Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 18

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Hello guys. I am back with my new chapter ???. So without wasting the time, let’s get started ???

Recap : Sameer, Munna and pandit go out to purchase some things on Nanu’s saying. Naina, preeti, swati, chachi ji and Tai ji go out to do some purchases for the kids. They have their lunch at a hotel and come to a shop for uniforms.

Now, the episode starts….

Chachi ji and Tai ji go to the opposite shop to buy themselves some saris ???. Meanwhile naina, preeti and swati get into the vinis shop for their last purchases.

Preeti : This is really so nice.

Naina : (looking towards the clothes) I think they have here everything required for school and college, right swati?

Swati : Ha naina. I heard about this shop and is quite famous for its quality of uniforms.

Naina and preeti : Oh!!!

They all start laughing at themselves ???

Naina : Ok fine. Jokes apart. What should we purchase first?

Swati : Can I suggest?

Preeti : Why not? Did we said you to be quiet or what?

Naina : Preeti ???

Preeti : Ok ok fine.

Naina : You tell swati.

Swati : As we require to keep our books safely, shall we first go to purchase bags?

Preeti : Good idea dear ???

Naina : Ya ok. Let’s go.

They all went to see the bags.

Sales man : How can I help you?

Preeti : We want to see some good and strong college bags.

Swati : Which should last longer ???

Sales man : It would base on your maintenance. Please come to this section, (pointing towards his left) this section have some good collection of girls college bags. You would definitely like them.

Naina : Thank you. Let’s see them.

They all went towards the bag section. They all are amazing at the collection.

Preeti : These are really so amazing ???.

Naina : Ha preeti. They are just so awesome

Swati : And very strong too. I mean tough material. See naina, these bags would really be for longer time ???

Naina : Yes yes. Let’s choose the bags.

Naina’s voice over : We all have started trialing the bags. You are wondering how, right? By looking in the mirror ???. We are really so crazy about it. But I am not doing it. For me, any bag would be great, I just need it to be good and last long but in the case of preeti and swati, it should be of a fashion icon ???. What to do with such people?

After 20 minutes…..

Naina’s bag purchase has been completed but it looks like it would take time by preeti and swati.

Naina : Guys, how much more time do you need to buy a bag?

Preeti : Just a few minutes more naina!

Naina : What’s this preeti and swati? This is a college bag, not any hand bag, wallet or purse that is to be purchased fashionable!

Swati came towards naina.

Swati : My dear naina, (placing her hands around naina’s neck) you won’t understand this. When you are choosing many different books, did we object you? Selecting good books is your favorite and selecting good bags is our favorite ???

Naina : For your kind information swati, I took only 10 minutes to choose the books, whereas you guys are trying different bags from almost half an hour!!!

Preeti : It’s ok naina. Sit and relax for some time.

Naina : What? But still we have to purchase some things right?

Swati : Ok fine, do one thing. You go and purchase some more things while we will complete our bag purchase and come to you. Is it ok for you?

Preeti : Ya, that’s a good idea swati. In this way, naina will also complete her purchases soon. Ok naina?

Naina : Ok. I will leave now to another section. But you both, come soon. Ok???

Preeti and swati : Ok Madam ???

Naina leaves from there and preeti, swati continues trialing other bags.

Sameer : See munna, pandit. We have arrived at our first purchase of the day, vinis – the best place for uniforms!

Munna and pandit : Wow! This is really so huge.

Sameer : Ya. Let’s go in.

Sameer’s voice over : ??? we all are going in with a flow of excitement and I really don’t know that it is going to increase too much later and the most unexpected is going to happen ???

Sameer, munna and pandit enter the shop. Munna and pandit are seeing the whole shop in amused way ???

Sameer : This way guys.

And starts moving inside the shop. He passes through naina who is selecting her uniform. Her back is facing him. As he passes beside naina, she feels something….

She feels a sense of tingling behind her and immediately turns around. But she doesn’t find anyone out there. She feels a current of air passing through her and her hair flows in the air suddenly. She feels something different and she smiles to herself ???.

Naina : What’s this happening to me?

Sales man : See this mam. Will it suit you?

Naina : No no. (Seeing the uniform carefully) Bhaiya, I asked for Delhi University uniform, not Delhi public school uniform!

Sales man : Extremely sorry mam. Just a second.

He goes and comes back with some uniforms in his hand.

Naina : This is the uniform. And these are different sizes, right?

Sales man : Yes mam. You can try and see which is more comfortable to you ???

Naina : Ok. I will see.

Saying so, she is seeing all the uniforms. Meanwhile sameer was just a few feet away from her.

Sameer : Excuse me!

Sales man : Yes sir, how can I help you?

Munna : Actually we came to buy some good dry fruits. Can you please show us them?

Sameer turns towards Munna ???

Sales man : (with a puzzled look) Sir???

Pandit : Then what’s this silly question bhaiya. We have came to buy uniforms.

Sameer : Yar guys, stop na. Bhaiya, please show Delhi University uniforms.

Sales man : Just a minute.

And goes and comes back with some clothes in his hand.

Sales man : Even you guys also belong to Delhi University?

Sameer : We also means?

Sales man : Some girl is also purchasing Delhi University’s uniform, there (pointing towards his right side)

Munna and pandit : (looking in that direction) Where where? Where is that girl?

Sameer turns towards both of them.

Sameer : Guys, we came here to purchase uniforms, not to see girls, Ok?

Sales man : Please check out for your comfortable size ???

Munna : Ok ok.

Pandit : I think this fits me. Let me try it once.

Sameer : That’s a good idea pandit. Munna, even we will try our uniforms.

Munna : Ya sure but….

Pandit : But what?

Munna : I didn’t find my fit yet.

Sameer : It’s ok. You will find it soon. Meanwhile, me and pandit will go and try our uniforms. You come as soon as you find yours. Ok?

Munna : Ok sameer.

Sameer and pandit leave from there. Munna finds a pant lying there. Meanwhile,

Naina : I think this one fits me perfectly.

Sales man : Why don’t you try once mam?

Naina : Ya ok. Where are the trial rooms?

Sales man : They are on the left side of the stationery section there (pointing towards the stationery section in the front)

Naina : Ok thank you ???

She took her uniform and headed towards the trial room.

Munna : Arey, looks like sameer forgot to take his pant with him. I will go and give it to him.

He also heads towards the trial room.

Naina gets into a trial room and tries her uniform.

Naina : (looking herself in the mirror) This is comfortable. I will purchase this one ???

Munna : (shouting at the trial rooms) Sameer, Sameer. Where are you?

Naina : Who is that shouting so loudly?

Sameer : Munna, I am here.

Munna : Sameer, (comes in front of Sameer’s trial room) You have forgot to take your pants.

Sameer checks his uniform….

Sameer : Oh yes. I forgot them.

Munna : I have brought them for you. Take it.

Sameer : Just a second, Munna. I am changing.

Munna : OK take them fast. I am near the door.

He was changing his clothes and Munna stood outside. He saw something interesting and went towards it. Meanwhile, naina came out of the room along with her uniform.

Naina is about to leave the trial room section but it seems that section loved her a lot ???. Sameer opened the door and pulled the clothes. But he didn’t realize he had did something else too ???

Sameer : I got my clothes finally!

He sees the clothes and gets shocked as he got not only the wrong clothes but also got in a wrong person ???. He has actually not pulled his clothes, but naina’s and he pulled in not Munna, but naina herself ???.

He looked towards her in a tensed way. Naina was pulled so suddenly that she immediately closed her eyes by the pull. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up and found sameer staring at her ???

She gets shocked as sameer was shocked on seeing her. He nor she hadn’t expected their 3rd meeting would be like this ???.

Sameer was looking so lovely into naina’s eyes and naina was also looking into Sameer’s eyes but in a tensed way, actually in a frightened way ???. They are looking into each other’s eyes so deeply ???.

She interrupted the eyelock and looked down towards her clothes which were held by sameer in his hands and immediately looked towards him seriously ???

Sameer immediately realized what he held and left the clothes and naina caught them on time. And this time, I sense something danger between them ???

Naina : (with an angry expression) How dare you to pull me like this into your room?

Sameer : Sorry. I really didn’t knew that it was you, a girl. I thought it was my friend….

Naina interrupted Sameer’s words

Naina : You always get ready with excuses right?

Sameer : Why should I lie to you? I really thought my friend was at the door.

Naina : Oh really! Then can you please show me where is he?

Sameer : You won’t believe me? Come out, I will show you.

Naina comes out first and then sameer comes out.

Naina : Where is he?

Sameer : Just wait. Munna, munna.

There is no response.

Sameer : Munna, where are you? Please give my clothes.

Still, there is no response…..

Sameer : Munna and pandit, where you guys?

He shouted near the trial rooms and gets tensed and turns around only to see naina seriously looking at him ???. She is looking as if to kill him on spot  ???.

The episode ends……

Hope you guys will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. It helps me in writing even better. I will come back with my next chapter soon. Enjoy reading ???


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  1. Wow the update was really good so amazed to see samaina meet in the shop ito was so
    Unexpected you never fail to surprise us and do update on weekends too I’m so crazy for your ff loved it????

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a ton dear ???. I will definitely upload soon

  2. Wow loved it waited so much you never fail to surprise us samaina meet was such a pleasant surprise please do update on weekdays too so addicted to it ???

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ???. You guys are the best support for me. I will definitely upload more and more ???

  3. Fidato

    Hey…. Samaina third meeting was awesome….Really unique…… Enjoyed a lot… Priya…. Waiting for next…..

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ???

  4. Mansi

    Fabulous update??Loved it❤❤❤❤SaIna meet was a surprise???Eagerly waiting for the next part?

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thank you so much dear ???

  5. Samaina_loverzz

    Awsm.. Update..Loved the Samaina Scene…Do update next chappy ASAP..

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ???. I will definitely upload it soon ???

  6. Aarti32

    Funny update.. Sameer in Naina’s clothes

    1. Ghvpriya

      ???. Sameer didn’t know that they are naina’s clothes ???

  7. Awsm. very nice. cute samaina
    Update next episode soon….

  8. Awsm. very nice. cute samaina
    Update next episode soon….

  9. Awsm. Very cute. Samaina meet was super.
    Update next episode soon…….

  10. Awsm. Very cute. Samaina meet was super.
    Update next episode soon…….

  11. Very nice. so funny. Didn’t expect samaina meet. Waiting for next update ……..

    1. Ghvpriya

      Ya definitely dear ???. Thanks a lot

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