Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer returns to Nanu’s house

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to his Nanu’s house. His voiceover tells that he had returned after a year. Servant sees Sameer and says I was missing you. He takes his stuff inside and says Vishaka chachi haven’t told me. Sameer thinks I asked her not to tell. Mama ji comes and hugs him. He says whenever I see you, I see your Nanu, he was like a god to me. He says Nanu told me everything and thought me as a kid. He says I will hold your hand all life. Sameer smiles. Mami comes and does his aarti. She tells that they have shifted since Vishaka told them to shift, and calls him hero like nephew. Kamlesh Mama ji tells that still she thinks of her Mayka in Mumbai. Bhabhi Poonam comes and says breakfast is ready. She brings breakfast. Poonam asks him about Delhi. Mami asks her to bring chutney. Sameer asks about his sister. Mami says she is happy. She asks when will Devang come. Poonam says he said that he will come soon. Mami scolds her for talking to her husband on call. Devang comes and greets Sameer. He says he brought sweets for them. Mami says you must have brought it as your wife said. Devang tells that she doesn’t know its taste. Poonam keeps her foot on his foot. He coughs. She whispers that she likes it. Sameer smiles seeing it.

Rakesh asks Arjun to wash his car. Arjun says ok. Shefali comes to him and asks if he is cleaning the car. He says yes. Shefali keeps her foot on the pipe. Arjun asks her to move her foot and says you must have kept your foot on pipe mistakenly. Shefali says she wants to hear from him what he wanted to tell. Arjun is silent and feels shy. Rakesh scolds Arjun and asks him to wash car. Shefali moves her foot from the pipe and the water falls on his face. Preeti asks why you are bathing here? Arjun asks them to go inside. Shefali says bye Arjun. Preeti tells Naina that Arjun is in love with Shefali. Naina says she don’t agree. Her voiceover tells that even I couldn’t find out when love was blossoming between Arjun and Shefali.

Mami asks Sameer to have food. Sameer says I had it outside. Mami says Poonam makes nice food. Devang tells that they have to order new dryers. Mama ji asks Sameer to say what to do. Sameer says just as you think is right. Mama ji hugs him and says you made me happy. He asks his son to order new things for factory. Sameer asks Poonam to have something. Poonam eats with her husband’s plate. Mami scolds her. Sameer asks what she will make in lunch and asks her to make tinde. Poonam says ok, she makes tasty tinde. Sameer says like Naina.

Naina calls Munna and Pandit and tells that there is something wrong with Sameer. She reads his short letter. Munna asks her not to get tensed. Pandit takes the call and says Sameer must be busy with adjustment and he didn’t call us since many days or wrote any letters. He says Sameer will call once he gets chance. Naina ends the call. She plays Pooja’s marriage cassette. Her voiceover tells that Anand chacha got VCR home permanently. She says everyone used to think that she is missing Pooja, but actually she was seeing Sameer in the video and used to pause video on his pic. Bela comes and says since VCR came, Naina saw Pooja’s video many times. Preeti says for jija ji. Naina says for Pooja di. Preeti sings dil hai ke manta nahi. Same song plays…

Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina didn’t know that he is very close to her, but he was searching ways to go away from her. Mama ji brings Patel college’s form. Sameer says my marks is less. Mamaji says he will get the admission done. Poonam says all toppers take admission there. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he knew that Naina will get admission there and that’s why he don’t want to take admission there.

Munna, Pandit, Naina and Preeti get excited about going to college.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Episode was simply good..
    Happy to see Sameer’s new family….
    Mundit U both Consoles Ur Bhabhi very well?
    Now feeling sad for Naina unaware of Sameer’s presence in Ahmedabad…
    Sameer.. Y U think to make distance from Naina?? Yeh Ladka Pagal hai…
    Precap- Reminds my College Excitements…
    Gud nt guys..?

  2. Mama.mami introduction super . Bhabhi and her hub Devang comedy …sameer makes smile..this servant is innocent and loyal to nanaji and family……naina telepathy is telling that. something wrong to sameer….. I think nanaji helped this family in many ways that gratitude they are helping sameer..wait and watch mamaji or any other villan in the family …..

  3. Hi I love this episode I.I wrote and send not update.

  4. Hii introduction of new mama mami. Is good..poonam and devang jodi fine …..naina telepathy is telling something is wrong to sameer ……old but this young servant is innocent and loyal….I think. Nanaji helped this family ..that why they become good position ..that gratitude they are helping …….anyway no villon in mamaji family that is important..
    They should support sameer. moraly as well as his business

  5. Please do not add many Characters in the serial They seems such a boring

  6. Lokesh

    So cllg begins.

  7. good episode, still waiting for samaina’s reunion.

    Deb- Howz ur health??

  8. Nice episode. I hope mamaji’s family ? will help Sameer. Shefali aur arjun ki innocent romance is so cute. For every luv story in Nirmal jyothi society, rakesh is villain.
    After nanu’s death ☠, may be in 2-3 weeks they’ll start the college track we thought. But It became 2 and a half months, till now they didn’t start the college track. Waiting for samaina’s reunion.

  9. Episode was good. It’s nice that Mama ji’s family had all positive characters. Shejun cute. Waiting for Samaina reunion.
    But I don’t think they’ll unite this week also. I hope I’m wrong.

  10. P_lata

    Yo…college scenes are coming…..they must bring the new charm to the story….


    1. Don’t worry here’s the spoiler for you..Shashi Sumeet Production has been churning out interesting twists and turns in its Sony Entertainment Television’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai.
      As per the plot, the track will shift from school to college and the story will revolve around their college drama.
      In the coming episode, Naina (Ashi Singh) will see Sameer (Randeep Rai) in the market and will run behind him. Sameer will not notice Naina and would leave on his bike. Naina will tell Munna and Pandit to find out about Sameer’s whereabouts. Munna and Pandit will come to Sameer’s house but Sameer will tell his Bhabhi to not reveal he being here. Bhabhi will tell them that Sameer doesn’t stay with them.
      Soon, they would get disappointed and would be about to leave but Munna will see him through a mirror. The two will enter his room from the window and would catch him. They will confront him about lying to them and Naina. Sameer will explain his situation and would tell him to hide the truth from Naina.
      On the other day, Sameer and Naina will fill the form of a same college and will go for enrollment. Both will stand in a queue for form submission. Soon, Sameer will realize that he is not carrying a pen and would ask from the person standing in front of him. Later, he will also ask someone else. Naina will also be in the same line and fortunately, only she would have a pen and she will pass the same.
      Later, Naina will ask for her pen again and during this process, Naina and Sameer will finally come face to face. Naina will be glad to see Sameer. However, Sameer will ignore her and run away. This will confuse her and she will go behind him.
      Furthermore, Naina will fail to witness a car coming from other side. However, Naina’s hero Sameer will save her.
      Will Sameer and Naina again come close to each other?
      Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with him.
      Keep reading IWMBuzz for more updates.

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