head, remembering bhao’s words, of always keeping kartik and lata under their debt, for the favour they did on them. She goes to the TV stand, and then takes out the revolver, and hands it to kartik, while the rest of the family is shocked. tai says that this was bhao’s favourite gun and now he shall handle it. Lata is distraught. kartik doesnt understand how to react. the nurse comes and tells tai that aniket is asking for her. she goes inside. kartik confronts his mother and sister with the gun, and they are scared. Lata tensedly eyes him, while he asks shanti why is she scared. She tells him not to worry, as she used to be scared by seeing a gun in their father’s hand too, which led her brain to be psychologically impaired, but it looks like fate has brought them back there again, and just like the gun had killed his father, and then bhao, she doesnt have the power and courage to bear another loss due to it. they both leave. kartik s helpless, as he remembers lata and srikant’s words, and then his promise to tai.


Scene 3:
Location: Dubai
Survi and srikant are well settled in dubai. She is taking care of him as an ideal daughter, cribbing about his irregular health habits. he takes it lightly. She gives him breakfast, and they sit down for food. She gets him tea too. he says that he wont go to work today, as he wants to spend two days with her now. The doorbell rings and he goes to see who is it. He opens the door to find that its Abdul, their aquaintaince. he tells srikant that there’s a sad news, that the manager has cancelled everyone’s leave due to some urgent work. Srikant fumes and is irritated, but survi tells him to go, and come back early in the evening, so that she prepares dinner, and then they can sit and talk. He asks abdul to go ahead while he tags along. he then apologises to her, who asks him to leave but come soon in the evening. He gets to go, but she reminds him of his tiffin. She then gives him the keys too, and he gets tensed remembering something. She tells him not to worry, as its an everyday thing for her to be alone, and asks him to go without a tension. he coems out and then locks the door behind her, thinking that he is very restless today leaving her like this. But he resignedly leaves. then survi finishes up all the work. its one in the afternoon, and the door suddenly starts knocking. She thinks that it cant be her father. she sees through the peephole, and finds its kartik. The door is being knocked by someone, and she gets tensed inside, wondering what to do. the dor continues being knocked. She remembers kartik’s warning, and then wonders if he has come to kill srikant. the screen freezes on her worried face.

Precap: While survi is tensed and worried, glass windows shatter and kartik steps in and confronts survi, who is scared. Meanwhile, the manager of the place where srikant works, tells someone over the phone, that there’s no need to worry, as in this birth, srikant wont be able to get a clue of whats happening, and wouldnt be able to live in peace. The lady, who he is talking to, gets down from the car and says that finally, her balance is settled, and her record set straight.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. This serial has kept me hooked so far…
    It seems to be an interesting start. Hope it continues to be so..
    The daily written updates is a lot useful.. I read them daily.

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