Yeh Vaada Raha 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tai says you will there. There wont be much people just you and two guards. Go steal. Give me your hand. She ties tracker in Khushi’s hand and says I can see wherever you go. If you change route i will cutting your family here and you know the first one your husband then his dad and the our special, Kartik. Kamini tells her the locker number. She says but my beloved husband has the pin. He never told me before. he says you can’t be my wife. You don’t remember anything but these account numbers. Khushi goes in the room. Kamini says where is she going? Tai says he is like her mom. She is going to temple. Her mom used to take blessings from temple like this. I told you old man this idol doesn’t do anything.
Khushi says I am not here with a question God and ask you why you did this. Because I didn’t say anything when you filled my life with happiness. Just requesting you to save my family. Forgive tai for her sins. She doesn’t know what she is doing. Tai says are you done. Khushi comes out. Tai says have this yougurt and sugar for good luck. I am your tai after all. Khushi eats it. She leaves.

Abeer says it is all my mistake. Pratap says don’t say that. Abeer says my own mom is risking my wife’s life and for us Khushi is there. Shame on me my wife is fighting a battle and I am sitting here like a loser. Pratap says you are not. Khushi knows kamini did all this not you. Abeer says but I feel so helpless. Khushi is there and I can’t help her. Pratap says she is wise, I have faith in her. She is doing this for you and her family. Have faith in her. Tai comes and says get me something to eat. Pratap says this is house not your father’s hotel. Tai shows him revolver and says this make relations with anyone. Now you decide what you want. You want to be a father with no son? Abeer says don’t threaten us okay. Tai says I just want food what else did I say? pratap says I am a businessman not a cook. I can’t cook. Tai says Kamini you go and cook for me and also teach this oldie. Kamini says what I can’t. Tai says you only know how to spend his money. Why you married a woman like this kamini oldie? He did good by divorcing you. I am hungry and no one can cook here. I don’t know who does but go and bring breakfast for me without all this drama.

Khushi arrives at the bank. The guards are sitting outside. Khushi hides behind a wall and says I have distract them and go inside.
Pratap says to Abeer don’t cook for her. Abeer says i will. Abeer says to Pratap in kitchen I have a plan. We will mix sleeping pills in their food and after ten minutes we will run from here and save everyone. Abeer says you just have to face my worst nightmare. you have to do it.
Kamini says to tai what the hell was that? You were saying so much rubbish about me. I know about you as well. That kartik did so much for you and you killed his wife. You back stabber. I got you out of jail and you’re degrading me. Tai says you are already degraded I can’t do that. Don’t give me this attitude go show it to your husband. You dig your own grave. Your son even hates you. They hear Abeer saying dad.. dad.. Pratap has fainted in the kitchen. They come in. Abeer says please call doctor. Tai says no he won’t. Treat him in the house. He fainted because he didn’t eat. Eat before i faint too. Abeer says I was cooking. Abeer says dad I am bringing your meds you stay here. Abeer goes towards the room. Thug stops him. Tai says let him go. Abeer takes out sleeping pills from medical box.
Kamini says are you okay? He says it’s none of your business. She says are you cursing me? I am concerned about you. Pratap says I curse the day I married you. Get lost. I dont wanna see your face.

Khushi parks the car near gate. Guard says you can’t park here. She says I have to go to the society near by. Abeer brings pills. Kamini takes meds and says what is this? Pratap doctor has increased your dose you don’t take care of your health. Abeer kept pratap’s meds as well to show them. He has put sleeping pills in it. Abeer says shut up I can take care of my dad. Dad get up please. He takes pratap out of kitchen and says dad you wait for me on couch.
He says I wish these pills work.

Abeer serves the lunch. Pratap insults Kamini says shut up you all. Khushi comes to locker room.

Precap-Tai gives pratap knife and says kill your son. Pratpa says take my life. She says its useless I will kick this Abeer. Khushi is locked inside. She says please help me God.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ??? sad that it gonna end on such a mysterious and drastic ending ????


    Thrill full episode.. but precap is wrong.
    In precap- Tai eat brunch and Khushi pray to Ganpati Baba to show her way & goes to check cctv footage.


      Only 2 more episodes… ?

  3. What the hell only 2 more episode are remains yeh kya ho rha hai


      Yes soniya yeh vada raha will be ending on 20 jan..

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