Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer returns home, Naina accepts her failure in exam

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with naina asking sameer to calm down his mind and stay with family nicely. Sameer promises her. She asks him to go home. Sameer says ok and ends the call. Rasta song plays….Dadi talks to her friend and tells that she felt bad about Rajeev Gandhi. Vishaka asks her to ask about Sameer. Dadi asks her friend and ends the call. Vishaka says if anything happens to him then she will not forgive herself. She says we will go to police. Dadi says then we will be blamed. Sameer calls at Mr. Sumani’s house and tells that he couldn’t get any transport. Dadi smiles happily, and don’t tell Vishaka that it was Sameer’s call. PCO owner locks it. Dadi thinks she don’t want to see Sameer. Her friends came there. Dadi stops Vishaka from going out and asks her to wait till guests leave. Sameer starts walking on road. Some guys come on bike and surround him. Sameer jumps and stand on their bike while they are riding it. They stop the bike and asks him to teach them the trick, and offer to drop him home. Sameer’s voiceover tells that it was that stunt which surprises the guys, and they gave him lift, very soon the same stunt was done by Ajay Devgan in phool aur kante film.

Guests are leaving. Vishaka says we shall leave now. Deepika says Sameer came. Vishaka gets emotional and cries. Deepika asks where did you go? Dadi says bye to her guests. Mr. Sumani asks where did you go? Sameer says I went to Ahmedabad. Mr. Sumani asks how can you be so irresponsible. Sameer says I was angry and that’s why went, but will not do it again. Dadi asks how did you go? Sameer says I went by train. Mr. Sumani asks about money. Sameer says he brought ticket with his fees money. Dadi says wasting hard earned money in air. Mr. Sumani taunts him. Vishaka says Sameer is fine and that’s enough. She says you would have called us, we would have come to airport. Sameer says he had called, Someone picked call and disconnected it. Mr. Sumani taunts Sameer and says your nana ji had spoiled you. Sameer recalls naina’s words and asks Vishaka to get him admitted in school. Mr. Sumani says your admission is done in a reputed school, just fees needs to be paid which I will pay again, and asks him not to do this again, else the door will be shut for him in his house.

Pralay asks why TV is not coming. Rakesh says it is a national mourning today. Anand says Naina got good marks. Tai ji says I wonder how did she get the marks. Rakesh argues that she can’t digest her daughter’s happiness. Tai ji asks Preeti if they got fake report. Arjun says she can’t do this. Anand asks Arjun about his specialization. Arjun says commerce. Naina comes there and tells that she has failed in the exam and got 32 marks in a subject. Everyone is shocked. Anand says I can’t believe this. Tai ji scolds her. Bela asks how did 3 became 8? Naina says she has changed it to save Preeti. Tai ji and Rakesh scold her. Tai asks Rakesh to see Naina’s doings. Arjun asks naina why she couldn’t concentrate on studies. Rakesh is about to slap her, but Anand stops him. He tells that Naina must be pressurized because of our bet that she will come first. He believes that Naina will come first again. Naina hugs him and says I will never break your trust. Her voiceover tells that because of her chacha ji’s trust, she became a top writer today.

Naina and Swati see Munna and Pandit fighting and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Nice episode only because, they confessed the truth to their parents, Tai ji became astrologer ????, Rakesh in support of Naina that’s gud, and chachaji the saviour finally settled everything under control, helpful Preeti as always, Arjun a caring brother, he saved her from slap, and scold her for the report cards, that’s gud abt him,saw care for sammer by Rohan and Dipika in their eyes, and at last that vamp dadi, ridiculous always scolds vishakha, and have control on her, poor vishakha. So finally Sameer skul jayega with Rohan, that’s gud they didn’t show goons fight with sammer,otherwise I was committed not to watch any more, thank god they befriended him, and no fights. Gud night everyone.

  2. Episode is good as usual but felt dadi should deserve a poetic justice by sameer…… How cunning n cruel she is….. Hate that character completely……. N today’s show topper is chachaji ?wow such a kind sweet hearted person who always supports n concerns about naina more than his own daughter preeti……. But really can’t think about the situation when n how will chachaji react to her love sameer…… I wonder how rohan n deepika are not like dadi n they’re opposite to dadi’s character, all credit goes to vishaka’s upbringing but hereafter she should concentrate on sameer too…… N the precap ?might be a silly n funny fight for sure

  3. Guys I really can’t understand a thing if naina is in 12th std means if she has failed in exam then how will she join college n how come the college track comes….. N if this test is like unit test or like cyclic test n not the main exam…… So whether she failed in main 12th exam? N other thing is that few weeks before 11th students including naina n preeti gave farewell party to 12th students including arjun……. N now they’re saying that she failed in 12th exam but still now Arjun has not joined any college within a year passed away… come its possible?

    1. San ur right I also have this doubt. And in which standard preeti was studuing, as she is not there in nainas class

    2. Lokesh

      It must be unit test, as boards results are not published in skul itself, it comes from board,and Sameer will go in skul with Rohan, that means for sure it was any unit test, and they both will be in skul only and rock on final exams or board. And abt farewell system, probably for preparation of boards, they might have given preparation leave called sent up period ( as per my mummy). And Arjun might have applied for cllg before his exams, as it happens like we have to give entrance tests to go in any cllg.

    3. she is in 11th not 10th

  4. THanks for a prompt update Hasan and your review Lokesh. One can get the gist of the episode. Waiting for everyone to comment at least the loyal commenters. Please also guess the next step that might happen.

    1. Lokesh

      Today might be last skul episodes, or for one more week, than the leap only.

  5. Nice episode. Naina is lucky to have a chachaji like anand. He supports her in all the ways. But why buddies munna and pandit are fighting?

  6. San and SAi
    It was a sweet convo betn SAmaina.
    San as per Chachajis convo with Preeti it seems it was one of the monthly unit tests. Naina will have opportunity to gain good marks. So she will top here and Sameer in Delhi ! They will keep their promises.
    Sameers outstanding performance and changed demeanor because of his promise to Naina will be a slap on dadis face.

    1. Yeah deb as you said it might be first unit test but rajiv gandhi died in may month how come first unit test will be held at the end of year….. N arjun still not joined in college at the end of the year too ?afsana preeti n naina are sisters with a few months difference preeti might be in another section n naina in another section dr…… But writers or editors just have missed some logical issues ??deb according to spoilers they say that during phone conversation sameer challenges naina to come to Delhi n she too accepts the challenge……. N she goes to Delhi to participate in a dance competition on behalf of her school n wins sameer’s challenge n they both meet each other in delhi school …..Really excited for this track

    2. But in the first episode nanina’s Voice over told that it was the last time she topped in the year 1889… after that ????

  7. Lokesh

    Abt precap it looks a like, they both r fighting to make Naina happy, and come out from sadness of being fail.i loved that result episode , when pandit says, ye kaise top kar gyi, ye kr skti hai to hum me kya kami hai,.


      hahaha… yeh munna aur pandit toh serial ki 2 kidney hai… ?…..
      Sameer waha Naina yaha kab aayega leap…?? .
      dekhthe hai aage kya hotha hai

  8. Today’s episode was amazing. But Munna and pandit should not fight. They both r awesome together. Naina should work hard to prove chachaji. This track is nice I am comfortable with this track.

  9. The maker are showing good values of 90’s in the serial though no one inspire with good things shown in movie or serials , they should continue with the positive side of life.

    but movies and serial always get blamed for wrong actions of random individuals.

  10. Well said Deb and thx for up coming message given by san. Lokesh giveshort notes about yesterday episode fine all r talented person . . First understand and write the comment is a talent
    5April episode was good sameer and naina under stood their response according to that they were responding to their families.good .
    March 11tth exam only revision test or monthly test .. annual will be in April .. I enjoy the serial…..then and there some logic missing . …. I couldn’t mention here . But net result is fine

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm that exam might be pre boards.

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