Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 13.

Hello guys. I am extremely sorry for the delay in posting this chapter. Actually, I am having my final exams so I was busy in preparing for them but now, my exams have completed so I will try to be as regular as possible. Thanks a lot guys for supporting my ff a lot. So, let’s start….

Recap : Sameer and naina meet each other at the water fountain and get shocked seeing each other. Later, naina and sameer get into an argument and naina leaves from there with tears and sameer leaves from there, frustrated!

Now, the episode starts……

Naina comes from the car parking, with tears in her eyes. She comes and stands near the entrance gate of the university.

Naina : How can he decide about my character like that? I tried to help him and correct him, but he is seeing me as a mad girl or what? It’s totally my mistake to talk to him.

And then, she sees her admission letter, which got wet and spoiled. She immediately wipes her tears.

Naina : Oh no. I totally forgot about this. I need to get another one. Let’s go naina, before it becomes too late.

She immediately heads to the admission department and asks for another copy of admission letter. She gets it and comes out of the block.

Naina : Thank God! I got another copy without any scoldings from them. Ufff…. You are really so lucky naina.

She was seeing her letter while she heard some familiar voice…. “Naina!”. She looks up and finds her chacha ji in front of her.

Naina : Chacha ji, what are you doing here?

Chacha : My work was completed soon. So I thought to come into the university to take you home.

Naina : Thanks for coming chacha.

Chacha : Why to thank me dear? Can’t I look after my daughter? No no. My most favorite daughter ❤❤❤

Naina smiles on hearing that ???

Naina : That’s my cute chacha ji ???

Chacha : I know that dear. Shall we go now?

Naina : Yes chacha ji.

They both start walking towards the gate. Chacha ji turns towards naina and finds her dull. They reach their scooter and chacha ji starts his scooter while seeing naina.

Chacha : Naina!

Naina : Ha chacha ji.

Chacha : What’s the matter dear?

Naina : (with a confused expression) What matter chacha ji?

Chacha : That’s what I am asking dear? Anything happened to you?

Naina : No chacha ji. Nothing happened.

Chacha : Then why are your eyes red? Did you cried dear?

Naina gets shocked on hearing chacha ji words….

Sameer’s voice over : That’s the speciality of naina’s chacha ji. Naina need not need to say anything to her chacha ji directly. He can easily identify her feelings by observing her expressions. Just like my Nanu does.

Naina starts thinking about the fight with Sameer. Chacha ji notices her lost in thoughts.

Chacha : Naina! Naina…

Naina : Ha chacha ji. What happened?

Chacha : You seems to be lost in some deep thoughts.

Naina : Nothing like that chacha ji. I just couldn’t believe that I got admission in such a huge college.

Chacha : ??? Oh! So this is the matter that you have cried right? Happy tears na….

Naina : Exactly chacha ji.

Chacha : I am really so happy that you are happy dear. Now, let’s go home. Your chachi ji would be waiting for us.

Naina : Ha ok chacha ji.

They both get into the scooter and heads towards their home.

Sameer reaches home. He seems to look so angry and frustrated.

Kichu : Have you came back, Sameer babu?

Sameer throws the car keys onto kichu and he catches them. Sameer heads towards his room and closes the door with a bang.

Kichu : What happened to babu suddenly? He went so happily but came back so frustrated. What might have happened there?  ???

Sameer angrily sits on the sofa in his room and starts thinking about naina.

(Please note : Sameer and naina still don’t know each other names. I am writing to give you guys clarity. They will get to know their names later in the story.)

Sameer : How dare she talk to me like that? That too so confidently! She is the first girl who talked to me like this. But…

He slowly gets up from the sofa and starts walking around the room.

Sameer : I think the mistake was mine. Mad fellow! Who told you to give her money? Did she ask you? I was feeling so special towards her till few days but totally spoiled that.

Sameer’s voice over : What to do guys? Whenever any discussion comes regarding money, I get so angry because my step father always talks about money and how to increase it. He is always back of money. How much he earns, but never got satisfied. Don’t know what is his aim??? And the girls who are attracted towards me are attracted by my money, status and of course, my handsome and killing looks. So, I thought that naina is also thinking of me like that. And committed a huge mistake ???

Suddenly, he gets a phone call…

Sameer : Hello!

Munna : Totally forgot us by reaching your Nanu???

Sameer : Munna!!!

Pandit : I am hurt yar…

Sameer : Pandit!!!

Munna : Sameer, didn’t you think of informing us that you are leaving to Delhi?

Sameer then remembers that he hadn’t informed Munna and pandit that he is leaving to Delhi.

Sameer : I am extremely sorry guys. Actually, I was on cloud nine that I was coming back to my Nanu. So….

Pandit : So you forgot to inform us right?

Sameer smiles and scratches his head ??

Sameer : But how did you guys know that I came to Delhi?

Munna : We came to your home in morning and your brother Rohan informed us that you went to Delhi. And he asked that why didn’t sameer inform you?

Sameer : Guys, that is….

Munna : OK ok. We could understand your feelings. And we are happy that you were now with your Nanu.

Sameer : Yes Munna. I am really so so happy ???. But….

Pandit : But? What sameer?

Sameer : I am going to miss you guys a lot.    ???

Munna : No need to miss us sameer.

Sameer : What? What are you guys saying?

Pandit : Ha sameer. You won’t miss us because you will make new friends soon right?

Sameer : I know that pandit. But, you guys are very special that no one can take your place in my life.

Munna : Aha! You are making us senti yar. Don’t worry. We will meet soon.

Sameer : How come?

Pandit : Because, we are coming to Delhi yar!!!

Sameer : What? Are you joking?

Munna : Why would we joke in such matters, Sameer!!!

Sameer gets so happy on hearing that….

Sameer : I really couldn’t believe this guys. You both are going to come delhi?

Pandit : Yes sameer. Yes. We are coming only for you…. I mean we are coming to study also. But mainly, we are coming for you.

Sameer : Oh wow!!! This is really a great news for me ???. But how did you both convince your parents for this?

Munna : Even our parents want us to study well right? So, we told them about delhi University and they immediately agreed us to move to Delhi.

Sameer : Oh ok. But wait a second! How did you guys know that I am going to get admitted in delhi University? I only don’t know that I am going to that university.

Pandit : Sameer, we know about your Nanu yar. He never compromises in your matters. Isn’t it?

Sameer : You are 1000% right in this. Nanu never compromises with my happiness.

Munna : That’s totally true.

Sameer : By the way, when are you guys coming?

Pandit : We will be there by tomorrow morning.

Sameer : I am really so excited to meet you guys. Come soon.

Munna : OK sameer. We need to do our packing. Bye sameer.

Sameer : Bye guys.

And he ends the call….

Naina and chacha ji reaches home.

Chachi : Seems that both of you have happily gone through the whole delhi today.

Chacha : ???. You know na Bela. That to roam the whole delhi, one day is not at all sufficient.

Chachi : Then what made you both come so late?

Chacha : Actually, I thought of buying some sweets for you. So, we got to a sweets shop and ate some sweets and bought some for you. That’s why we got late.

Chachi : What sweets you bought?

Chacha : Your favorite gulab jamun!!!

Chachi : Oh ho! That’s my most favorite.

Chacha : Then have it.

He opens the box and feeds her with his hands. Naina sat down beside preeti. Both of them are seeing towards Chacha and chachi ji so lovingly and naina is also happy seeing them like that.

Naina : Preeti!

Preeti : Hey naina. Don’t disturb!

Naina : Arey, I know that. But see. How lovely Chacha and chachi ji are looking right?

Preeti : Ha naina. They are just so lovely and this scene is so romantic ???

Naina immediately turns towards preeti.

Naina : Romantic? What’s there in this so romantic?

Preeti : Arey my Studious kid! You can’t understand this.

Naina : Arey why not? Even I watch a lot of films right?

Preeti : I am not saying that dear. See, haven’t you seen hero feeding heroine with his hands lovely?

Naina : Ha. I have saw in my films.

Preeti : Isn’t it romantic?

Naina : Very romantic ???

Preeti : Isn’t it what now happening here?

Naina : Ha preeti. You are absolutely right!!!

And they continue seeing Chacha and chachi ji. Chachi ji notices them seeing them and signs Chacha ji to look back.

Chacha : No problem. Let them see dear.

Chachi : They are small kids. What do they think if they see us like this?

Chacha : What will they think?

Naina and preeti get up and come towards them.

Preeti : We won’t think anything wrong ma.

Naina : Ha chachi ji. In fact, we feel so happy by seeing you both like this. But Chacha ji, why are you feeding chachi ji like this? Chachi ji can eat herself right?

Chacha : Ha naina. Your chachi ji can eat herself. But by feeding so, it shows how much we love our partners, soulmates etc by whatever names you people use.

Chachi : Oh really! Then even I will show you how much I love you.

Saying so, she takes a gulab jamun and feeds Chacha ji. Naina and preeti clap their hands  ???

Naina : Wow wow chachi ji. Even you love Chacha ji a lot.

Chacha : Why not? She is my Heroine.

Chachi : And you are my hero!

Preeti and naina : (both of them, in a loud, teasing voice) Oh ho!!!

Chacha, chachi, naina and preeti all of them laugh together ???

Sameer : Ha! Finally, Munna and pandit are going to come. I think my good and lovely time has started ✊✊✊

Sameer’s voice over : That’s totally true. I came back to my Nanu. Munna and pandit, my two pillars and support systems are coming to me and soon, someone special is also going to come….. Isn’t it exciting guys???

The episode ends…..

Hope you guys like this chapter…. Please do read it and comment your views below…. It helps me in writing in better way! Enjoy reading and please keep supporting me in the same way!!!





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