Yeh Vaada Raha 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik asks her not to, trusting survi, but tai instigates him to let survi do it. survi says that she needs to do it. Ignoring kartik’s plea, survi decides to walk on it. they are apalled with every piercing pain that she feels. finally she completes, and then falls right in kartik’s lap, who rushes to dive in. her romantic moments with him, flash before her eyes. then she composes herself. later, while applying antiseptic, lata furiously asks if everything is proven. tai says that its right as all got to know who is right and who is wrong. seeing kartik feeling bad for survi, tai instigates him, that the sun lord doesnt do anything to people who are pious, and hence ichcha’s feet are pure, while survi’s feet are totally burnbt. she asks him to understand himself. kartik is boggled. tai asks if he still believes her, and asks him to look at ichcha who isnt a liar like this. she emotionally manipulates him into saying yes for ichcha’s marriage with him, by blackmailing that she shall leave if her wishes arent accepted in this house. tai gets pyare to get the rings from the temple. he complies. then tai taunts survi and shows her the ring. tai continuously instructs kartik to don the ring on ichcha’s finger, but he is continuously distracted by survi, who is tearful and grief stricken. tai continues to draw him towards herself. survi and hema along with lata are apalled, as the ring ceremony completes.

In their room, tai and ichcha are amused when pyare is boggled as to how ichcha got her feet unscathed. ichcha says that she was ready as she had an anti-burn cream to apply on her feet. Meanwhile, lata and hema eye the wounds, while survi is in grave pain. they find that its too deep. kartik eyes her from hiding, and is apalled. after they both leave to get meds, he steps in. survi vehemently denies that she wasnt at fault, while he is teary eyed, seeing her wounds. while she continues to plead, he shushes her up, and asks her to shut up, as her talks give him a headache. he then looks around and eyes her wounds painfully, while survi is in tears. looking away, he dresses her wounds, apalled and grieved by her condition. she flinches in pain while he asks her to calm down as it would soon be okay. he then rushedly leaves, asking her not to cry.

In her room, hema finds that there arent any money in the purse, while lata thinks that her money is stolen too. the mobiles are lost, and the landline connection is off. lata says that she knows who is doing this all.

In the room, tai, pyare and ichcha are amused, when hema and lata come in, apalled and distraught. tai happily calls her in and asks her to join in drinking. they are amused at her plight and gruef. lata begs her to allow for survi’s treatment, as she got what she wanted by punishing survi. lata says that she has fever and is wincing in pain and begs for some money, for survi’s treatment. just then, kartik rushes in, and they all clear the bottles. tai starts reprimanding lata and hema, and asks them to try some home made remedy instead. they both leave. kartik goes after them. tai and others are amused.

In her room, survi is in deep pain, and unable to bear it, while lata and hema try some home made remedies. lata shows kartik this pain, and how helpless she is, as she doesnt know what to do. he decides that he has to call the doctor, and finding that he has no money, he rushes out, wondering what to do. survi and lata eye each other tensedly. he then eyes the temple and progresses towards it. KArtik prays to the lord, saying that survi prays to him everyday and begs him to help her in this severe pain. a flower falls off the lord’s idol’s hand, and catches his attention. The screen freezes on the lord’s face.

Precap: While applying antiseptic, kartik tells survi that he had told her not to walk on fire like that. she says that she made a grave mistake by not listening to him, but she didnt do anything. he says that he knows she didnt do anything, and that he is like rama, and just like he has faith on his sita, he too has faith on her. survi is emotionally overwhelmed. lata, hema and survi smile through tears. MEanwhile, tai hears this as she stands in the doorway and is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. indera sanichara

    Oh my God how much more pain must Survi go through, Dear God someone please tell the writers of this serial to go jump off a bridge. I can’t watch this suffering anymore.

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