Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Christmas Party on the cards

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer whispers to Naina that his mood does not seem right. Let’s talk later. Naina asks for 40k from Sameer’s FD from Rakesh leaving him stunned. Why? She says it is needed for his acting classes. He replies that he gave this much money to Anand for marriage. We have just come here! She nods. All the stars have learnt acting from acting school only. The fee is 40k there. He asks her to check with Nirmala ji also as she wanted to know about the expenses beforehand.

Vanita asks Jatin about his day schedule. She gets alert when he mentions “she”. She finds out the details of the meeting. He thinks he is so stuck with a wife who constantly doubts me. She will start ringing in office since 11! Vanita repeats if she is coming alone. He reasons that she is Manager of her company. She will come with someone. Vanita tells him to still check again. People are so cunning these days. Take Naina for example. He asks her how does it matter to her. She asks him what if his sister marries in another caste. He says she is still young. Shivani tells her SIL not to worry. I have no such plans. Vanita asks her if she met someone in college. Shivani denies. Jatin and Shivani try to make fun of the situation but Vanita remains in the same state of mind. Shivani and Jatin sing a song in her absence to make fun of her.

Sameer and Naina’s request is put in front of Nirmala ji.

Voiceover – Naina:
Papa was right when he told us to take permission from our second MIL. We had a guardian and had to take permission to use our money from her whereas she thought we were asking her to give that money to us!

Nirmala ji tells Rakesh to give them money but he tells her to go ahead. You are their guardian. Naina seconds him.

Voiceover – Naina:
She looked as if we had asked for her entire property!

Nirmala ji says you can use 40k for the entire year. Preeti can teach acting. She is too good in it! You can also buy property with that money! Putting them in acting class is like wasting that money! Sameer requests her to say yes. I will get work then. Nirmala ji is reluctant. She asks Preeti to chip in who says everyone knows about their economics. Nirmala ji tells Rakesh that the amount is too huge. I cannot shell out so much money. Naina says we don’t need money but permission. Sameer also requests her to say yes. Papa will agree then only. Chacha ji gave our responsibility to you after all! Naina says we know that the money is too much but we assure you that we will multiply it ten times or more once Sameer starts acting.

Voiceover – Sameer:
There is always a person in the story who says no. That person was Nirmala ji in our story! We wouldn’t have been able to survive in Mumbai if it wasn’t for her! Naina was so sweet and I was, well, I was being me! I was only beginning to wonder if I will ever be able to do as I please or not!

Sameer is angry for not being able to make decisions for himself. He throws stuff angrily and is shouting on top of his voice. Nirmala ji and Preeti look on from the balcony. Rakesh and Naina are having a hard time controlling Sameer. He even stomps out angrily but they bring him back inside somehow. Naina pours water over his head eventually to calm him down.

Shubham comes to his room to ask something from Preeti but notices her quiet / upset. Please don’t do this. Shall I sing for you now? I wont give up till the time you smile. Should we go out for a movie? You can also shop and have dinner outside! Preeti thinks to make use of this opportunity as this occasion is very rare. Are you sure? He nods. Have I ever lied to you? She goes to get ready. Please tell Mummy ji. He asks her what is there to tell. She replies that they have to inform her as they are going outside. you just speak of a movie and dinner. Shubham says we can watch movie at home. Di is learning how to cook Chinese. Rest can be done later. She gives in. I don’t want anything else. Just let me do that course. Nirmala ji calls out to Preeti just then. Preeti goes out. Nirmala ji asks Preeti what she wants from Shubham this time. This is why you are buttering him right? Preeti dismisses it but Nirmala ji tells her to say it. It is anyways not going to work in your favour. My son wont fall in your sweet words at any cost.

Sameer and Naina look on as a landline is getting fixed in their house.

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer had cooled down by evening. He was also diverted because of the landline! People who do unlimited recharge these days wont understand the importance of landline! Now we could talk to anyone easily.

Rakesh argues with the guy as he says the landline got fixed too quickly. Rakesh turns to Sameer but recalls how angry he got last time. He calmly tells him to call from PCO to see if the number is working or not. Naina too heads downstairs. Rakesh shrugs. Everyone can do just as they please! Sameer calls at the landline. The line is clear. Shivani is nearby. She is about to collide with Sameer but she tells him that she wouldn’t have let him fall. She keeps teasing him and also speaks of Christmas Party. He is surprised to hear about the party.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Shivani was the only girl who used to invite guys for parties. She was a brave, bold girl of that time who could go out of her way like that! I used to run away from her back then but she was unique and great. I still think of her very often.

All the ladies are walking downstairs. Vanita taunts Naina for fleeing from the party the other day. Sejal says Vanita tortured you a little extra. Vanita calls it being conscious but Preeti says it was more of sarcasm than everything else.

Nirmala ji is speaking to her friend about Preeti. She has changed since her sister has come here. Sejal’s MIL talks about Sejal. I pity Sahiba. Her husband stays away most of the time. Nirmala ji says one has to work though.

The ladies decide to make Sahiba’s husband Santa this time. Everyone looks at her. Vanita says Jatin wont become a Santa this time. Shivani volunteers to be the Santa this time. It is nowhere mentioned that only guys can become Santa. I will make sure everyone remembers it forever! All the ladies like the idea.

Voiceover – Naina:
It was as if God was opening doors for us saying that the path could be beautiful too. Just like Sameer got a chance to learn acting from the acting classes, I got a chance to be a part of the society through the Party.

Precap: Sameer and Shivani are dressed up beautifully. Made in India song is playing in the background.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. SsiyAa

    sameer “meri marzi” track made me laugh… and shubham economic concept on spending time with preeti.. ???? …. ek time tha jab rakesh sir ka gussa sameer ko darata tha aaj rakesh sir sameer se darr rhe hain.. that frustration scene of sameer throwing everything was epic ??????…

    1. @SsiyAa i think you are mistaken , Sameer was never afraid of rakesh sir gussa ,i explain you the timeline , whether it is paper chori ka accusations ,or staying in naina room in mount abu , whether to beating and slapping by rakesh sir he was never afraid of rakesh sir ,it was munna and pandit who were afraid of rakesh sir

      1. hello im modiji

        time to watch christmas on eid’s eve # well done makers you have made us reach december and soon after a week we will celebrate happy new year now journey of naina sammer as parents then grandparents will be shown i think the show has booked its place on sony for another 5 years or so …..

  2. God this Shubham is Soo irritating and unromantic how can Preeti bear him so calmly. When he offered Preeti for watching movie, going for shopping and having dinner I thought finally makers have shown some romantic scenes with Preeti but now I feel pity for Ayesha that her character only have to support Naina and give us sister goals she can’t get to shoot even a single romantic scene even after marriage. I didn’t felt this bad even for Sameer when he was trying to kiss Naina and was failing again and again or when they were exposed to their family. I expected some romantic scenes in her love story which she never had and then in marriage her husband Shubham is so …………………. Why makers never focus on Preeti like a girl who want to feel special with her someone special (expected it to be Pundit & Rohan but now we all it’s shubham).

    1. @vidha i think i have answer, shubham is unromantic and boring because he is a CA and miser like his mom , remember when preeti ka letter aya tha naina ko jab wo Ahmedabad main , she mentioned her sasu ma as kanjoos , so jaisi maa waisa beta , kanjoos humesha paisa bachane ki sochna

      in today episode we will see shibani dream that she is getting married to sameer

      i have spoiler , naina will win musical chairs in Christmas party

      1. hello im modiji

        another false concepts being a CA doesn’t mean he/she’s a bore but yes you are sincere if you are a CA according to societal norms

  3. ladies now you know why sameer got angry because nirmala ji didn’t give permission to withdraw 40k from sameer fd ?

    the precap is shibani dream ?

  4. The serial getting bore n bore day by day…… They’re only showing society drama and not the real acting struggle of sameer and what on earth naina is doing…. Only supporting sam.. Khudke liye kuch nhi…. 1saal hua shadi ko…. Koi kuch nhi kr rha…. Kharche ke liye itne paise kaha se aate hai inke pass…

    1. @avni have patience dear , Sameer will join acting classes , and will become actors ,i don’t think you listen to voice over carefully , do you have problem with them celebrating one year wedding anniversary ? then you don’t deserve to watch ye unn dino ki baat hai , hard work to baad main hota rahega , happiness is also necessary , just remember the after Shaadi episods ,they were also struggle in naina and sameer life , so society drama is necessary to introduce new characters , because old characters muskil se ayenge , just enjoy current track ,puri jindagi padi hai sochne ke lie ki serial bore hai

      this show gonna run for 8 more years ,ie 3000 episodes

      and naina voice over says wo yahan 24 saal pehle ayi thi i mean Mumbai, so she is telling back story,jub life kaisi thi mumbai , so chill , don’t get hyper?

  5. did you know that sameer dress is from Salman khan movies during 1990 -1995

  6. sameer dresses are inspired from Salman khan movies during 1990 – 1995

  7. @ Avni, Samaina just came to Mumbai a month or two ago ,they aren’t penniless,they have money,from the house he sold and shares of business,and now they aren’t spending more .

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