Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Drama on engagement day

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anand asks Sameer’s family to come for the ritual. It is time for mahurat. Mama ji says that is what we were here for. We thought it was Pralay’s birthday party after drinking Frooti. Anand is taken aback.

Anand asks Bela to bring the ring. Bela starts looking for it. Sameer’s family, Naina’s Tau ji, Tai ji watch uninterestedly. Mama ji teases Bobby to have another Frooti. Bobby smiles a little. Naina and Sameer notice it. Bobby covers up saying that it is new style. Agarwal’s feel awkward. Preeti goes to her mother and finds out that the ring is missing. Bela tells her. Preeti also starts looking for it. She is holding that water jug in her hand. Anand asks Bela about the ring. She shares that it is missing. I kept it here only but cannot find it. All 3 of them start looking for it. Everyone else is waiting.

Naina reminds Sameer that it was his idea. Your family is taunting us. He says you were going to keep lemon water so I thought. There were 2 other sherbets too. He asks her when she said that. She taunts that she said so in 1857.

Munna and Pundit go to eat something.

Naina says you know your family is always busy taunting us. Sameer says it was because of the guests. She says your guests aren’t here. Sameer says it is good that they dint come. They will come in the evening. She tells him not to joke. I am angry. He replies that he too is angry. I will show my real anger when the ring wont fit. She challenges him to give it. I will see how it wont fit. Give it to me. He says it is with mummy.

Rakesh reprimands Bela for being careless. He too starts looking for it. Preeti is holding the jug absentmindedly. Rakesh keeps it aside and tells her to start looking for it too. Everyone looks on anxiously. Rakesh tells them to tell the guests that the engagement cannot happen. Your mother has lost the ring! Bela feels dizzy. Anand and Preeti hold her.

Pundit ji points out that this is the perfect time. Sameer’s family asks Naina’s family about the ring. Mama ji says they will bring it. Naina took Sameer’s ring size herself. Tai ji asks Anand and Bela to come asap with the ring. Anand shouts that they are coming in 2 minutes. Mami ji murmurs that it’s been 20 minutes already. Rakesh says what we will say to them. There is no ring!

Preeti is about to give the jug to Naina but Rakesh keeps the jug aside and tells Preeti to bring water in a glass. She is going to get water when Pundit suddenly takes the jug from Preeti and starts drinking. The ring falls down. Anand, Bela and Preeti heave a sigh of relief. They join the guests again. Tai ji asks them if they drowned the ring box in tears. Munna and Pundit tease them to hurry up. Rakesh is about to retort but Mama ji tells them to spare the kids today.

Photographer asks Naina and Sameer to make different poses and look at each other. Munna jokes that they have been looking at each other since school time. Click our photos too.

Sameer and Naina tell each other to wait and watch for the ring. They both insist that they took the right size

Pundit ji asks the bride’s father to do teeka of the groom. Anand makes Rakesh step forward and complete the ritual. Rakesh also gives a chain to Sameer. Mami ji whispers to her husband about the gift. It is Vishakha’s turn to do Naina’s tilak now. They don’t give her anything. Tai ji asks her husband if they don’t wish to give anything. Bela asks Sameer’s family if they are forgetting anything. Mami ji clearly asks her if they are asking about the gifts. Mama ji adds that they have bought way too much for their girl. Mami ji says we will gift them to her in our function in the evening. Bela points out that shagun is happening now. Bobby tells Vishakha to give something as they are insisting. Vishakha takes out 5k. Mama ji says they got money to hold the wedding. Everyone claps as Vishakha gives shagun to Naina. Mama ji loudly starts singing Happy Birthday song. Mami jis tops him. He apologizes saying that he had too many Frooti’s. Anand, Rakesh, Sameer and Naina look upset. Sameer notices Naina’s unhappy face.

Bela gives ring to Naina.

Mama ji wonders if it is real gold or if it is fake. Vishakha gives the ring to Sameer too. She notices the tag on it. Mami ji says I am mad. I forgot to take out the 28k tag. Everyone starts whispering about the amount and ring. Few ladies also gossip that the alliances wasn’t fixed for no reason.

Sameer tells Naina to check the ring size but she says we cannot try anymore. It has made the buzz already. It is too late to try.

Voiceover – Sameer:
What is a wedding without an engagement and what is an engagement without fights or arguments. They will continue always!

Mama ji applauds his wife for the tag idea. It has created a rage.

Bobby says one can arrange an entire wedding in 28k. We had to give up before Sameer’s demands! Rakesh is unhappy hearing them boast about the money. It would have been better if we had lost the ring instead. Vishakha asks him what he means. Anand stops him from saying anything. He covers it up. Vishakha advises Naina to keep the ring safely. You couldn’t keep Sameer’s ring safely but this is too expensive. Mami ji repeats the price. Sameer looks at Naina’s face. Vishakha asks Sameer to make Naina wear the ring but he refuses. Everyone gets tensed.

Mami ji asks Vishakha if Sameer is cancelling now. Vishakha does not mind the delay but Bobby is sure it is some new drama. He is super mad after her! Mama ji too tells his sister to look at Sameer’s face. He is about to blast.

Sameer says when I came to Ahmedabad and went to school, I dint like Naina in the first glance. I thought we are no match. I was a rich guy from English Medium background and Naina was from a Hindi Medium background. Naina looks at Sameer.

Have you ever sat in a train passing through big tunnels because of which everything becomes dark suddenly? It felt that way only that day. I was so unhappy with Sameer for his outburst that day but the turnout was great. In a while you too will find out what the outcome was!

Precap: Both the families are engaged in a serious discussion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Cant wait for tomorrow s episode

  2. Today’s episode was quiet dramatic. Literally didn’t like the way Sameer’s family (especially Mama & Mami) were taunting Naina’s family again and again on frootili it was too much. Superb acting done by Naina it was so real for second I was feeling pity on her there were no such dialogues but expressions were bang on. If anyone noticed there was a tear drop on Naina’s cheek when everyone was talking about the ring acting was that real. At starting I thought only shikanji is repaced with Frootili but whole beverage menu was replaced. And Mama, Mami, Booby & even Vishakha were very annoying their behavior was so bad specially when Mama Ji start singing Happy Birthday song.
    Today for a second I felt that Sharad’s family treated Naina’s family much better as compared to Sameer’s family treated or behaved today. But precap was good “Tayab Ali Pyaar Ka Dushman Haye Haye” ??. All are pyaar ke dushman expect Chacha Ji, Chachi Ji & Preeti. In whole episode only precap made smile a bit (because of such a relevant song) otherwise I was not able to smile in today’s episode even Munna & Pundit failed to make the drama little lighter for me.

    1. no vidha thats not true ,you know when had her leg hurt due to falling of notice board , the sharad family made her walk despite so much pain ,

      and they were also talking “pehle shaadi ho jane do ,phir chun chun ke dahez nikalenge in logon se ” ,only mamiji did purposely didn’t removed tag ,and that why bobby and vishakha got chance to taunt naina about ring price ,it was sameer who sameer who had naina tear and decided to not put ring on naina finger

      don’t worry in next episode the first scene they would be exchanging rings ,then afterwards at their respective homes family would be discussing about night engagement ,gifts and all

      1. Tarun I know that how bad Sharad and his family was I am just saying that Sameer’s family is insulting Naina’s family way too much. They were discussing about the ring’s price and then PJs on Frootili which was really annoying.

    2. ya i know when vishakha gave 5000 rs to naina ,mamiji or mamaji told inki shaadi ka kharcha nikal gya , starting scene when anand asks sameer family members to start the engagement ceremony ,mamaji deliberately says we thought we are here for pralay birthday party by drinking too much frooty
      tab mujhe mamaji pe itna gussa aya na

      also bobby says 28k ring main to ek admi ki shaadi ho jati

      also vishakha says ye wali ring to tumne gum
      hone se bacha li ,magar isko sambhal ke rakna kyunki 28k ki hai

      and rakesh sir ka kya kehna ,always blaming others

      and when mamaji started singing happy birthday ,mamiji laughs hystericaly

      loved cute fight between naina between sameer over the topic of frooty ,nimbu pani and ring

      if you listen to last dialogue of naina in today you will get a clear idea

      also sameer voice over says aaj maine sher likha hai ,shaadi se pehle sagai na ho ,aur sagai main jagda na ho to ,to sagai ka maza nai ata

  3. I am beginning to hate Sameers family more and more each day especially Mamaji and mamiji.
    Very disappointed and why do them two keep
    Boasting about their money. I am right to say it’s not even theirs!! Mamaji is running Sameers Nanajis business. I actually wished that all those slaps Rakesh has been giving Sameer since the beginning of the serial he would of given them to mamiji today.

  4. Arey what is happening on this serial. We loved it because it had sweet things of the 1990s. But even in this there is so much drama. I think Naina should make things clear and tell Sameer’s family that they should respect her family despite the social differences. Having money doesn’t make them sophisticated, being empathetic does.

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I don’t like the episode! Mama ji, Mami ji are really insulting naina family!

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