Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina slaps Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is talking heartily over a cup of tea. Sameer meets his mother. Mama ji suggests that they all should go on a trip but they share that they have come here to admit Rohan in IIM. Vishakha tells that they have come to finalise his admission and hostel. Mami ji says we have a house here. Why will he stay in hostel? Rohan’s father replies that he wants Rohan to stay away from bad company. Everyone goes quiet. Vishakha suggests Sameer to apply in IIM too. Rohan’s father mocks Sameer. He can barely pass. How will he get admitted there? Poonam speaks positively about Sameer. He will top this time. Sameer recalls how he couldn’t give exams this time. He avoids the conversation father. Rohan’s father says I can bet he will barely score 45-50%. Mama ji and Mami ji excuse themselves

to make preps for everyone.

Bela is knitting A on Anand’s shift. Naina asks her about it. Anand suggests her to put his photo on his every shirt as well. She happily goes to bring the photos. Naina and Anand smile. Phone rings. Anand goes inside on the pretext of some file. Naina picks the call. Sameer asks her what she was doing. She says she was missing a sweet, mad guy. Vishakha enters. Sameer tries to end the call. Naina understands that someone is there. Sameer affirms. Mummy is here. Naina says now you would understand how difficult it is to talk in front of family. Vishakha asks Sameer who is on call. Sameer takes Pundit’s name. Naina asks Sameer to say I love you. He ends the call in haste. Munna says anything. His mom says you just said it was Pundit. Sameer diverts the topic. Vishakha gives him a gift in advance for his results.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
Whenever I was trouble, I used to share it with Munna and Pundit. They could get me out of the problem anyhow. I hid this problem from them too. I was unable to think of anything. Result was due next day. I was worried thinking what I will tell Mummy tomorrow.

Next morning, everyone is checking the results. Naina has topped again. Preeti has scored 45%. The sisters share a hug. Their friends have passed as well. Naina checks Sameer’s result. He is marked as absent for all the tests. Fail? She recalls Sameer’s hesitations while going in the exam hall. She thinks of his excuses. Sameer comes there too and does not see her initially. He goes to look at the results and finds Naina there. She looks at him in shock. He begins to explain when she walks away. Munna and Pundit ask him about his result but he goes.

Kartik and his friends are checking their results too. Munna and Pundit see Sameer and Naina’s result.

Naina comes to a classroom. Sameer follows her. Listen to me. She asks him what she should hear now. I don’t understand how it happened. You were studying religiously and went inside the classroom right in front of my eyes. How did it happen? He reasons that he did it for good. She keeps his hand over her head. Tell me the truth. Sameer ends up telling her the truth. She reprimands him for not thinking that he will lose one year. She says we listen to our mind in such cases. He says our names would have been on the board together. We would have failed together if I had told your name to Ma’am! I can hear it if someone will raise questions and blame us. I wont be able to bear it if someone will question you! Please try to understand. She slaps him. You listened to your heart following what you wanted but did you think how I will feel after knowing that you lost a year because of me? I became topper but you ended up losing your entire year! What was the need to act like a hero? You could have taken my name. You are mad. You dint do the right thing. Sad song plays in the background. Sameer makes a fist of his hands. Sameer thinks of Vishakha’s words.

Anand is talking to someone to arrange dollars for him. Bela is unable to understand any of it. He explains that American Dollar is used in America. She compares the price and exchange amount. He explains the concept to her. If the economy will work like this then one day Dollar will be very expensive.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Chacha ji was right. Dollar rate is indeed shooting up the sky. I wonder if a day will come when one rupee will be equivalent to 80 USD.

Preeti excitedly tells her result at home. Her parents smile hearing it. They hug Naina after hearing her result. Bela and Preeti go inside. Anand asks Naina how much Sameer scored. She keeps quiet. There was too much crowd. I was so excited after seeing my result that I couldn’t meet him. He asks her to call him and ask. She tries averting it but in vain. Anand is hopeful he will score really good marks. Naina recalls his result.

Sameer comes to his room and his landline is ringing. He paces in the room for a while. Anand takes the phone from Naina. Sameer picks it just then. He talks to Anand calmly. Anand asks him how much he scored in exams.

Precap: Sunaina comes to Sameer’s home. She has told them something which worries everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Seriously too much of Naina yrr 😣…I am fed up of this ‘dil v/s dimaag’ drama…What do you feel guys…Has anyone seen even a little guilt on Naina’s face??
    And what she said”Bta diya hota mera naam…Jo hota dekha jata”… Really Naina??We all know what was her reaction when Sameer told her about Principal’s deal…(may be in joke but he was seeing how would Naina react if he would take her name..) and after observing her reaction only he decided not to tell her name…
    She has to understand that Sameer has sacrificed his career,his respect for her and because of her .She should be with him and take him out of the situation instead of slapping him and leaving him alone…
    And now one thing is clear…Naina neither thinks with brain not by heart…I would rather say that she doesn’t think at all and react to situation without thinking…Even for thinking by brain you need to be calm and cool not like Naina who is either aggressive or too scared…
    One happy news from today’s episode is only that we may soon witness Rohan-Preeti love story…as Rohan will come to Ahemdabad for studies…(but only if makers give importance to other love stories in the show)…
    Thank God Sunaina is not there for Rishta kind of thing till now but to tell that Sameer has not given exams and failed…
    I hope not but there are high chances that Sunaina will now instigate Vishakha against Naina as she done with Swati…😥

  2. Naina u again proved ur so selfish nd dumb
    Nd ya please watch ur double standards wen he said he took ur name u was like mere chacha mere family mere reputation nd nw saying u should hav taken my name
    Bhoj kyu kar rahi ho
    Hw dare u slap him just bcz he loves u r always taking advantage of his love nd humilating him evrynw nd then
    Fr once u didnt evn thought wat sameer said
    U dont deserve him at all
    He did this fr u nd he has no option still he went fr u .bt a person like dont deserve sameer
    I think d writer s shashi dats y she s always making naina luk like mahaan nd male leaf as failure nd a cause of humilation fr evry1

  3. Don’t make Naina like naira of yrkkh-stupid, great, and oversmart.
    How the hell did she have the courage to slap Sameer? Did Sameer tough to her? Make fun of her? Catcall her? Then? Why did she slap him? Her action is not justified at all. I felt so so bad for Sameer. Already the poor guy has lost a year, in top of that he got slapped by the very girl he took such a huge risk for. I laughed when she said Sameer thinks about himself (main main main) when it’s always the opposite; Naina is the one who says main, mera Bhai, mere chachaji, meri family, Meri best friend Swati, meri studies, meri opportunities. Where was her anger and frustration and hurt when kartik hugged her?

    The problem with Naina is she takes people for granted, and when the go away is when she does it all to get them back. I kind of felt sweet looking at Sunaina for the first time ever, her face when Sameer walked off behind Naina, it was the same kind of expression she had before Sameer broke her heart. I hope she doesn’t instigate, instead tell that Sameer has not given exams only. This vishakha and her husband also had to come now only?

    And why did Sameer lose a year? Don’t they have supplementary system? Because one guy in that list failed so they put him for supplementary paper. Even engineering papers have carry over system, what kind of college is this.

    Naina is losing respect for herself. Instead of politely talking and comforting Sameer, or going and confronting principal, she slapped him and hurt him with her words, doesn’t matter what her intention was. And now why is she standing like a statue in front of Anand? She should have the guys to tell him, no chahchaji, Sameer didn’t give his exams because he felt my honour was more important because I did the mistake of hurting him so I had to talk to him in a room which I locked from inside and I hugged him and kissed him and that’s why he’s in trouble. Badi aayi, to tell bata deta Mera naam, jo hoga dekha jaata. And if he had told, she would have cried, made promises to her family that she won’t meet Sameer, and say yes to another Sharad and make Sameer some sanyasi again.

    This girl has all her priorities wrong. She runs behind people who don’t care for her and belittles people who do. And acts like she’s strong, smart, but is nothing but ungrateful, insecure, self and family centered who can’t see th sacrifices others make for her. And I’m not one bit regretting bashing her today. Out of all these plots where she’s behaved very unlike Naina Agarwal, this one tops the list. Unless they show an active intervention from her and justify her actions, there’s no way I’ll love her the way I did before. I hope makers again surprise us viewers like how they always do.

    1. Excellent and logical analysis.

  4. Very well said Sunshine……. it is very hurting to say that Naina proves that she is the daughter of Rakesh Agarwal and she never has any qualities of Chachaji who always taught her to think and understand the person’s situation and the nature.

    Now Naina has to pay her deed, obviously Sameer will go with his mother’s decision now atleast to save his mother’s respect…..really i feel so bad for Sameer ( when he decided to move on leaving Naina again this girl made him to fall for her and ruin his life) now i can say it is purely Naina’s mistake…

    she has not done anything (even a slap) with Karthik but she slap sameer too much… though we all know that Samaina will unite in this serial i personally feel that Naina doesnot deserve Sameer and she deserve only Sharad…… Last two episodes i feel that Sunaina is caring for Sameer a lot because of him only she changed very arrogant……but that concern of sunaina will make Vishakha to feel that she must be the perfect match for Sameer (even mami and mama like her) and also sameer will accept the proposal.All this happens only because of Naina who always think about her(sorry to say this she is selfish) Let makers should change the track and i don;t want sameer to go behind Naina now….anymore and it should be Naina who has to think and save sameer’s future….

    Naina has to think that what makes Sameer to take such decision- He informed her but she only think about her family that time not even a single word about his future and started crying and now she confront him not fair.

    shashiji not happy with your serial – please make sure that your serial should have real fact to some extent else we feel it is unrealistic and lose interest.

    1. I totally agree with you Devi. She has proved that she is Rakesh Agarval’s daughter. She doesn’t deserve Sameer at all. I really want to see her suffer without Sameer.

  5. Agree with Sunshine ,what a frustration .Who the hell she is to slap a guy who love her more than his own life. She has lost all her respect in my eyes .She should at least once asked him that why he did not informed her and took the decision alone.Instead of just judging him and slapping him . She is always taking Sameer for granted and who slap their boyfriends /husband like this . Out of respect also is not accepted. This was exaggeration for these scene I guess.
    She should have told the truth to chachaji na,How come she came directly home .If she is always concerned about Sameer ,she should have gone to principal’s office and confessed it .
    Hating Naina ..Now m scared if Sameer will get ready to marry someone else. OMG can’t take it.
    I feel like it’s not Sameer but I have failed in an exam ..Pity for Sameer, love him for what he is always doing for his love and damn she does not care and slapping him.

  6. Ok what should Naina do now ,instead she should be happy Sameer loves her so much ,he sacrificed his studies for her,then again one more situation will arise again Sameer would do again the same thing destroy his life for others or Naina ,and Naina should be greatful for him,

  7. These writers are creating difficult situation for both , Samir didnt had any other solution ( being the Hero) but slapping cant not be justified.

    Now Samir has to handle his emotions , family taunting

    Very bad position

  8. Akanksha bhardwaj

    Naina was wrong no doubt. This show was close to reality…that was the usp of this show but showing naina mahaan in each and every situation they are loosing their edge. And no principle can stop a student from sitting in exams..for such reason…and that too with out calling his parents. So this is just ridiculous.

    1. True… students are expelled only in serious cases…. in my college 2 students were caught while dey were kissing each other….bt dey were nt expelled even frm class… so dis story looks unrealistic. …

  9. The makers are building the story to prove that Vishaka’s judgment on naina was right and
    Sameer is slowly realising it. Sunaina would take advantage of this situation and move close to the kamlesh mama’s family to impress them and get convinced to think of a proposal with Sameer which would frustrate Naina. Sameer would also try to keep away from Naina. Chachaji is also away to US ! Now how would Naina come out of this predicament and take a recourse ? The serial has picked up an interesting twist ! Let us see how it goes !

    1. I don’t think it will go that route, neither Naina is practical and nor Vishaka”s judgement is right in respect to Naina,if Naina would have been practical ,she would not slap Sameer,she slapped him for his own good,

  10. today anger was justified by naina ,she did by right by slapping sameer ,in fact she loved him so much she couldn’t see him fail . i hope principal maam will give chance to sameer to write his exams agains ,i hope for happy ending

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