Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shefali proposes love to Arjun

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina keeping her school uniform in almari. Preeti comes there running and tells her that our 15th August is going to come as we will soon go to college. Naina says we can do anything and have masti. Preeti says we can watch films and go wherever we want. Anand comes and gives them college forms. Preeti says Patel college for topper Naina and some other college for her, atleast she will go to college. Anand tells Naina that he knows her dilemma, and says if she goes to Patel college then Preeti and Swati will not be other. He says he thought to get her admission in more prestigious college, but thought Patel College is the best in Ahmedabad. Rakesh comes and says she shall get admission in Vijan college and tells that fees is much there. Bela and Anand say they will pay. Naina says she will go to Patel college as her friends will get admission in Vijan college. Anand explains to her that career is important too. Sameer tells Mama ji that he will take admission in Vijan college and not in Patel. He convinces Mama ji. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was smart. She decides to get admission in Patel college. Preeti asks Anand and Bela to get new clothes for them. Naina’s voiceover tells that Preeti was much happy that day.

Munna and Pandit are excited to go to college. Munna’s mother asks him to wear his Papa’s pant. Pandit laughs and says you are businessman’s son and will wear Papa’s old pant. Munna asks his mum if she don’t want him to look handsome. His mum asks him to take 250 from his Papa’s wallet. Sameer sees Pooja’s wedding card and reminisces Naina. His voiceover tells that even Pooja di wouldn’t have seen her wedding card these many times. Mama ji and Mami asks him to come for shopping. Sameer says I have many clothes. Mami says she will get clothes for him from a clothing store. Bhabhi comes there and asks if we are going to market. Mami gives her much work. Sameer says I will not go without Bhabhi. Mami asks Bhabhi to come.

Kalpesh tells Arjun that Shefali is much unwell and her mum is also not at home. Arjun goes to her house and knocks on the door. He finds the door open and goes inside. He sees the hall decorated with candles and rose petals. Shefali comes there. My heart is beating plays….Shefali bends down on her knees and proposes him saying I love you Arjun. Arjun gets surprised and feels shy. Naina’s voiceover tells that their love is also unique, says Arjun was clean bolt on her googly. Shefali asks him to say fast. Arjun says yes, even I love you. Shefali hugs him and says I am so happy. Shefali tells him that he should have propose her, but she proposed him. She says I should feel shy, but you are feelings shy. She asks why is he shy? Arjun says you suddenly hugged me. Shefali asks if she is forcing him. Arjun says no. Shefali says I love you repeatedly and hugs him. Arjun shyly smiles.

Naina and Preeti come out. Naina says what Sameer would wear on his first day in college. Preeti says he will look like Jeetendra. Pralay tells that he wants to have pani puri, but tai ji refuses to let him have it. Bela says I thought to make everyone have pani puri today. Tai ji asks her not to be sad and says we will go to have pani, asks Bela if she got her purse. Bela says yes.

Munna and Pandit tell the shopkeeper that they want clothes like Akshay Kumar and shows his pic. Shop keeper shows the clothes. Tai ji eats pani puri with everyone. Sameer comes there and buys mangola from the shop. Bela sees tears in Naina’s eyes and gives her money to drink mangola. Sameer bends down to pick the money which falls down, when Naina comes there and orders mangola. Sameer feels her presence and smiles. ILU ILU song plays…..

Naina sees Sameer in the clothing shop and runs behind him. Sameer runs. Naina gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Show is slowly regaining its charm…… Happy to see mundit n preeti scenes they bring happiness on our faces…… Loved bella chachi n chachaji they don’t show any partiality between naina n preeti they even love naina more than their own child…… Very rare to see such characters in any other serials n also in real life….. Thank you sinduja for your spoiler wish it should happen like that……. N between where’s deb? Deb are you alright?

  2. Lokesh

    Thanx , humne to mazza aa Raha hai, finally Shefali proposed him, loving this show more and more.

  3. Hi good morning all r kushi to enter the college..enjoy…..we also enjoy…

  4. Yes San. The show is slowly regaining its charm. Really yaar and arjun is so cute ?.
    Loved the way shefali proposed him. I was also shocked ? when she hugged him. After so many days, I was blushing seeing yudkbh.
    Finally college ? track is going to start. Chachaji aur chachiji are the best supporting pillar for naina.

  5. Im the biggest fan of yudkbh…
    Loving this show more and more previously loved thar krpkab. Shefali proposing arjun ws very very cute .. arjun you thoo chooooo cute
    Love u shefan…

  6. Episode was good….
    Shejun’s scene was Awesome… Bold Shefali?
    Precap- Pagal Sameer…Poor Naina…
    Waiting for their Reunion

  7. Thanks Hasan for the written upload.
    Hi San, Thanks for kind mention. I am recovering, and had been busy trying to catch up with life after the sickness. Moreover the track is getting back on line, so thought will read all of your comments?

    Yes AB. Generally Ok with the show. With their disruption of the magical show, with unnecessary introduction of new characters/places and wasting a couple of months, it will take some time, I still think repairing the damage will take time (personal view). Still unsure, how they will develop Samaina story. It needs lot of creative work to bring back the rainbow and sunshine into the show.. (sceptical if Sameer will put in his bit as I believe as per you tube he has a film offer) Ashi will have to carry the weight..

    Lokesh, Sai, Shobha and Sid , I believe Shejun have left the show, part of the charm was parallal story of Naina’s best friend and brother with its own cultural challenges to be overcome ( would have been a social education to rise above caste, class, creed etc) wonder how it will be taken into the future. Shefali ( non stereotypical stance was good to see). Hope they are persuaded to stay in the show.

    Looking forward to your comments and progress of the show. The show is not having the same effect on me personally. But I do come on this forum to read all your comments which leaves a smile on my face. So please keep reviewing. Once the comments (35) of them mention just**** Magic*** I shall be an avid viewer.

    Thanks wonderful team for your perseverance. Please keep watching Ashi’s new and past videos to push her ranking up on India forums. I am. Randeep has zillion views due to his personal event you tube and film offers and other stuff. Ashi is left behind. Do a favour and watch her videos and keep watching her ranking go higher and higher and one of you can mention it on this forum.

    See you next time. Have fun and hope magic emerges.

  8. Oh God Sameer get rid of the thought that you are a jinx for your loved once and meet Naina. Show maker please show the love birds soon together with the thought of both of them in same college then it will all the more better. By the way people I have seen Sameer and Naina’s college look and they look handsome and beautiful. It will be interesting to see their college life and how their love story progresses.

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