Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer uses Shivani to get into the Christmas Party

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna is talking to Sameer in typical Mumbai style. Why dint scientist made something because of which we could see each other! I wanted to see you and show you what I am wearing right now! Sameer guesses it correctly. Munna says the connection is strong yet I miss those days.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is good that back then you could only hear the voice. Video chats don’t hide anything these days. But if you had a friend like Munna then he could still sense everything by hearing your voice!

Naina is eager to talk to Munna but Sameer wants to talk to him first. He asks Sameer about his meeting with Anant Sir. Sameer lies to him and ends the call hurriedly. Naina notices his sad face and sits next to him. She wipes his tears. He says this is why I lied to Munna. He would have felt bad if he knew the truth. Naina nods. Sameer says he was very happy. My dream of becoming Hero isn’t mine alone. She assures him that everything will be fine by this Christmas. He asks her how. She says we came here but there have been many misunderstandings since then. I will make aunty agree for the acting classes. He teases her and ends up smiling. She speaks of a poem written by Harivansh Rai Bacchan. He remarks that she is exactly her Papa’s daughter. She replies that they will fulfil all their dreams this time.

Voiceover – Naina:
Everyone prays that Santa fulfils their wishes every year near Christmas. I don’t know if Santa exists in reality but there are people who turn things around in our favour by acting like our Santa!

Rakesh tells Naina and Sameer that Nirmala ji has called them over tomorrow. Sameer wonders how he finds out whenever they are about to romance. She smiles as he pulls her closer.

Shubham’s sister is watching TV. Shubham complains to Preeti about the electricity bill.

Voiceover – Naina:
Shubham was Santa for Preeti who could fulfil her dream of salon.

Shubham asks Preeti if there are lice in her hair. Ma has a good oil if it’s true! She says should I not kill them before that happens. She angrily switches on the lights and goes inside. Shubham complains of economics again. He tells his sister to lower the volume a little.

Shivani is watching TV. Made in India song is coming. Shivani imagines herself and Sameer in the video.

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer was Shivani’s Santa who could fulfil her dreams of love.

Next morning, Naina and Sameer have come to meet Nirmala ji. She tells Naina that no one believes her story of her fake husband. I suggest you to skip Christmas Party. What if the truth comes out? I will also be pushed out of society. Only a few days are left. You will be permanent once you complete a month here! You can celebrate then. Sameer says you are right but. Naina stops him.

Sameer asks Naina why she stopped him. We are forced to take permission for every little thing. We must go. She finds sense in Nirmala ji’s words but he announces that they will go to the party certainly. I know you really want to go. He notices Shivani from his balcony and thinks of something. We will go in the party at any cost. She is worried about Nirmala ji but Sameer promises her that they will go to the party at any cost.

Rakesh receives many wrong number calls. He scolds the caller eventually. I am saying that there isn’t any Sunita here but the guy isn’t listening! The landline rings again. Sameer picks it this time. He too tells the same thing but Shivani tells him that her name is Shivani. I gave you my number but you dint call me. He lies that he forgot about that. He recalls his promise to Naina. I was about to call you but its good that you called me yourself. She smiles. I can read your heart now. Have you heard the made in India song? He denies. She asks him to pick the phone after hearing a missed call tone. I have planned a surprise for you in the party. I hope you will like it. He says it is no point as we aren’t coming. She tells him not to make excuses. He says we wish to come but everyone doubts us so much especially your Bhabhi. Now even Nirmala ji has advised us against going. She realises that he is afraid of Vanita. He shrugs. She wont like it. let it be. She asks him to come. I wont like it though.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I knew that I dint do the right thing but once I became friends with Shivani, I told her everything honestly. She dint mind at all. I was right when I said it wasn’t an easy thing to find a friend like Shivani back in those days.

Naina asks Sameer about the call when he keeps the phone down. He jokes that it was God. We have been ordered to go to the party. She tells him to drop the idea but he stays put.

Voiceover – Naina:
I found out about Sameer’s game next time but I did realise that Sameer and I could do anything for each other! We had to doubt anything and everything to fulfil our dream after all!

Shivani tells Vanita about Sameer not coming to the party. Vanita asks her why she is so worried about Sameer. Shivani says none of them are coming just because Bhabhi doubts them. Jatin murmurs that it isn’t something new but covers up his lie when Vanita asks her. Shivani gets angry. Please book my train. I will go to Mummy. Vanita asks her if she should book her ticket in Tatkal. Shivani denies. I have my classes due. Let’s call Mummy over instead. Vanita panics and starts making excuses. I will talk to Nirmala ji. She can invite everyone. Shivani thanks her and goes. Jatin says she has taken after me. Vanita advises him to keep a tab on her. You wont be able to control her! He says it wont happen. Vanita threatens him a little but he takes it lightly as always.

Naina jumps after attending a call. She tells Sameer that Nirmala aunty has asked them to come to the party. Vanita asked her to invite us. He acts innocent but she says you have changed after coming to Mumbai. You aren’t as innocent as you were always. He tries to present his stance but she holds his hands. I don’t mind that but I am curious about the party and the surprise which Shivani has planned for you.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It was time to be a part of the celebrations. It was yet to be seen if we would be able to become a part of the society or not!

Precap: Everyone is having fun at Christmas Party.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. enough timeperiod for this show always dragging in name of sameer and naina now nobody cares for undino all care about ache din by modiji now

    1. If you don’t like please stop watching,no one is forcing you to watch ,there are plenty of serials of in dinon ,you can watch it

  2. i really enjoyed today very much ,i have no complaints, Sameer was looking dashing in made in India song , only 90s born kids will know first pop song made by alisha chinay , proud to be born in 1990s , those who are born 1990s are so lucky ,they have seen mixture of 1990 -2000 ,vcr , video cassettes ,cds , landline telephone ,internet ,analog mobile phones ,first computers ,pagers

    one channel before cable that is doordarshan ,sunday rangoli ,

    really miss those days

    now coming to naina and sameer , they had plenty of dialogue in today episode , also preeti getting romantic with shubham ,
    in upcoming episodes shivani will play a major role in sameer life , nice precap

    1. you didn’t mention shaktimann lol

  3. here is the original video of made in India song

    enjoy ladies

  4. @modiji because shaktimaan serial started in 1997 ,if you don’t trust me , check Google , and naina and sameer are still in 1995 , soon they will enter 1996 , that is why didn’t mention shaktimaan

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