Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mama, Mami are going to temple. Sameer comes. Mama asks him to come too. Mami says she knows what he’ll ask, a girl of his choice. She says she will do it as what Sameer will do in so much crowd there, everyone offering milk to Ganeshji.

Taiji, Chachiji, Preeti are also in temple. They didn’t bring Naina as she was sick.

Female narrator says you must have heard about Ganeshji drinking milk in 90’s. Whether that was true or no, no one knows. Fight between faith and science will always go on.

Munna and Pandit come to Sameer and inform him about the same. Sameer asks is that for real. Munna says he went himself and says almost everyone is outside temple, waiting in line. They think of eating something. Munna says pakora made by Poonam. Sameer says she

has gone outside. They check in fridge.

Naina is thinking about Sameer. She calls him and asks what he’s eating. He says apple. She says she wants to eat too. He invites her at his home. He then asks is she calling from home or outside? She says from home. Sameer gets tensed asking what if anyone hears her conversation. She says she loves him, she hasn’t done anything wrong. She screams and says she loves him. Sameer gets more worried. She says no one is at home. Sameer says they must have gone to temple, right? She says yes and they think of offering milk to Ganeshji in their homes.

Male narrator says he did so many things in Naina’s love which he never imagined he would ever do. If one didn’t do things that you need to hide from your friends, then you never really fell in love.

They both ask each other what they asked for. They say they asked each other.

Rakesh and his brothers are sitting with society men. They hear on radio about Ganeshji drinking milk. They are amazed. Chachaji says he believes in God, but this is just blind faith. Someone asks Rakesh what he wished for. Rakesh says he wished that Arjun’s 1 year goes fast so he can get back to cricket. This hard working job is not for him.

Ganeshji doesn’t drink milk offered by Taiji. Mama, Mami come to same temple. Preeti tries and Ganeshji drinks. Taiji is shocked. She tries again and this time Ganeshji drinks. Mami wishes to get grandchild.

Chachiji and Preeti forgot to bring medicine for Naina. Sameer calls at Naina’s home. Preeti picks up. He says he wants to hear Naina once. He hears Naina sneezing continuously and learns Chachiji forgot to bring medicine from Chachiji, Preeti, Naina conversation.

Precap: Sameer climbs the ladder and reaches Naina’s balcony. Chachaji hears noise and goes to check. He sees Sameer and Naina together.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Hoefully Chachaji says good things about Sameer! And tell him why did you came here?

  2. So whole was about Ganesh Ji…So GANPATI BAPPA MORYA,🙏🙏
    Precap: Hope Chachaji will not overreact…He will understand Sameer’s motive…and will be happy to know that how much Sameer loves and cares for Naina…

  3. As i predict that Chachaji will not see Sameer at all, if he see him also he will not overreact as ASHU said
    I saw the synopsis,says that Karthik will plan to trap SAMAINA so he will give Camera to Mithali and Priyank to capture Samaina’s picture in college and Sameer somehow manage to convince the Prinicipal for Navratri function but principal mam decided that boys and girls will dance separately…. only this much for this week

  4. Whenever naina hugged samir from back they got sepreted whether was in mount abu or on her birthday so I m keeping my fingers crossed
    I don’t want to see any sepretion

    1. Ya it’s a fact🤔…

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