Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 15.

Hello guys. So, here I am with the next chapter as promised. Thanks to all my friends who are supporting me and my fan fiction and thanks to the silent readers too ???. So let’s start…

Recap : Sameer and Nanu go out for lunch. Naina is very happy with her family and is enjoying her time. Sameer informs Nanu that Munna and pandit are coming.

Now, the episode starts….

Nanu : Hmmm, it means Munna and pandit are also coming here. For you right?

Sameer : How did you know Nanu?

Nanu : They have already came once right. Then I saw your bonding with them. They really care for you a lot.

Sameer’s voice over : Nanu is very right. Munna and pandit are really my best friends. They really care for me a lot. There are many incidents when they got into fight with others who have fought with me. Wherever I go, Munna and pandit always give the best company. When I am with them, I don’t know how the time passes!

Sameer : Ha Nanu. You said it exactly. They are really the best persons ever.

Nanu : I am really happy that you are not going to miss them.

Sameer : That’s what I am totally excited Nanu ???

Nanu : ??? My silly boy!

Sameer : By the way Nanu, you said you will take me to some of your favorite places?

Nanu : I am so sorry sameer. I got an urgent call from the office. I need to be present there at any cost.

Sameer : It’s ok Nanu. Please don’t feel bad.

Nanu : I thought to take you out sameer.

Sameer : Nanu, (placing his hands on Nanu’s hands) I am going to be with you na. So we can go out at any time. So please don’t feel bad and complete your work ???

Nanu : That’s my boy. He totally understands me…

Sameer : ??? Thank you Nanu.

They reach their home. Sameer gets down and

Sameer : Nanu, come soon. We will have dinner together.

Nanu : As your wish sir!

Sameer : ??? Nanu!!!

Nanu : Chal, bye sameer.

Sameer : Bye Nanu.

Nanu leaves from there and sameer gets into the house.

At naina’s house….

Naina let go of the hug.

Naina : I couldn’t believe this. How did this miracle happen dear?

Preeti : Ha. This is really a miracle! Even I couldn’t believe myself. Papa said one of his clients have helped for my admission into the university.

Naina : Oh wow! This is really great ???

“Can I come in girls? ”

Preeti and naina turn towards the direction of the voice. It is swati.

Naina and preeti : Swati!!!

Swati comes immediately into the room.

Swati : Hi friends.

Naina : You are back from Ahmedabad?

Swati : Yes dear. My bus got late. Otherwise, I would have came before itself.

Preeti : It’s ok. You came na. That’s more than enough.

Swati : By the way naina, how is the college?

Preeti : Ha, I totally forgot to ask this matter.  How is it naina?

Naina : It’s just fantastic dear. It’s so huge, I felt as if I am watching a movie!

Swati : ??? I knew that you would love our college.

Naina and preeti : (with confused expression) Our college???

Swati : Ha. It’s our college right?

Preeti : Wait a second. You are studying in some other college right?

Swati : Ha preeti. But I said to you right that I have changed my college this year.

Naina : It means you are also admitted in delhi University?

Swati : Ha ha Budhu! I am admitted in delhi University!!!

Naina and preeti hug swati tightly and three of them start jumping hardly…. Of course, they all are excited that they would be going to the same college na ???

Naina : This is really awesome. We three would be going to the same college and me and swati are again going to become classmates ???

Swati : Yes. After 4 long years!!!

Preeti : And me, would be studying in one of the best colleges of India!

Naina and swati : (in a loud tone) Exactly!

Chacha : Naina, preeti once come here.

All of them : Coming!

They all rush into the living room.

Chachi : Arey, slowly girls.

All of them : Sorry!

Chacha : Girls, tomorrow we are going for shopping.

Preeti : Really papa. (by swinging from one side to another) Will you buy me a new dress?

Chacha : Ha ha preeti. For the college.

Preeti : College?

Chacha : Ha preeti. Your college is going to start within 2 days. So we should buy all the necessary things right?

Naina : Yes Chacha. We need to get everything set.

Chacha : Exactly! So naina, you make a list of things that we need to purchase for the college, ok?

Naina : OK Chacha ji.

Chacha : And swati, you also join us. Even you need to buy the things right?

Swati : Chacha ji, I will ask my parents and them inform you whether I am coming or not. Is it ok?

Chacha : No problem swati.

Preeti : Naina, swati let’s go and prepare the list.

Naina and swati : Ha OK. Let’s go.

They immediately get into the room, naina takes a book and pen and starts writing the things that are to be purchased.

Naina : Preeti, you tell me what things are available with us. So that we can know what we should buy.

Preeti : Ha ok. Swati, can you help me?

Swati : Ya sure preeti.

They both start seeing the study case and are checking what study material they are having.

Preeti : Naina, we need to buy books of our class. So please write 12th class books and 11th class books.

Naina : Ok. (she notes down) Then?

Swati : Firstly, we need uniform right?

Naina : Ha yes. (Notes it down)

Preeti and swati continue telling the things needed and naina notes down all of them. She gets up and checks if anything else is missing. Finally….

Naina : The list preparation is completed.

They all hit each other hands.

Swati : Ok naina and preeti, I need to leave now.

Naina : But can’t you stay for some more time???

Swati : Sorry dear. If I get late, my parents would scold me. Don’t worry, I will try to come tomorrow.

Naina : Ok fine.

Preeti : We would be waiting for you.

Swati : Definitely. Bye!

Naina and preeti : Bye swati.

Night time. At Sameer’s house….

Sameer is watching TV.

Sameer : So wonderful.

Kichu : What is wonderful sameer babu?

Sameer : This film Kichu.

Kichu : This is maine pyaar kiya right?

Sameer : This is one of my most favorites. I have saw this movie with Nanu when I was small. Since then, this became my favorite movie.

Nanu : Hello sameer.

Sameer : Nanu!!!

Sameer gets up and hugs Nanu.

Nanu : How are you enjoying my boy?

Sameer : Very well Nanu. Kichu is really very nice and taking good care of me.

Nanu : Nice job Kichu.

Kichu : Thank you sir.

He goes from there….

Sameer : Nanu, is your work completed?

Nanu : Totally my boy. Just an important file went missing. We got it again.

Sameer : That’s very good Nanu.

Kichu : Sir, water.

Nanu : Thanks Kichu.

He drinks the water.

Nanu : By the way Sameer, what are you watching?

Sameer : You only see Nanu.

Nanu turns towards TV and….

Nanu : Maine pyaar kiya!

Sameer : Yes Nanu.

Nanu : My favorite!

Sameer : Mine too Nanu.

Nanu : I will immediately get fresh up and we both will watch it together.

Sameer : Great idea Nanu.

Nanu goes from there and sameer continues watching it.

Preeti : Naina, naina!

Naina : Arey preeti, what happened?

Preeti : Maine pyaar kiya is coming.

Naina : (in an exciting tone) Oh really! Where where?

Preeti : On TV….

Naina : Let’s go and see!

Both of them come into the living room and sits on the sofa and start watching Maine pyaar kiya.

Preeti : Such a lovely movie.

Naina : Ha preeti.

Chachi : Oh! Maine pyaar kiya is coming?

Preeti : No ma. We both are imagining that this movie is coming now.

Naina silently laughs seeing preeti.

Chachi : Preeti! I am asking seriously.

Preeti : Am i joking or what?

Chachi : Why to argue with you?

Chachi also sits beside them and watch the movie.

Meanwhile, Nanu also comes and joins sameer in watching the movie.

Sameer’s voice over : ??? watching movies with our family gives us a lot of entertainment. More exciting would be watching others expressions while they are watching the movie. Especially during emotional scenes. Some would laugh at those scenes, some would cry at those scenes and some would start scolding those people. It gives us a lot of happiness and enjoyment which cannot be expressed in words ☺☺☺

Chachi : Ha. The movie is completed. Come, have dinner and sleep early. We need to do lot of things tomorrow.

Naina : Chachi ji, where are Pooja di and Chacha ji?

Chachi : Pooja is in kitchen and your Chacha is busy in doing some work. So he said he will eat later. You both have your dinner.

Naina and preeti : OK!!!

They have their dinner.

At Sameer’s home….

Sameer : Ha, such a lovely film Nanu.

Nanu : Ha sameer. This is your Nani’s favorite movie too.

Sameer : Oh really Nanu.

Nanu : Ha sameer.

Kichu : Sir, dinner is ready.

Nanu : Ok. We will come. Sameer, let’s go and have dinner together according to your wish.

Sameer : Ok Nanu.

They both go and have their dinner.

Nanu : Sameer!

Sameer : Ha Nanu.

Nanu : Tomorrow, should we pick up Munna and pandit?

Sameer : No Nanu. They said we will come by themselves.

Nanu : Did they remember the address?

Sameer : Ha Nanu. They said that they remembered very well.

Nanu : Oh really! Let’s see to it.

Sameer and Nanu laugh a lot.

Nanu : Sameer, now go and sleep. It is too late now.

Sameer : Ok Nanu. Good night!

Nanu : Good night sameer.

At naina’s house…..

Naina and preeti come into the room.

Preeti : Yaaaa! Tomorrow we are going shopping ???

Naina : ??? preeti, we are going for college purpose. Not for any festival shopping!

Preeti : It’s ok my sister. We are going to shopping na. That’s most important.

Naina : ??? no one can change you.

Preeti : Obviously ???

Naina : ok sleep now. Otherwise, we might miss the shopping.

Preeti : Oh no. I can’t miss it!

Saying so, she immediately slept. Naina smiles seeing her and she also sleeps.

The next morning…..

Sameer is sleeping and the sunlight from the window falls on him and he starts moving on his bed.

Sameer : Arey, who has switched on the lights while I am sleeping?

Nanu : It is me my boy.

Sameer : (seeing his Nanu) Oh! Good morning Nanu.

Nanu : Good morning sameer. I think you woke up early ???

Sameer turns towards his clock at sees the time. It is 10am.

Sameer : Sorry Nanu. I had slept peacefully after so many days ???

Nanu : That’s really great sameer.

Sameer : Oh no. Munna and pandit would be coming. I need to get ready Nanu.

Nanu : So go, hurry up my boy!

Sameer jumps from the bed and heads towards the bathroom to get ready.

Sameer’s voice over : While I am in a hurry to get ready, naina is also in a hurry.

Naina : Preeti, please don’t do this.

Preeti : No naina. I can’t.

Naina : Preeti, we need to go right?

Preeti : Please naina. Leave me and go! I really need this now.

Naina : Preeti, I will kick you now.

Sameer’s voice over : ??? you guys are confused right? I am tell you. Actually, naina has woke up and got ready to go but our naughty preeti hasn’t woke up yet ???. We guys know about Delhi traffic right? So, that’s why naina is trying to wake up as soon as possible. But preeti wants to sleep for sometime.

Swati comes into the room.

Swati : Hi naina. Good morning.

Naina : (pulling preeti’s hands) Good morning swati.

Swati : What are you doing naina?

Naina : See swati. We need to go to shopping right? But preeti is not waking up. She is saying she want to sleep for some more time. We need to complete our purchases by today itself right?

Swati : Yes exactly!

Naina : Please help me swati.

Swati : Ok. She is not waking up by our words right?

Naina : Ya.

Swati : So lets do one thing.

She whispers something in naina’s ear.

Naina : Good idea!

Swati : Let’s do it. Ready. 3…. 2….. 1…. Go!

They both at a time pull preeti from the bed and made her stand on the floor.

Preeti : (in an angry tone)  What are you both doing?

Naina : Waking you up to get ready.

They take her towards the bathroom and push her inside.

Swati : Now immediately get ready and ha, don’t sleep inside.

Naina and swati hit their hands ???.

The episode ends…..

I hope you guys will like it. Please do read it and comment your views on it. It helps me in writing in a better way. I will upload the next part as soon as possible. Enjoy reading!!!

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