Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 16.

Hello guys. I am back with my next chapter of the fan fiction. Thanks a lot for the wonderful response guys ???. Hope you guys will like it. So, let’s start….

Recap : Sameer and Nanu enjoy watching the movie. Chacha ji tells naina to prepare list to buy for college. Preeti and swati help her. Next day, Sameer gets up and immediately gets ready to meet Munna and pandit. Naina and swati wake up preeti to go to purchase the necessary things.

Now, the episode starts……

Naina and swati push preeti into bathroom and clap their hands together ???.

Preeti : (from the bathroom) I won’t leave you guys ???

Naina and swati : Let’s see to it ???

Naina : Get ready fast. We need to go.

Preeti : (from the bathroom) Ok ok.

Swati and naina sit on the bed and are talking about the purchases to be done. Meanwhile, chachi ji comes.

Chachi : Naina, are you ready?

Naina : Yes chachi ji. I am ready.

Chachi : Very good. So, shall we go?

Naina becomes silent and looks towards swati who also turns towards her. Chachi ji sees them looking towards each other.

Chachi : Hey, why are you both seeing your faces like that? What happened?

Swati : Actually chachi ji, the reason is…..

Preeti : Naina, where are you?

Naina gets startled by the voice and immediately turns towards the bathroom.

Chachi : Naina, is it preeti in the bathroom?

Preeti : Naina, swati. I forgot to take my dress. Please give me one from my wardrobe.

Chachi : OMG! Preeti is not yet ready???

Naina : Ha chachi ji. That’s what I am trying to say….

Chachi : Hey bhagwan ???. When will this girl change? Wait a second.

She goes towards the wardrobe, took a dress and went towards the bathroom.

Chachi : (modifying her voice as swati) Preeti, here is the dress…

Preeti : Thanks swati…. And then ???

She sees her mom at the door holding her dress.

Preeti : (trembling) Maa, aap yaha?

Chachi : Yes dear. I came to see whether my daughter is having any problem or not???

Preeti : What problem will I have ma???

Chachi : (in an angry tone) You will not have any problem. I am seeing problems in front of me now ???

Preeti gets startled by her mom’s words.

Preeti : Ma???

Chachi : Ha, (throwing the dress on her face) Get ready soon.

Preeti closes the door to dress up.

Chachi : Naina listen….

Tai ji : Bela, where are you?

Chachi : Oh no. Bhabhi!!! Naina, swati. Please get her ready soon. Otherwise, your Tai ji will kill me for sure. Ok?

Naina : Ok chachi ji.

Chachi ji goes from there and naina closes the door immediately.

Swati : When will this preeti come?

Naina : Swati, you know about her and again asking silly question?

Swati : I know that naina. But she has to get ready soon today. Otherwise, she will face a blast in front of Tai ji.

Naina : That’s what even I am tensed of swati…

Preeti comes out, with her hair tied up…

Naina : (pulling preeti) Come fast preeti.

Preeti : What are you doing naina?

Naina : We are going to make you ready today. Time is very less for us now. Swati, come on.

Swati : Ok naina.

Swati is combing her hair whereas naina is giving a light make up to preeti because without make up, preeti doesn’t go anywhere ???.

After 5 minutes….. Preeti got ready

Preeti : (looking into the mirror) Oh wow. You guys did a good job.

Naina : ??? Thank you so much. Firstly, let’s go.

They three leave from the room immediately.

They slowly enter the living room and found Tai ji drinking tea.

Naina : Ufff…. We are so lucky. Tai ji is busy having tea. Otherwise, she would have scolded us a lot for being late.

They three approach Tai ji.

All of them : Namaste Tai ji!!!

Tai ji : Ha namaste. You all got ready?

All of them : Yes Tai ji.

Tai ji : Very good. Bela, let’s go. We are getting late.

Chachi : Ha coming bhabhi. Pooja, take care of the house.

Pooja : Don’t worry mom. I will take good care of the house.

Preeti : Pooja di, you can also come with us na???

Pooja : No preeti. I am not interested in buying books, pencils, pens etc. If you are going for shopping then call me. I will immediately come.

Naina, preeti and swati smile ???

Naina : Sure Pooja di. We will definitely take you with us for shopping.

Pooja : Thanks naina. Enjoy your purchases…

Naina : Thanks pooja di. Bye!

Pooja : Bye naina, preeti, swati, mama and Tai ji.

Tai ji : And ha pooja, if you get any letters or bills of our house, keep them safely with you.

Pooja : Definitely Tai ji.

They all leave for the purchases.

At Sameer’s house…..

Sameer gets ready and waits for Munna and pandit in the living room. Kichu sees him worried.

Kichu : Sameer babu, why are you looking worried?

Sameer : Me worried? Not at all… I was just waiting for Munna and pandit. Actually, they said they will arrive at 9am itself. Don’t know why are they getting so delay in coming here?

Kichu : Sameer babu, did they went to hostel directly?

Sameer : No Kichu. They won’t go without meeting me first. And they still have time for their hostel. So, they have to definitely come here.

Sameer looks towards the clock in the living room.

Sameer : It is already 11am. Where are they?

Kichu : Sameer babu, please come and have breakfast.

Sameer : No Kichu. I will have it with my friends.

Kichu : But babu….

Sameer : I said na Kichu. I am going to have it with my friends.

Kichu : As you wish sameer babu!

Sameer is eagerly roaming in the living room and is seeing towards the main door constantly. Finally, his wait is over.

Sameer heard an auto rickshaw sound and immediately went out to see. And yes, it is Munna and pandit. Munna pays the auto fee and both of them turn to find sameer standing in front of them.

Munna and pandit : Sameer!!!

Sameer : Munna, pandit.

Sameer came close towards Munna and pandit but….

Sameer : I will not talk to you guys.

Saying so, he leaves from there. Munna and pandit get confused and immediately taking their luggage in their hands, followed sameer into the house.

Sameer came into the living room and sat angrily. Munna and pandit keep their luggage aside and sits down in front of sameer.

Munna : Sameer what happened? Why are you angry with us?

Sameer : I will not talk to you both ???

Pandit : Arey, but what happened sameer? At least tell us the reason na…

Sameer : I said na. I will not talk to you both.

Kichu comes there….

Kichu : (seeing towards munna and pandit) Oh! So you both are those friends for whom sameer baba is waiting for such a long time.

Munna : What are you saying?

Kichu : Ha. I am saying the truth. Sameer baba is waiting from a long time for both of you. He was really so tensed that you both haven’t come yet and till now, he hadn’t eaten anything.

Munna and pandit see towards sameer…

Kichu : And when I asked to please have food, he said he will have it only with you both.

Munna and pandit come towards sameer.

Munna and pandit : We are really so sorry sameer. We did not mean to hurt you.

Sameer : Then what made you both come so lately?

Munna : This is all because of this pandit.

Pandit : Not me. It’s because of you.

Sameer : Just a minute guys. First tell me what happened?

Munna : Our train got delayed by 15 minutes. We both got down and took an auto rickshaw to come to your house. Then suddenly….

Sameer : Then suddenly? What???

Pandit : We both forgot your address!

Sameer : ??? What? You both forgot my address? But I clearly…

Munna : You have clearly explained us but our bad luck, we forgot. So I remembered some part of your address and pandit remembered some part. So we both together tried to find out your address.

Pandit : Ha, we started roaming some areas and finally, got your house.

Sameer : (keeping his hands on both of their shoulders) Munna, pandit if you didn’t remember the house address, you could have called me right?

Munna : Oh shit. I totally forgot about that.

Sameer : ??? What should I do with you both?

Pandit : Enjoy your time with us.

Sameer : Oh really! Just a second. (and takes a pillow in his hand)

Pandit : What are you doing sameer?

Sameer : Just following your words pandit.

And starts hitting them both with the pillow. Such a lovely scene to watch ???.

Munna : Sameer, enough yar. I can’t run anymore.

Pandit : Ha sameer. Even me too. I am feeling so hungry.

Sameer : Ha guys. Even I am feeling very hungry.

Kichu : The breakfast is ready.

Sameer : Very good Kichu.

Kichu : Thank you sameer baba. You all please wash your hands and face. I will serve the breakfast.

Munna : Ha ha sameer. We both will fresh up and come. Pandit, come on.

Pandit : Ha, coming Munna.

Sameer goes towards the dining table and sits there. Meanwhile, Kichu brings the breakfast. After a few minutes, munna and pandit come there.

Munna : Wah! The smell is very nice.

Sameer : Food will also be tasty. Kichu makes wonderful food.

Kichu : Thank you sameer babu.

Sameer : Come on, start guys.

Sameer, Munna and pandit have the breakfast. After 10 minutes…

Munna : My stomach is full now. Really Kichu, you made tasty food.

Kichu : Thank you Munna babu.

Pandit : Really, I enjoyed a lot.

Kichu : Thank you so much pandit babu.

Sameer gets a call…. It is from Nanu.

Sameer : Hi Nanu.

Nanu: Did your friends came?

Sameer : Ha ha Nanu. They came…

Nanu : OK fine. Do one thing.

Sameer : Tell me nanu. 

Coming up : Very very interesting ??? but sorry, I can’t reveal it.

The episode ends…..

Hope you guys liked it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. And if you have any suggestions, you can freely express them through your comments. Enjoy reading!!! And ha guys, this is my last update as my final exams are going to start from this Saturday. So, I will back only after my exams. Extremely sorry for the delay guys.

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