Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: A sackful of secrets pop out on Christmas eve

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina gestures Sameer to take the mic. Sameer sings a song. The game resumes. Nirmala ji is also out of the game now. It is just Naina, Sejal, Sahiba and Maan. Nirmala ji makes an upset face. Sahiba and Maan keep offering their seat to the other but neither of the sits. They are also out of the game. Maan holds Sahiba’s hand sweetly as they watch Naina and Sejal play. Naina sits first but Sejal sits at the same time. They hold each other sweetly and share a hug. Everyone claps seeing that except Vanita. People praise Sameer for his talent. Preeti adds that he should also try his hand at singing. Shivani gives a gift to Sameer. He reminds her that the winner is Naina and Sejal. Naina hides her smile.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Those who have seen 1990’s know that the party maybe boring but a gift used to bring so much happiness. We too got very excited seeing the gift that day but we had no idea what all surprises were due for us by the time the party would be over!

Voiceover – Sameer:
Societies were very different back then. People used to share their pain and happiness in that time unlike today. Naina and I were trying our best to bridge the gap but only time will tell whether we will succeed or not!

Rakesh looks at the gift and appreciates it. Naina gives it to Nirmala ji instead. We wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for you. You deserve a right on this and all the other gifts that we will win! Nirmala ji calls it an emotional moment. She asks Sameer about his acting class. Naina says he cancelled the plan as you said it is costly. He said we wont go against your word. Nirmala ji says I am no God to give orders. Go ahead if you can learn something. He will earn again! Naina nods. She also tells Rakesh to give money to Sameer if the acting classes are helpful. He reminds her that she refused earlier. She again speaks in favour of the classes and gives her permission for it. Sameer happily accepts her decision.

Gopal compliments Sameer on his song. We heard something good after a long time today or we always get to hear Jatin’s faltering voice! Jatin and Vanita make faces. Gopal is in favour of letting Maheshwari’s live. Rakesh thanks him. Gopal says something is still left to improve but time will fix it (hinting at Rakesh). Preeti and Jatin second him. Shubham diverts them towards food. Jatin sings a song while looking at Vanita. She walks away unhappily.

Nirmala says I don’t believe it but you guys have won the hearts of society members. Remember that you wont be able to get over the lies till the time you are here.

Aditya meets his friends. They are drinking alcohol.

Preeti tells Shubham to eat slowly. Everyone is looking at you. He speaks of the money they have paid for the event. She says as per economics, we have eaten something too. He says you guys haven’t made use of Rs 150. I am eating the maximum!

Naina and Sameer hold a glass at the same time. She gets conscious. We just got permission to stay here. Do you want us to be thrown out today itself? He replies that they wont stay here forever. Look at Maan and Sahiba. She reasons that they have permission for it. He speaks of rebellion. Let’s get out of here. I am going out now. You can come in few minutes.

Guard is speaking to someone when Sameer comes outside. He notices Sameer leaving. I don’t get paid to keep an eye on people though! Let’s leave it.

Shubham is eating food which will make up for his investment. Jatin asks him to come out for a stroll. I will pay you the money which is remaining. Guard gives a cigarette to Jatin who goes out for smoke alone.

Naina is outside. Sameer pulls her to a corner startling her. She complains that no one is here. He jokes that this is why he brought her here. She advises him to control his emotions. We have gained something today since we came to Mumbai! He says we came here to celebrate that only. He shows chocolate. She teases him if it is from Shivani. He denies. She says the houses are small in Mumbai but I think we will be able to make some space in the hearts of the people of this society finally. He leans closer for a kiss but she is hesitant. They feed chocolate to each other sweetly and hold each other. Jatin is nearby. He smokes in a corner.

Voiceover – Naina:
You know that we were staying in the society because of a lie but do you think we were the only ones hiding something? No! There were others also who were hiding their own secrets. They were dangerous to their health too! Their secrets, when combined, wont match the danger Vanita was!

Vanita asks the guard about Naina and Sameer. He shares that they are outside. Vanita gets curious.

Aditya can smell a burning smell and looks around. Seems as if someone is smoking cigarette. He friends suggest leaving but Aditya decides to check who it is!

Voiceover – Sameer:
You guys must have seen horror movies. Think of a secluded place in the dark, no one is around yet you hear footsteps! You will skip a breath after all! We were in the same situation. The situation was so crucial that 3 secrets could be revealed in one go!

Aditya notices smoke coming out of a container nearby and falls for it.

Naina tells Sameer that they must focus on his dream of becoming a hero. He speaks of making her CA. We have get out of this pit of lies and show the world that our love is no less than Maan and Sahiba’s love. She says you seem to be jealous of someone else’s love. We will surely roam together openly. He points at her lips. She shakes her head feeling shy /scared (thinking of a kiss) but he pins her to the wall. He wipes the chocolate off her lips. Kuch Na Kaho plays as they share a long, romantic eye lock.

Precap: All the society members come outside the society gate looking for someone. Jatin, Aditya, Naina and Sameer are still busy in their own things.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. especially the episode was really nice , hope you all too have enjoyed it,it was said in today episode Christmas celebration were celebrated in society in Mumbai in those days, and all society residents would come and enjoy, eagerly waiting for next week episode , nothing like vanita accusing naina of cheating in today episode as were being predicted ,

  2. Yes right tarun, un dinon in 90’s, christmas was celebrated in societies of mumbai, in 1994, i went chembur, mumbai to my uncle house during christmas …and there i enjoyed a lot …santa gave toffees and gifts

  3. this serial has gone beyond the past entertainment nowadays no one care what happened in those days all are busy in smartphones lol

  4. Such a nice episode

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